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Star Control Universe Timeline

Listed below is a summary of the events in the Star Control Universe, compiled by Shaun Green, aka. Greenish9..  At the time of completion, this is the most accurate chronology of Star Control in existence (unless someone is hiding something).


300,000 - 200,000 - The age of the Precursor star empire.  Sa-Matra constructed; base on Vela 2 built.  Slylandro contacted by Precursors.
Suddenly and abruptly, the Precursor civilisation seems to collapse or disappear, simultaneously, across all of space.
21,000 - The Sentient Milieu is gradually formed and establishes peaceful control over the galaxy.
Original Ur-Quan strain achieves interplanetary travel; begins to explore the nearby worlds.
21,000 - 20,000 - The Ur-Quan, acting as the scouts and explorers of the Sentient Milieu, explore space.  Slylandro contacted by Ur-Quan.
20,000 - 18,000 - The Dnyarri are discovered by Ur-Quan scout vessels.  The Dnyarri compels the scout to transport it and it's brethren to the Milieu capital.   Within a year, the Dnyarri have established full control over the entire Milieu.
The Taalo alone resist the Dnyarri, but are destroyed by compelled Ur-Quan.  Their ploy to create a device to resist the psychic compulsions is lost in the combardment.
19,000 - 17,000 - The Dnyarri split the Ur-Quan into two sub-species - the green Kzer-Za, scientists and thinkers, and the black Kohr-Ah, warriors and labourers.
The Drall and the Yuli are deemed inferior by their masters and are exterminated by the Kohr-Ah and the Mael-Num.
17,000 - 16,000 - The scientist Kzer-Za initiates the Slave Rebellion.   The Ur-Quan across the Milieu fight for freedom, and eventually overthrow the Dnyarri.
At this point the Kohr-Ah and the Kzer-Za (the former named for their leader and the latter for the scientist who had died a martyr) began to follow their respective paths: the Kzer-Za seeking to enslave all sentient life and the Kohr-Ah to destroy it.
The Yuptar are annihilated and the Faz enslaved.  The Mael-Num escape the grasp of their former Ur-Quan allies.
First Doctrinal Conflict is won by Kzer-Za thanks to the Sa-Matra battle platform.   They allowed the Kohr-Ah survivors to flee, decreeing that when they met again the fate of the galaxy would be decided.


1130 - 1170 - The first Mmrnmhrm are created by the Mother Ark.   Within a few years, they had rapidly spread and colonised the solar system they had been born in.
1240 - 1260 - The Mmrnmhrm establish relations with the nearby Chenjesu and the two races form a solid friendship.
1930’s - Invention of the Radio.
1940's - Radio transmissions from Earth monitored by Ur-Quan. Plans formulated to attack Earth.
1961 - Yuri Gagurin is the first human to orbit Earth.
1950 - 2000 - The Arilou visit Earth secretly.  Their purpose is unknown, but numerous people talk of abductions, cattle mutilations, artificial insemination, implanted alien foetuses and the like.
2015 - The Small War nearly obliterates the human race - nearly a million people killed.  The U.N. organise the de-militarisation of the world’s armed forces. Peace-keeping army assembled. Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons gathered and stored in ‘Peace Vaults’.  The U.N. also outlaws the sale of small arms.
2019 - Scientist Hsien Ho perfects cloning techniques at the Zurich BioTeknik, creating the Androsynth - ‘False Men’.  Jason MacBride forms Homo Deus, or "The Godly Men". He predicts March 11th, 2046, as the date when Heaven and Earth would unite. He also heads the anti-Androsynth movement, stripping them of rights.
2025 - First year without war between nations.
2035 - A Mycon Deep Child makes it's home beneath the surface of Syrea, paradise homeworld of the Syreen.  Within weeks, the planet is torn apart by tectonic upheavals, violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The cities crumble and few survive.  Those who did were mostly Space Patrol members (the martial organisation that constituted the Syreen police force; the organisation was also entirely female, presumably due to more aggressive behaviour from the female of the species).   The last survivors - no more than a thousand - are rescued from Syrea, and they join the Space Patrol, taking to deep space in huge habitat craft and Penetrator warships.
2046 - Jason MacBride’s prediction fails to occur. He fades into obscurity.
2050 - Colonisation of the solar system begins. Orbiting factories and lunar bases established. Research begun to create faster-than-light drive, to permit mankind access to the stars.
2078 - 2080 - There are now tens of thousands of Androsynth spread across the entire of Earth.  Many were employed in advanced research and development industries, and most harboured deep hatred towards the humans, and most specifically Jason MacBride and his now disbanded "Homo Deus".
2075 - The Yehat discover the Shofixti and, proud of the martial society of the ferocious marsupials, gifted them with technology to allow them to industrialise and reach space (the current Shofixti were in a Medieval age, similar to the feudal society of ancient Japan).
2080 - 2085 - The organisation known as Star Control is formed.  It is the military wing of the U.N., and encompasses all army, navy, air force and space fleet units.  Star Control headquarters are established in Geneva.
2085 - The Clone Revolt - a world-wide rebellion of Androsynth.   Assisted by a sympathetic human underground, they captured nearly every spaceflight facility on the planet.  Close to a thousand ships carry the Androsynth off-planet.   Orbital facilities captured by Androsynth.  The UN prepares to deploy weapons of mass destruction, but before they are deployed, the orbital facilities - modified for spaceflight - head out of the Sol system.  A passing cargo freighter reports that on reaching the edge of the system, the ships entered "a great red hole over 500 meters across."  The Androsynth establish fledgling colonies in the Vulpeculae star systems.
2098 - The Chenjesu first become aware of the Ur-Quan, their delicate crystalline hyperwave receivers picking up strange broadcasts from the Cygnus star cluster.
2098 - 2100 - The Ur-Quan open hostilities with the Thraddash, who are rapidly and brutally subjugated.  The Thraddash join as battle thralls but are seen as weak and left behind to 'guard the rear'.
2103 - The Umgah are attacked, defeated and enslaved by the Ur-Quan forces.
2106 - 2111 - The defeat of the Ilwrath occurs before the first major attack on the Chenjesu. When 'a hastily assembled fleet of Chenjesu and Mmrnmrm' turn the Ur-Quan aside, the Spathi are subjugated by the Ur-Quan.
2110 - 2111 - The Ur-Quan detect the Androsynth and move to attack them, defeating them after a few weeks on intense interplanetary conflict.
2112 - Ceres Base constructed - Earth's largest and most remote outpost - on the asteroid of the same name.  Around this time the Utwig also purchase the Ultron from the Druuge Crimson Corporation.
2115 - 2116 - Humans meet the their first alien race, the Chenjesu.   The Chenjesu warn the human race of the impending threat of the Ur-Quan.   Human observers are shown the work of the enslaving aliens.   After a few weeks of deliberation, humanity joins to form the Alliance (which at this point only contained the Chenjesu, Mmrnmhrm, Yehat, Shofixti and unofficially, the Syreen).
2116 - The Arilou join the Alliance just a few weeks after Earth, landing in their bizarre saucer-shaped craft on Earth's moon, surprising both Human and Chenjesu emissaries.
2119 - Captain Jeffrey Rand of the Cruiser Far Voyager encounters the VUX whilst on a scouting mission and inadvertently offends them.  This political blunder delays their entry into the Alliance long enough to allow the Ur-Quan to subjugate the VUX, who join the Hierarchy as battle thralls.
2120 - The Ur-Quan fleets ran smack into the combined might of the Yehat and Shofixti supported by the first wave of Earthling cruisers.
2121 - The Ur-Quan turned away from the hard spot to attack the weak. The Ur-Quan had found another independent alien race, the Mycon. The Mycon voluntarily join the Hierarchy, actively seeking out the Ur-Quan in order to do so.  They join it's ranks as battle thralls.
2122 - The Syreen join the Alliance of Free Stars after repeated attacks from Ur-Quan advance forces on their slow-moving Habitats.
2126 - 2134 - The real war begins, now with seven sentient member-species in each alliance.  This is the period of the game Star Control 1: The Ur-Quan Conflict.
2134 - It becomes apparent that the Alliance is losing the war.   The Hierarchy presses on.
2134 - Captain Burton, her damaged Earth Cruiser fleeing from Androsynth craft, discovers the Precursor factory in a cave on Vela 2. A research team is sent to investigate.  The planet is cut off from Earth by the advance of the Hierarchy.   First Officer Chi takes command of Captain Burton's cruiser and returns to Earth.   He is not heard from again.
2134 - The Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm fall to the Ur-Quan Hierarchy simultaneously.  A vast and powerful warship known as the 'Sa-Matra' is responsible for their defeat.
2135 - The Alliance forces slowly fall to the Hierarchy. Earth falls in just four weeks once Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm forces crumble.  The 'Earthguard', a small armada of Ilwrath and Spathi ships, are left behind to watch over the humans.   The Arilou just disappear.  The Queen of the Yehat surrenders to the Hierarchy and even goes so far as to join it.  The Shofixti detonate a huge bomb in their star's photosphere, sending it nova and eliminating a huge number of Ur-Quan vessels (estimates placed at 800 - 1200) - also exterminating the entire Shofixti species (almost).  The helpless Syreen Habitats are harried by Ur-Quan forces until they surrender.
2136 - The Second Doctrinal Conflict begins as the Kohr-Ah, having completed a circuit of the galaxy, meet up with the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za.  A huge and violent war ensues.
2135 - 2143 - Humans on Vela 2 rename it Unzervalt and build a colony. The colony flourishes in Unzervalt's Earth-like environment.  The Captain is born on Unzervalt. Unknown to the colonists, Earth falls to the Ur-Quan Hierarchy.   Presumably, during this time the Androsynth disappear and are replaced by Orz.
2142 - The Gg come under attack by the Kohr-Ah, who had been lured towards the peaceful race by hyperspatial broadcasts.  They warn the Burvixese of the race, and the Burvixese shut down all hyperspace casters.  They also share the warning with the Druuge - but it is too late.  After finishing off the Gg, the Kohr-Ah move towards Zeta Persei, attracted by the powerful advertising beacons of the Druuge.  Panicking, the Druuge plant a 'caster on the moon of Burvix.  The Kohr-Ah fall on the Burvixese, annihilating them, and the Druuge escape untouched.
2144-2155 - Colonists discover that the young Captain is the only person who can interface with Precursor computers. The Captain activates the Precursor factory and it builds the first Precursor vessel.
2155 - The Captain flies the Precursor vessel to Earth.  Just outside the system, they find Captain Burton's Cruiser.  She is damaged and her crew are gone, but she is functional.  Captain Burton takes command.
2155 - A strange probe attacks the Earth Cruiser, killing Captain Burton then fleeing (Later investigations discover that the probe was not of Slylandro origin, although the design was the same - it's purpose remains a mystery).  The two ships move on to Earth, where the captain of the Precursor vessel - now leading the entire expedition - discovers that Earth now lies beneath a sickly red slave shield.  He enlists the aid of Commander Hayes, who leads the few humans on the Earth starbase.
2156-2158 - The Captain uses the Precursor vessel to regain contact with old friends, and forge alliances with the new.  The New Alliance of Free Stars is made up of the Yehat, the Shofixti, the Syreen, the Arilou (in a non-combative position), the Chmmr - a hybrid race of the Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm - the Zoq-Fot-Pik, the Spathi, the Pkunk, the Utwig, the Supox and the Orz.  A new threat is also discovered - the Kohr-Ah, sister race of the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, whose own chosen path decrees the destruction of all life, not it's enslaving.
2158 - The Captain sacrifices the Precursor vessel to destroy the ancient battle platform called Sa-Matra and defeat the Hierarchy. During the destruction, the Captain has vision of a potential future where all sentient life in the galaxy dies screaming. The images are so horrible, the Captain's mind shuts them out. The Captain retreats from public life.
2159 - 2166 - Earth mothballs much of its fleet and builds the giant battleship Galacticus using many Precursor technologies. After the war there are incidents among the various races, including a little publicised skirmish over Unzervalt.
2166 - After the skirmish at Unzervalt, the Captain returns to public life, leading a mission to study the Precursor remains on Unzervalt.
2167 - 2170 - Skirmishes among the races continues. The New Alliance of Free Stars weakens.
2170 - Inter-dimensional fatigue causes Hyper Space travel to collapse. All transportation between the stars ceases. Many Precursor technologies (Shiva Furnaces, Hellbore Cannons, etc.) stop functioning. The Galacticus is lost and presumed destroyed. The Captain regains the memory of the vision. Study shows the vision occurs near the galactic core in the unexplored Kessari Quadrant.
2171 - 2177 - The Captain uses the Precursor artefacts on Unzervalt to build a Warp Bubble Transport system that can travel between the stars without using Hyper Space. The Captain builds a new Precursor colony vessel to carry the Warp Bubble Transport system. Without Hyper Space travel, the New Alliance collapses.
2177 - The Captain contacts the League races and informs them of the potential destruction of all sentient life. The Captain is sure it is connected to the collapse of Hyper Space and wants all races — Alliance, neutral, and ex-Hierarchy — to join into a League of Sentient Races to investigate. The Captain offers to command a mission to "follow the arrow of the Rainbow Worlds toward the Kessari Quadrant at the centre of the galaxy. There we can halt the interdimensional fatigue, restore Hyper Space, and prevent the destruction of all sentient life." As the Captain is the only one with a ship that can move between the stars, the League forms to support the mission.
2178 - The Captain uses the Warp Bubble Transport system in a one-time supercharged mode to "thrust" each colonisation group from the League's home quadrant to the Kessari Quadrant. Because of the instability of the supercharged mode, no one can know which colony group will end up at which star. Because of the great distances involved, the mission will be cut off from communications with the home quadrant. The exploration and colonisation mission to the Kessari Quadrant begins.