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Star Control Writer's FAQ
Compiled by Shaun Green / "Greenish9"

Author's note:  Well... I think it's finally safe to call this FAQ complete.  Of course, six months after writing it, I've learnt so much more... more that would be so useful to anyone writing SF, let alone SC, stories.  Some of the 'science' in here is very much in error, in fact (I've never considered science to be the strongest element of my stories, after all).  But this is as complete as it's going to get.  So enjoy, I hope you find it useful, I hope you learned something, and above all else, I hope you'll write some damn fine fiction for me to enjoy.  What goes around comes around, folks.

So long.  It's been emotional.


1. Guidelines

1.1 - SC Timeline

1.2 - Animosities and friendships

1.21 - Vux/Human

1.22 - Utwig/Supox

1.3 - Contradictions

1.4 - Super power!

1.5 - An English lesson

1.6 - About these guidelines

1.7 - About this FAQ

1.8 - Using 'real' science in your fan fiction


2. FAQ

2.1 - Currency

2.11 - But my story is set in the SC2 era!

2.12 - Credits?

2.2 - Sound in space

2.21 - Theory #1

2.22 - Theory #2

2.3 - Explosions

2.4 - Lasers and other light-based weapons

2.41 - The Chmmr Avatar's terawatt laser

2.411 - The ZapSats

2.412 - Solar Wind

2.42 - The Mmrnmhrm X-Forms lasers

2.43 - The Vux Intruder's gigawatt laser

2.44 - The Earthling Cruiser's PD system

2.441 - Cyborg Stan comments

2.45 - The Arilou Skiff's laser

2.46 - Ur-Quan Kzer-Za Dreadnought's autonomous fighters

2.47 - MASER systems.

2.471 - K.K. Yu on MASERs

2.48 - So how might these work, then?

2.481 - AvatarX's Idea

2.482 - Cyborg Stan gets technical

2.483 - Jerry Hinn on lasers

2.5 - Combat in the Star Control universe

2.51 - Planet-based or space station-based combat.

2.512 - Known infantry/mechanised combat units.

2.52 - Space combat

2.521 - Movement

2.522 - Speed and inertia

2.5221 - AvatarX on speed and inertia.

2.5222 - Cyborg Stan comments

2.5223 - Colin Pickford helpfully adds

2.5224 - KK Yu mentions

2.6 - The Ur-Quan slave shields

2.61 - Breaking down slave shields

2.62 - What species have been slave-shielded?

2.621 - The Faz and the Utwig

2.63 - Why do the Ur-Quan use the shields?

2.64 - The fate of most slave-shielded species

2.7 - The Sentient Milieu

2.71 - The Ur-Quan

2.72 - The Mael-Num

2.73 - The Taalo

2.74 - The Drall

2.75 - The Yuli

2.76 - The Yuptar

2.77 - The Faz

2.78 - Other member races

2.8 - The species of Star Control

2.81 - The species of Star Control: group 1

2.811 - Algolites

2.812 - Androsynth

2.813 - Arilou

2.814 - Brown Ur-Quan

2.815 - Burvixese

2.816 - Chenjesu

2.817 - Chmmr

2.818 - Clairconctlar

2.819 - Daktaklakpak

2.8191 - Artefact Seekers

2.82 - The species of Star Control: group 2

2.821 - Dnyarri

2.8211 - Dnyarri technology

2.8212 - The Dnyarri homeworld

2.822 - Dramya

2.823 - Doog

2.824 - Drall

2.825 - Druuge

2.8251 - Traders

2.826 - Earthling

2.827 - Eternal Ones + Heralds

2.828 - Exquivan

2.829 - Faz

2.83 - The species of Star Control: group 3

2.831 - Gg

2.832 - Harika + Yorn

2.833 - Ilwrath

2.8331 - The Ilwrath gods

2.8332 - Cloaking technology

2.834 - Keel-Verezy

2.835 - The Kohr-Ah.  Technically, the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, but you don't know these guys on a first-name basis

2.8351 - Kohr-Ah religion

2.836 - K'Tang

2.8361 - K'Tang government

2.837 - Lk

2.838 - Mael-Num

2.839 - Melnorme

2.8391 - The Melnorme homeworld

2.84 - The species of Star Control: group 4

2.841 - Mmrnmhrm

2.8411 - Mmrnmhrm physical appearance

2.842 - Mycon

2.843 - *Nnngn*

2.844 - Orz

2.845 - Owa

2.846 - Pkunk

2.847 - Ploxis

2.848 - Precursors

2.849 - The Shofixti.

2.8491 - "Uplifting"

2.85 - The species of Star Control: group 5

2.851 - Slylandro

2.852 - Spathi

2.853 - Supox

2.854 - The Syreen

2.855 - Taalo

2.856 - Thraddash

2.857 - Umgah

2.8571 - Umgah genetic modifications

2.858 - Ur-Quan Kzer-Za

2.8581 - Religion

2.859 - Utwig

2.86 - The species of Star Control: group 6

2.861 - Vux

2.862 - Vyro-Ingo

2.863 - XChagger

2.864 - Yehat

2.865 - Yuli

2.866 - Yuptar

2.867 - Zebranky

2.868 - Zoq-Fot-Pik



1.1 - Dates: The Star Control universe timeline can be found inside this ZIP archive or (if viewing this online) on the web site at http://www.eyeballs.f9.co.uk. Try to keep to the dates; unless you have a very good reason (such as that old cliché, time travel) dates should not be changed.

1.2 - Remember, certain races have specific animosities and friendships with other species. Try not to ignore these facts (for example, the Supox would not declare war on the Utwig, or vice versa - unless, again, there was a very good reason). Here are a few major relationships:

1.21 - Vux/Human: The humans find the Vux pretty bigoted and, well, ugly. The Vux find that the sight of a human induces vomiting. This does not make for good inter-species relationships.

1.22 - Supox/Utwig: These guys pretty much developed their empires simultaneously. Their cultures are symbiotic: the Utwig provide a solid military fleet and economic/industrial muscle, whilst the Supox guide and council the regularly morose Utwig.

1.3 - Do please try not to contradict given facts in the Star Control universe. Such as, for example, claiming the Ilwrath follow only one god. They do not, and we all know it.

1.4 - Super-races, super-spacecraft and super-soldiers are all frowned upon in general. Include them if your story pivots on it, but an entirely invincible or virtually all-powerful foe is pretty hard to swallow (even the Kohr-Ah and the Sa-Matra have or had their weak spots).

1.5 - Try and keep your spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) reasonably accurate. I don't mean to sound like an English teacher, but no-one wuntz too reed a badelee writen storie. ;-)

1.6 - These guidelines are just that: guidelines. It is not necessary to strictly adhere to them. The whole point of writing is that it is free, and I have no intention of stemming that creativity. The above are meant as tips and hints for helping your work gel with the Star Control universe.

1.7 - About this FAQ.  Here's a sort of disclaimer.  Okay: Star Control is a copyright of Accolade.  It's all their property.  I'm just a (big) fan.  Fan fictions are the 'intellectual property' of their authors - so ask them before copying their work or posting it to other websites, okay?  As for this FAQ: please, ask me before you go and distribute it!  I don't mind you just passing it on to a friend, but if you're going to put it on your site, at least ask my permission (I probably won't say no) and link back to my site.  All information is as correct as I can humanly manage.  If you want to contribute to the FAQ, correct something in it, ask permission to distribute it, and so on, e-mail me (note: I *won't* be adding anything more to the FAQ; I've better things to do than correct errors and so forth - sorry).

1.8 - Using 'real' science in your fan fiction.  Some people might think that the use of genuine physics like those suggested in this FAQ might drive off readers.  Perhaps it might disinterest a few who are merely after action-adventure fare, but you can write that into any story as well.  In Jerry Hinn's words: "Utilising a well-rooted understanding of how physics ACTUALLY works, will make your SC-fanfic seem that much more believable and interesting to the rest of us. Haven't you ever read something that jerked you out of the story and made you say, "Oh, come ON, you expect me to buy that?!?" (Anything written by Michael Crichton will do). You've been thrown out of your suspension of disbelief -- you know you're reading a story, but you don't like being grabbed by your undies and hauled out of it by something you know to be false. If you want your stories to be universally enjoyed, keep in mind that everybody's reality tends to accept the rules of physics as true."  So, in essence: we don't mind reading about interstellar starships and alien species.  In our minds, that could happen.   However, everyone knows that, for example, sound will not travel through a vacuum.   So a story that tries to persuade you that it does will simply wrench you back to reality in sheer disbelief.  That sort of thing really spoils a story.



2.1 - Currency: Something I see in a lot of stories based on SC is a use of 'RUs' (SC2's Resource Units) as actual hard currency, whereas RUs were actually an invention of Commander Hayes' to represent the amount of materials they had available to them. The 'real' currency of the SC universe is shown in SC1: the starbuck. Alternatively, the Melnorme/Druuge credit unit might be used.

2.11 - But my story is set in the SC2 era!  In that case, it is probably OK to use the RU if the subject using the currency is using it with the Earth starbase.  So if your story is about the human captain in SC2, fine.  If it's about a Thraddash nipping up to the shops for a six-pack, forget it.  They won't use RUs.  SC3 used RUs because it too involved colony development, but they could have come up with a real currency system rather than using the invention of a human starbase commander.

2.12 - Credit?  You heard me.  I expect that electronic currency would be the most widely used form of currency in the SC universe, and the Melnorme credit seems to fulfil this category best.

2.2 - Sound in space.  Yes, okay, in the Star Control games we hear sound effects in the melee section.  But remember, SOUND DOES NOT TRAVEL THROUGH SPACE IN REALITY!  Sound is transmitted by molecules vibrating.  Space is composed of vacuum.  In vacuum there is nothing.  Therefore, no molecules to carry sound.  Therefore, no sound.  There are several theories about why we do hear sound in space with SC, though.

2.21 - Artificially generated sound effects.  Yes, that's right!  The ship's computer generates those SFX in the midst of a battle itself.   Why?  To stop the pilots becoming disorientated is the most popular answer.   So often in war we receive both aural and visual feedback on, say, a cannon being fired.  To stop confusion amongst pilots (although some would undoubtedly get used to it), the ship's computer generates what it should sound like.

2.22 - Star Control is magic!  Oh, come on.  It is great, but sound STILL won't travel through a vacuum.

2.3 - Explosions.  Okay, as we have already established (see 2.2), space is a vacuum.  If so, then, why do ships explode in a vacuum?  Simple answer; oxygen, hydrogen and other common, highly-reactive gases are spewed out into space as the ship is destroyed.  The explosion will be short-lived, but it will last until the last of the gas is spent.  Oh, this is also why you could technically get what appeared to be flames spewing from the side of a ship.  Gas combusting and rapidly being extinguished as it was flushed from the ship.

2.4 - Lasers and other light-based weapons.  This is a tricky one.  Lasers are based on focused light, correct?  And several ships use lasers as weapons, yes?  Well, there are a few problems with this.  Firstly, and least importantly, a light beam that is powerful enough to kill someone will not be in the spectrum that is visible to humans, and nor will a light beam that is powerful enough to punch through armour!  That might not be correct (my physics is pretty shaky) but even so, can be excused with 'advanced technology' or 'I'm wrong'.  ;-)   Secondly, and more importantly, a light beam goes on forever unless it is stopped or reflected by an object.  So why do those laser weapons in Star Control stop after a while?  Well, because the game developers didn't want to unbalance the melee, of course.  But what excuse can we use?  I don't know, basically.  I'm open to any scientific/technobabble suggestions.  Anyway, a few brief descriptions of craft-based laser weapons from SC2:

2.41 - The Chmmr Avatar's terawatt laser.  Massively powerful laser (the most powerful there is, in fact) that 'ionises the solar wind' (IIRC, the 'solar wind' is the helium expelled by a star as it burns hydrogen... but again, I'm not sure).

2.411 - The ZapSats.  Tiny orbiting satellites that use the Avatar's gigawatt laser, but in 'bursts' rather more like the Earthling Cruiser's PD system than the Avatar's sustained fire.

2.412 - Solar Wind.  K.K. Yu informs me that the solar wind in fact "is a bunch of tiny subatomic particles travelling at high percentages of lightspeed. Neutrinos produced in the core are part of the wind, and so are protons, electrons, and ionised particles. This wind 'rides' along the magnetic field produced by the sun, which stretches through our solar system. In case you're wondering what earth's magnetic field does, it deflects this wind."

2.42 - The Mmrnmhrm X-Form's lasers.  That's right, the X-Form (when in X-form, rather than Y-form, cleverly enough) uses twin lasers.  It was these that the Avatar's crystal-enhanced gigawatt laser was based on, remember?  Reasonably powerful twin lasers.  Like the Avatar's lasers, these ones are depicted as red beams.

2.43 - The Vux Intruder's gigawatt laser weapon.  Another reasonably powerful and medium-ranged laser weapon; in fact the most powerful there was until the Avatar came along.  Gobbles energy rapidly, this laser is unusual because it is depicted as being a green colour.

2.44 - The Earthling Cruiser's PD system.  Ahh, at last!   A laser weapon that is coloured (or not coloured, in fact) bright white, 'sort of' what it should be.  Anyway.  This laser is not concentrated like the others mentioned so far; it fires in intermittent bursts - a quick 'zap' every few seconds.

2.441 - Cyborg Stan comments: "This is just silly. When we see a colour, like one in a rainbow, it corresponds to a certain frequency, red the lower, blue the higher.  Black is the absence of light, and therefor colour. White is the presence of all colours. In a laser, all of the photons emitted are on the same frequency, and therefor should be anything BUT white."  (In my defence, I was joking, but I didn't know that.)

2.45 - The Arilou Skiff's laser.  Nothing amazing here - another laser, and this one's yellow.  Short ranged.  Also not constant, but fires in such rapid bursts that you can't really tell anyway.  Auto-aiming, but that's the turret rather than the laser anyway.

2.46 - The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za Dreadnought's autonomous fighters.   Yes, they have ickle lasers too!  They fire in bursts with a reasonable speed; about 1 p/s, I'd estimate.  Also coloured yellow.  Short-ranged.

2.47 - MASER systems.  Several of these were fashioned by the Androsynth during the rebellion to prevent Star Control's ships from reaching the space stations and spacecraft on which they were hiding.  The MASER systems burnt ships to tiny, melted fragments with ease.  Obviously a weapon to be reckoned with.

2.471 - K.K. Yu on MASERs.  "It seems no one knows what a MASER is. MASER stands for Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is invisible. It produces microwaves which do exactly what they do in a household microwave: heat things up. That's why those StarControl scout ships literally got fried. =) And LASER is the same thing, just Light Amplification instead of Microwave. Yes, LASER is an acronym! So it should always be written in all caps. But then of course it looks like you are insane. =)"

2.48 - So how might these work, then?  Some possible explanations follow:

2.481 - AvatarX's Idea: "A space based laser could actually be constructed by sending a beam of positively charged (ionised) particles at the target, and then sending a zap of electricity through this beam. Not only would this release coloured light (depending on the particle used) but it would explain the limited range."

2.482 - Cyborg Stan gets technical.  (Note: this was addressed towards me, so the style of writing may seem a little odd).  "A laser powerful enough to kill someone could be in any frequency. Energy is energy. Ever fry ants with a magnifying glass? (For the record, I haven't. I like ants more than I like most people.)   It also lists the power in terms of gigawatts (joules/sec). It's easy enough to calculate damage from that statement, although without an exact figure, only a upper and lower limit can be calculated. At least, to a known material, such as iron. (Terawatt compared to a single gigawatt).  It's also the case that while the range is technically unlimited, a laser beam still spreads out. The most focused beams on Earth typically are quite diffuse when aimed at the moon - sorta like a long ranged spotlight, if I can remember correctly.  You also forgot to mention the angles that the beam would be visible with - more specifically, if your eyes aren't getting blasted, you wouldn't see it. It may be possible, that Star Controllers may be using a separate 'tracer' mechanism..... that way, targeting data may still be acquired even after a miss."

2.483 - Jerry Hinn on lasers.  "The pixel thing has been mentioned (lasers just fade away in SC2), and no, they don't just stop. The whole reason we use lasers when communicating with satellites is because a) lasers are much faster than radio waves, b) can code a lot of information quickly, and c) do not fade out over time. Lasers are LIGHT. The light from the Sun, as with the light from any other star you can see at night, has no trouble making it to earth, and that's just random, non-focused light. A laser can travel coherently (i.e., without getting dimmer) for nearly infinite range. Over the void of space, that's not particularly a good way of communicating, but it'll do the trick in a pinch.  Long story short -- lasers of sufficient energy to do damage should travel , at the speed of light, forever. The odds of hitting something at ALL should be infinitesimally small, however, so unless Charlie Brown ever makes it into space, nobody should really worry about getting picked off by a stray laser fired four hundred million light years away... or at least not for another four hundred million years.  Projectiles will behave much the same way, tho they will be affected by gravity. Eventually, they'll get sucked into a planet or star."

2.5 - Combat in the Star Control universe.  Since there are several broad categories this can fall into, I've split this section up to make it a bit easier.  And combat is fairly important, hmm?  I think there are perhaps two, at most three, pieces of fanfic that do not feature actual combat of some form, and they all allude to it.  So away we go...

2.51 - Planet-based or space station-based combat.  Well, generally, you'll have soldiers, marines, navy of fleet recruits, and so on, with guns.   That's about it. They might have armour of some sort (and certainly will if fighting in vacuum!), and the types of weapons they will have vary.  There are no predefined hand weapons in the Star Control universe, feel free to invent your own or scrounge some from other fanfics (be sure to check with the author first though!).   The soldiers might also be accompanied by/carried in APCs, tanks, robotic units, aerospace fighters, troop transports, and so on.  Think of something we Earthlings have in modern times, jazz it up a bit (within reason, of course) and there you go.   One 'Star Control war machine'!  God, writing this thing is grim.  I feel like a ghoul.

2.512 - Known infantry/mechanised combat units.   The Orz space marines are the most obvious.  They wear heavy exo-skeletons that double as armour and space suits (they also wear these suits when in standard human breathable atmospheres, according to Commander Hayes).  The suits have heavy autocannon on each arm.  Nasty, huh?  As for any others: Vux limpets, technically.  Look around hard and you'll see a piece of Star Control 1 artwork depicting Vux limpets.   They are flat, scaly creatures that use long fangs to bite into a ships hull.   See Sanctuary for my theories on how limpets do what they do and why (summary: they are launched through space by Intruders, somehow propel themselves towards a ship, perhaps by expelling gas (moving towards the ship because of the heat it throws out, I'd say), clamp onto a ship's hull, and begin to eat through it towards the warmth.  Not only do the limpets slow down a ship by damaging it's systems (as they do in the games) they might also eat through the entire hull, opening the ship to space (this is not in the games, but it could happen, hmm?)!   Human marines also seem to be popular (although they aren't featured in any games); generally they are unarmoured Star Control personnel with light weaponry who defend Earthling Cruisers and space stations from invaders.

2.52 - Space combat.  Oh, how morbid.  More fighting!   But still, space combat is an essential part of what Star Control is all about.   Ships, fleets and so on regularly clash in battle, and there tend to be few survivors... just like wars on the ground, between soldiers rather than enormous spaceships.  Anyway, following are some sections on more specific areas of space combat:

2.521 - Movement.  There was a bit of a buzz on the e-group about this a while back.  Someone suggested that 'ships must move when attacking'.   I don't think this was intended to be an absolute rule, but rather a guideline.   Still, it did take some clearing up after the dust had settled.  What we came out with was this: in most normal situations, keeping on the move does make great tactical sense!  Here are KK Yu's edited words: "Heh heh heh... Mobility is a major factor in combat, people. You see, if you don't move, you're really giving the enemy a big fat target, excepting very special situations.  But mobility (in general) in combat is a veryveryvery important thing. Sure the computer can compute your location in the future, but if you're moving, then it has a much greater chance of missing, since you can change direction, and even a small change could result in the weapon missing. 85% of the time, trained police officers miss a moving target. Moving gives you a chance to change whether you get hit or not."  This basically summarises all that is truth.   Admittedly, a high-tech targeting computer is going to be several thousand times more accurate than any police officer, but the basic premise remains the same: staying on the move makes sense.  But then, of course, back to these targeting computers.   They are extremely accurate now (cruise missiles can sail across countries and hit a specific room of a specific building in modern warfare), they'll be terrifying then.   So, of course, moving doesn't help you much there.  Then, of course, there's the fact that if your weapons fire in only one direction (not turreted), you'll only be putting yourself in a position where you are unable to fire.  Thanks to Jerry Hinn for that one.  So what's the final conclusion?  Well, it's left to your discretion.  Ignoring for now these mega-accurate targeting systems (chances are that systems had been developed that could easily negate these anyway; feed them false vectors and so on), moving makes greater tactical sense - although, in many cases, stopping dead works just as well (for example; the Utwig Jugger: it wants to get struck by enemy fire).

2.522 - Speed and inertia.  Sort of related to movement.   Basically, because space is a vacuum, something could technically continually accelerate (provided it had the fuel) and reach phenomenal speeds.  This doesn't happen with Star Control.  Again this is due to the game rather than anything else, but I'd personally say that once a ship reaches a certain speeds, inhibitors kick in - to prevent the ship going faster than it's asteroid-evasion system can calculate, for example.  Or to save fuel.  To prevent the engines overheating.  There are many possible explanations, and all of them are reasonably good.  The simple conclusion is: we have a maximum speed that can be reached with each vessel, and you should stick to it.  Simple, huh?

2.5221 - AvatarX on speed and inertia.  "Since none of the ships (except the Druuge) suffer any sort of recoil from firing, ships probably have a recoil suppression system. This same system is probably what controls ships from having to much speed."

2.5222 - Cyborg Stan comments: "Not if you think about it. There's no reason to suddenly stop thrusting at any given point. A ship can accelerate forever, given enough fuel, although it would accelerate slower the closer they got to c. Also keep in mind, with the aforementioned dangers, it's even more dangerous to let the enemy catch up with you. Also keep in mind, it's easy enough to see and evade asteroids beforehand - especially in ships which bounce of asteroids, and each other, with no damage whatsoever." (This kind of ignores the point of what I am saying, but it's worth including nonetheless).

2.5223 - Colin Pickford helpfully adds: "Now this is not for sure, but I think, that as you get faster, at least in space, your mass increases and increases, which is why, or part of the reason, close, if not, faster than light speed travel is not yet possible.  So your mass would get greater and greater at faster speeds so there technically would be a point where your limited engine force would not be able to push you any faster.  As I said, I'm not sure, and this may only apply at really fast speeds, but I think it could be applied to SC."

2.5224 - KK Yu continues by mentioning: "I bet the main reason to have a max speed in combat is because of fuel consumption, and engine efficiency."

2.6 - The Ur-Quan slave shields.  We discussed these for a little while on the e-group, too.  We came up with a few interesting fallacies in the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za's plan, and a few miscellaneous slave shield datums.

2.61 - Breaking down slave shields.  We know that nothing is absolute, except perhaps infinity.  Or something.  Anyway, that would mean this slave shields were not absolute, right?  Thus they were possible to break down.  This might seem like a fallacy in the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za's plans at first, but wait!  They anticipated that and left battle-thralls to guard the worlds of those they placed under a shield.  Any races they placed under a shield before taking battle thralls, they would have guarded with some of their own number, I suspect.  So they were ready for any who might break through.  What they would do if a species did break through is unknown, but I suspect heavy orbital bombardment and destruction of all aircraft and space vessels would be probable, until other (Ur-Quan) arrived.  Then the Ur-Quan would be able to drop to the planet's surface, capture or kill those who created, masterminded or had anything whatsoever to do with the breaking of the slave shield, and resurrect the force field.  That's my opinion.  Genocide would be safer, but one must remember that the Kzer-Za, for all their actions, are very pro-life and quite the opposite of their Kohr-Ah brethren.  Oh, and the Chenjesu/Mmrnmhrm could break down slave shields, and did so within a week of their homeworld being placed under one.  Admittedly the Chenjesu are one of the most advanced species in existence (only the Precursors and the Ur-Quan themselves could rightfully claim to be more advanced), and the Mmrnmhrm themselves sentient precursor artefacts, but all the same, they did in a very short space of time.  Certainly, your average race of ape-based mammals could probably manage it within a thousand years.  Lucky, then, that the Chmmr hobbled along, and cracked the shield whilst the captain was recovering from the 'final' battle (SC2).

2.62 - What species have been slave-shielded?  We know that the Faz were slave shielded, long, long ago by the Ur-Quan.  Whether they still exist is another question.  They might have destroyed their world somehow, perhaps in a cataclysmic war, mass suicide, a failed attempt to raise the shield, anything.  They might also have escaped and fled the area, as the Mael-Num did.  Or they might still be out there, languishing under the shield.  Or then again, perhaps they are happy with the protection the shield provides.  Who knows?  Anyway, other races that have been placed under a shield include the Spathi (briefly), Mankind (for a few years), the Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm (and technically the Chmmr, too), the Syreen and allegedly 'thousands of other species'.  Doubt the last statement?  Here's the exact words of the Ur-Quan I got that from: "In our twenty thousand years along the Path of Now and Forever we have dominated thousands of species, yes but we have saved hundreds from extinction."  In the absence of hundreds of battle-thrall species, we have to assume that most of them were slave-shielded (the Ur-Quan might have used entire fleets of previous battle thralls to guard other areas of the galaxy in their absence).

2.621 - The Faz and the Utwig.  Peter Phillips holds a theory that the Faz and the Utwig are one and the same.  Here are his own words: "Fact: Utwig Homeworld is called Fahz.  Fact: The Faz were referred to as the 'wearers of masks.'  My theory, is that before being shielded, the Faz reverted to tribal savagery for a few thousand years, before slowly regaining technology. Not surprisingly though, all of their technology was geared towards one thing. Destroying the Slave Shield. By that point, they would have only dim memories in the form of myths and legends about the enslaving 'green ones' who came from the sky, but they would know that somehow, they had to get rid of the shield. When they finally come up with a way to destroy it, they realised that those myths were true. They all departed from the Faz Homeworld, which would have been badly stuffed from the effects of 10 000 years of contained pollution, and emigrated en masse away into space. They arrived in our area of space, and settled on what became the Utwig homeworld, naming it Fahz after the old life they dimly remembered. The Utwig taboo on emotion could be a result of the tribal savagery they went through. After a few thousand years of pillaging and burning each other, they would have a large problem with expressing emotions which could lead to that again. The Utwig do not know that they are the Faz.  THE END (copyright Peter Phillips, 1999)." Whilst I myself have doubts about this theory (such as why the Ur-Quan make no exclamations of surprise upon recognising their one-time allies when the Utwig launch assaults on the Kohr-Ah) it is a nice one.  Jerry Hinn adds, on this theory; "Also, about the Faz=Utwig; while the Utwig homeworld, Fahz, does sound awful familiar, wouldn't the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah who attacked the Utwig recognise them as old members of the Sentient Milieu? And wouldn't the generally straightforward Utwig have fessed that up to us? I dunno; it just doesn't seem likely that a race that knew the Ur-Quan, toiled under Ur-Quan enforced Dnyarri rule for 3000 years, and then were committed to a planned eternity of fallow slavery would sit idly by and fondle the Ultron.".

2.63 - Why do the Ur-Quan use the shields?  There are two explanations: the first is to keep species from threatening the Ur-Quan themselves.  This goal is achieved fairly effectively.  The second less so: the Ur-Quan place wayward species under the shields to prevent them from annihilating themselves in wars with other cultures or destroying their own worlds in nuclear war or from pollution on a massive scale (here is the Ur-Quan quoted: "In our twenty thousand years along the Path of Now and Forever we have dominated thousands of species, yes but we have saved hundreds from extinction.  You imagine the threat of unknown invaders, or alien pestilence borne on the solar wind.  We have seen these. But you do not acknowledge your own worst enemy, yourselves.  We have found dead worlds without number, planets ravaged by atomic fire or gaian collapse.  These planets were not rendered sterile by outside forces.  They bear sad testament to the effects of unrestrained instinct and emotion or simple ignorance.  We will prevent such mistakes.").   This second goal is a bit vague.  I think the Ur-Quan use it more to soothe their consciences than anything else; a species under the shield is just as capable of annihilating itself as one outside a shield.  Although, perhaps, the Ur-Quan would manage to turn their hatred on the shield and it's creators rather than other members of the species itself.  That's debatable, though.  And what other possible explanation for the slave shields?  To protect species from the Kohr-Ah, of course...

2.64 - The fate of most slave-shielded species.  Most species under the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za slave shields would most likely remain there almost forever, their species surviving but unable to crack the shield.  Others might recess into savagery and begin to develop a new civilisation.  Others might destroy themselves in civil wars.  A few might go collectively insane (species that suffered natural claustrophobia, perhaps) or commit mass, ritual suicide.  A very, very small number might even break the shields and flee.  For the most part, however, I believe that most species remain trapped there.  After all, the Kzer-Za have been sentient for millennia, and one thing they are not is stupid.  They would not claim their shield was impenetrable if they did not believe it was (admittedly they might say that to dissuade anyone from trying, but would you rely on a lack of hope to keep something contained?).  The only species known to be capable of cracking the shields is the Chmmr, which are, quite literally, a near-perfect species, the hybrid of advanced Precursor technology and cold, implacable, crystalline intelligence.

2.7 - The Sentient Milieu - As everyone knows, the Sentient Milieu was a union of sentient races that held court in this galaxy more than 20,000 years ago.   There were seven primary member races, and also several other affiliated alien species (none of these are confirmed, but the emphasis on 'primary member-races' implies that there were other, lesser species).  The fates of the various races are below:

2.71 - The Ur-Quan - The original brown Ur-Quan were genetically spliced into the forms known as the Kzer-Za and the Kohr-Ah (the greens and the blacks, the scientists and the warriors) by the Dnyarri.  None of the original brown Ur-Quan exist today, at least as far as any sentient creature knows.

2.72 - The Mael-Num - The Mael-Num fled the Kohr-Ah once hostilities between them and the Kzer-Za opened up (the beginning of the first Doctrinal Conflict).   They had first held up the Kohr-Ah's destructive path by speaking what are known as 'The Words' today - 'Hold!  What you do is wrong!  Why do you do this thing?' or something to a similar effect.  The Mael-Num collectively fled their homeworld, and have not been seen since.  Their fate is unknown, although their is much evidence to suggest they are the Melnorme.  The two names are similar.  The Melnorme do not hold court in this area of space, perhaps not even this galaxy, yet they are here, which implies they know this area of space but no longer exist here.  The physical description of the Mael-Num sounds very similar to the Melnorme.  However, the Melnorme have neither confirmed nor denied this idea, and probably never will - except for a price.

2.73 - The Taalo - The Taalo alone could resist the Dnyarri's psychic compulsions, and were destroyed for it.  They did manage to complete a 'shield' device that would protect anything within a certain radius from the Dnyarri's power.  They were destroyed by the other Milieu races who were by this time fully controlled by the Dnyarri.  They stoically refused to take arms against the Ur-Quan and the other Milieu species, and thus were rapidly annihilated.  However, the Taalo have left one other mystery for us: the Orz refer to the Taalo in the present tense, although for what reason (and if it is just a communications glitch) is unknown.

2.74 - The Drall - The Drall were destroyed by the Ur-Quan and the Mael-Num when the Dnyarri decided they were inferior.

2.75 - The Yuli - Like the Drall, the Yuli were destroyed during the reign of the Dnyarri.

2.76 - The Yuptar - The Yuptar survived the time of the Dnyarri tyrants, only to be exterminated by the Kohr-Ah, first victims of the Eternal Doctrine.

2.77 - The Faz - The Faz were the first to fall in the way of the Path of Now and Forever, and elected to be slave-shielded for all eternity rather than willingly follow the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za.

2.78 - Other member races - No other member races are known at this time.

2.8 - The species of Star Control.  I'm sure that most people reading this FAQ will have a copy of the Star Control game manuals and/or resource guides.   If you don't, download a copy from www.star-control.com or check out the race databases on that site.  This section will not be dealing with the basic information offered there (or, it will deal with that as well).  Instead, I concentrate on information not mentioned in the manuals - deductions made from it, facts mentioned in the game, and so on.  There is a section for each sentient species - extinct or otherwise - and a sub-section for notes on their society, religious beliefs, government/ruling caste, culture, and more.  Of course, these sub-sections will only exist if there is something to fill them, so don't be too surprised if, for example, we know nothing about Dnyarri religion...

2.81 - The species of Star Control: group 1.  In this group we deal with the following races: Algolites, Androsynth, Arilou, Brown Ur-Quan, Burvixese, Chenjesu, Chmmr, Clairconctlar and Daktaklakpak.

2.811 - Algolites - Presumably extinct now; the Algolites were native to a planet from which the Spathi accidently stripped the atmosphere.

2.812 - Androsynth - The fate of the Androsynth is unknown.   They dwelled in the Vulpeculae star constellation, but now only Orz can be found there.

2.8121 - Overly-dramatic spiel - They are the False Ones, the Wayward Children, the Forgotten and the Neglected. They were treated with scorn and contempt by their creators amongst humanity, and even amongst those creators some sought to destroy them. But now, safe in their superiority, the Androsynth seek to destroy humanity, their deep and unabiding hatred sheltering deep within their abhuman cores, burning with an unholy flame.

2.813 - Arilou - The Arilou are, alongside the Orz, the most mysterious species in known space (and beyond).  Very little is known about them at all, bar that they wish humanity to blossom as a species, and will do whatever they can to prevent the human race coming to harm.  They also dwell within the dimension known as 'QuasiSpace'.

2.814 - Brown Ur-Quan - See entry 2.71.

2.815 - Burvixese - These turtle-like swamp dwellers dwelled upon one world alone, despite their advanced technology.  They made contact with other species via hyperwave communications.  They are now extinct, having been thrown in the path of the Kohr-Ah by the cruel Druuge.

2.816 - Chenjesu - The Chenjesu represented the most advanced species in the First Alliance, and were also its greatest thinkers and leaders.  They are a philosopher-race at heart, and much prefer silent thinking and pondering to the horrors of warfare.

2.817 - Chmmr - The hybrid result of 'The Process', the Chmmr were formed when the Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm merged.  They operate from the Procyon star system.  Their technology is far in advance of most other species, and their warships second to none in power.  They also enhanced the bomb which destroyed the Sa-Matra; thus it can only be assumed that in some areas their technology is in advance of the mighty Precursors.

2.8171 - Pronouncing Chmmr - Possibly one of the most difficult names in SC2 to pronounce, Chmmr.  There are several ways of pronouncing it... since Chmmr is a bastardisation of Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm, I would take the "Ch" from Chenjesu, and the "Mmr" from Mmrnmhrm. Thus; Chuh-Murr. The name is also reminiscent of the legendary Chimera as well, and if this is intentional it lends weight to this method of pronunciation.  However, as someone pointed out, the "Ch" could be pronounced hard, giving you "Kuh-Murr".

2.818 - Clairconctlar - A warrior-race which places much faith in the Samurai concepts involving honour.  They are powerful and vengeful, but peaceful to those who return that stance.

2.819 - Daktaklakpak - Cruel mechanical lifeforms that have evolved from non-sentient Precursor serv-bots.  They seek to claim the title of the true Precursor descendants, and to do so are fanatical about gathering Precursor artefacts.

2.8191 - Artefact Seekers - The Daktaklakpak (or DTLP) are fanatical collectors and hoarders of information and artefacts concerning or created by the ancient Precursors.  As such they most likely have (by now) a highly extensive catalogue of Precursor technology.

2.82 - The species of Star Control: group 2.  In this group we deal with the following races: Dnyarri, Dramya, Doog, Drall, Druuge, Earthling, Eternal Ones + Heralds, Exquivan, Faz.

2.821 - Dnyarri - The Dnyarri's reign of terror is long gone, and they now only exist as sub-sentient 'Talking Pets', living linguistic devices for the Ur-Quan.  However, their power still remains dormant within them, as the Dnyarri 'revived' by the Umgah shows.  Perhaps the fact that this can be done will lead to the Talking Pets being exterminated by the Ur-Quan?  Leaving the greatest threat to the galaxy's freedom living seems a horrendous risk to take.

2.8211 - Dnyarri technology - The Dnyarri have no technology to speak of beyond their extraordinary mind powers.  This presumably also means they are incapable of operating most machinery they are presented with.  However, this fact is moot when you consider that they can merely compel a slave to operate it for them, as they did with the Ur-Quan scout who first discovered them.

2.8212 - The Dnyarri homeworld - The planet where the Dnyarri were first discovered is unknown today.  However, it is most likely that it was sterilised by Ur-Quan forces once they had regained their freedom, although this cannot be confirmed.

2.822 - Dramya - The Dramya are a race that have been heard of only from the Melnorme, when Trade Master Greenish warned, "Once the Dramya thought they could steal from us. You don't see too many Dramya around these days, do you?" Actually, no one has ever seen any Dramya, nor has anyone been able to extract any more information from the Melnorme.

2.823 - Doog - The Doog are a sentient species that dwell within the Kessari quadrant of this galaxy.  They are extremely slow-witted, although this is compensated for by their immense skill in construction.

2.824 - Drall - The Drall are notable for being one of the founding races of the Sentient Milieu.  They are described as being tall, skeletal humanoids with mouth-lung and gill systems.  However, during the reign of the Dnyarri they were deemed inferior and exterminated.  See also section 2.74.

2.825 - Druuge - A cruel and callous species which commands power through trade and treachery rather than military might.  The Druuge care not a whit for the lives or freedom of other species, and give even less thought to one of their own.   The Druuge operate an extremist form of capitalism; every waking moment of a Druuge's life is directed towards methods of increasing personal power and fortune.

2.8251 - Traders - The Druuge have a fairly extensive collection of junk which they attempt to trade with travellers.  Most of this junk is utterly useless, or fakes constructed by the Druuge.  However, there may well be some useful artefacts in there somewhere.

2.826 - Earthling - Need I say more?  You know what we're like.  Oh, and the Earthlings are convinced of their superiority in many areas, even when evidence to the contrary is presented.  Thus a major trait of ours is arrogance, which good lead to some friction in Alliances and the like.  However, we are also count among our number those who are stubborn and independent, courageous and bold.

2.827 - Eternal Ones + Heralds - Little is known of these powerful entities - perhaps that is the way it should be.  Suffice to say the Eternals feed upon the sentient life-force of all species, and when they dine, galaxies fall.  They are also noted for seeding all life in the galaxy - what truth exists in this statement is unknown, but it would explain the odd tendency for many species to evolve as bipedal humanoids.  The Heralds are an ancient race who were once defeated by the Eternals, but opted to serve them as Heralds once the Eternals recognised the bravery of the Heralds.  The original name of the species is unknown.

2.8271 - Eternal Ones / Xudathi - Anyone who has read 'War of the Space' will be aware of the Xudathi, and will have realised similarities between them and the Eternal Ones.   However, in my opinion the Xudathi and
the Eternals are definitely NOT the same. For a start, one is from an unofficial fanfic which carries no real weight in the SC universe.  Secondly, one set devour life energy, but they drag the bodies and material possessions (i.e. spacecraft) into their own, separate dimension when they do so. The others? Well... they simply grasp a galaxy, bleed it dry of SENTIENCE energy, and then leave. They dwell within our own dimension/reality. You see, the Eternals are not cruel or malevolent.  Merely uncaring and out of touch with what it means to live. The Xudathi are excessively paranoid creatures that kill without reason or possible gain
other that the potential of more killing.

2.828 - Exquivan - The Exquivan are a small, reclusive species that follows the concept of 'Nothingness of Mind' with terrible strictness.  They are one of the few species aware of the danger of the Eternals, and this religious sect that preaches Nothingness of Mind is merely their attempt to avoid destruction.

2.829 - Faz - This race joined the Sentient Milieu a few centuries before the Ur-Quan.   Little more is known of the Faz, save that they were the first victims of "The Path of Now and Forever".  See also 2.621 and 2.77.

2.83 - The species of Star Control: group 3.  In this group we deal with the following races: Gg, Harika + Yorn, Ilwrath, Keel-Verezy, Kohr-Ah, K'Tang, Lk, Mael-Num, Melnorme.

2.831 - Gg - The Gg are another race of which little is known.   The only surviving species which have made contact with the Gg are the Kohr-Ah and the Druuge, neither of which appear to be too inclined to talk about them.  The Gg did control a reasonably sized empire amongst the stars, but it fell in weeks to the fury of the Kohr-Ah Death March.

2.832 - Harika + Yorn - These two species exist in a truly symbiotic relationship; one predator, the other prey.  One provides the other with sustenance, whilst in return their numbers are culled.  The Harika are a noble warrior species, but are intensely distrustful of strangers.  The Yorn, on the other hand, are more of a curiosity.  Whilst little is actually known of them, it ca only be assumed that individually they possess little intelligence, or at least are so selfless that they will willingly sacrifice themselves for the good of the symbionts.

2.833 - Ilwrath - The Ilwrath were, until the opening of the Ur-Quan Conflict, a violent, brutal, cruel and violent race of primitive spider-like sentients.  Once the Ur-Quan conquered them, they became a violent, brutal, cruel and violent race of spider-like sentients with warships.  Their Avenger spacecraft are built entirely from technology provided them by the Ur-Quan, and since these ships were constructed they have been a major thorn in the side of all other sentients with their excessively violent tendencies.

2.8331 - The Ilwrath gods - Dogar and Kazon are the Ilwrath gods, and are highly regarded by Ilwrath society (this is presumably because the Ilwrath did not progress along the standard path of cultural evolution that results in a loss of religious faith in the face of science).  The Ilwrath also seem willing to accept that their deities do make physical appearances - or, at least, hyperspace transmissions.

2.8332 - Cloaking technology - The technology for the cloaking devices was provided to the Ilwrath by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za.  Why the Kzer-Za do not use this device on their own vessels is unknown.  However, it could be because their ships are too large, or they do not believe in stealth and the under-handed tactics that the device encourages.  Perhaps they prefer to make a show of force with their mighty dreadnoughts.  My personal favourite explanation is that they believe in the cessation of progress; they seem to believe in keeping everything as it is - for thousands of years they have done just that.  That would explain why their vessels have not been redesigned to take advantage of the cloaking technology.  However, the most likely reason is probably a combination of the above.

2.834 - Keel-Verezy - Little is known of the Keel-Verezy - the only species to have made contact with them are the Melnorme, who may or may not be making it all up.  However, if the Keel-Verezy are real, they are known to be sympathisers for the human cause (against the Kzer-Za rule), and perhaps possess some type of advanced cloaking technology (far in advance of the Ilwrath devices).

2.835 - The Kohr-Ah.  Technically, the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, but you don't know these guys on a first-name basis.

2.8351 - Kohr-Ah religion.  We know little about the Kohr-Ah's religious belief, save one thing: they believe in inter-species reincarnation.   They claim this is one reason why they 'cleanse' - to offer other species the opportunity to be reborn as Ur-Quan.

2.836 - K'Tang - The K'tang suffer from a racial inferiority complex.  They are in fact small, grub-like creatures, but attempt to hide this fact behind vast suits of battle-armour, and hulking ships of war.  They are also far less intelligent than they profess to be.

2.8361 - K'Tang government - The K'Tang are known to be led by a single 'King'; thus, it can be deduced that they follow a monarchy of sorts.

2.837 - Lk - The Lk evolved, quite bizarrely, from fungi growing on abandoned Precursor food stores.  Thus, like so many other species in the artefact-rich Kessari quadrant, they are dedicated to collecting Precursor technology, and are also convinced that they are the true 'children' of the Precursors.  Like the Daktaklakpak and several other races, they most likely possess an extensive collection of Precursor artefacts.  They are also highly reclusive, dwelling on a single, well-defended world that can only be accessed through a quasispace portal.

2.838 - Mael-Num - See section 2.72.

2.839 - Melnorme - The Melnorme are a powerful and influential species now, having trading relations with most species.  They are well aware of the power of knowledge, and if necessary it is believed that they would utilise any data they held for their own (unknown) purposes.  The Melnorme are not, under any circumstances, a species to tangle with.

2.8391 - The Melnorme homeworld - A big topic of discussion on the SCWC e-group a while back was where the Melnorme homeworld, or central planet, was, and if it existed at all.  In the end, we determined that they must have one, as a homeworld offers stability that is essential to an empire (emporium <grin>) the size of the Melnorme trade empire.  However, we also determined that it was not in our own area of space.  There are many reasons for why we arrived at this conclusion: They don't admit to having any.  They flee when the Kohr-Ah turn loose.  They wanted you to find rainbow worlds - so they couldn't do it themselves, implying limited resources, which must in turn mean the Melnorme we meet in SC2 are far from home.  It was suggested that the rainbow worlds themselves were the Melnorme homeworlds, but whichever way you look at it there are a dozen reasons this would be highly unlikely.

2.84 - The species of Star Control: group 4.  In this group we deal with the following races: Mmrnmhrm, Mycon, *Nnngn*, Orz, Owa, Pkunk, Ploxis, Precursors, Shofixti.

2.841 - Mmrnmhrm - The Mmrnmhrm were constructed by the now-defunct Mother Ark in the 12th century AD, up until the Ark shut down.  If the Ark was indeed a precursor artefact, then it is possible that other Arks have created more Mmrnmhrm in other parts of the galaxy.

2.8411 - Mmrnmhrm physical appearance - It is generally accepted that since the Mmrnmhrm are all constructed sapients, they would all appear reasonably similar physically.

2.842 - Mycon - SC3 makes it quite clear that the Mycon are a Precursor terraforming tool.  No such idea is put forward in SC2, although the Umgah do claim that the Mycon are not a product of evolution.   In any case, it seems very unlikely that the Mycon could have evolved on their own... from fungoid origins to what they are "now"?

2.843 - *Nnngn* - From what we do know, it's fairly easy to deduce that the *Nnngn* are most likely non-sentient creatures, that dwell only within QuasiSpace. The Arilou only chase them there. IMO, the fact that the Orz scream "*Nnnnngn*" occasionally is a coincidence. It's an onomatopoeic expression of contained anger.

2.844 - Orz - The Orz possess a mysterious and almost certainly nefarious secret agenda, but for now appear to be content to support the Alliance.   One thing we do know about the Orz is that they enjoy and indeed may live for combat.

2.845 - Owa - A dwindling species that, like most in the Kessari quadrant, believes itself the descendants of the Precursors.  They are also an honourable race, ready to fight for their ideals and defend their beliefs (although this of course could also be described as pig-headedness).

2.846 - Pkunk - A most unusual race of mystics; an offshoot of their Yehat warrior-brethren.  Great animosity existed between the two sister species until the Pkunk successfully forged bonds between the two during the Second Doctrinal Conflict.

2.847 - Ploxis - Arrogant, powerful, brilliant - all tenets of the Ploxis mind-set.  Not to be confused with the typically malevolent Ploxis Plutocrats, who were responsible for the near-total destruction of the original Ploxis Empire.

2.848 - Precursors - Little is known of the Precursors, although much is theorised.  In physical appearance, however, they have been described as 'great shaggy giants'.  We know they are large, several times the size of a human, but according to the Slylandro they also possess a thick coat of hair.  According to SC3, the Precursors devolved themselves into Ortogs, the supposedly widespread food-animal (which in SC2 was only found native to Unzervalt).

2.849 - The Shofixti - Ignorant, honourable, courageous, and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, the Shofixti are one of the Alliance's greatest warrior-species.

2.8491 - "Uplifting".  As all SC players know, the Shofixti were "uplifted" by the Yehat, i.e. raised from the level of medieval technology they were at when found to a level of technology capable of space travel.   Note that although humanity was given hyperspace technology by the Chenjesu, we still got into space on our own and thus do not count as having been "uplifted".

2.85 - The species of Star Control: group 5.  In this group we deal with the following races: Slylandro, Spathi, Supox, Syreen, Taalo, Thraddash, Umgah, Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, Utwig.

2.851 - Slylandro - The Slylandro are a race of gaseous beings.   They possess no physical technology and dwell within the upper regions of one gas-giant.

2.852 - Spathi - The galaxies most cowardly race.  The Spathi are not to be relied upon for anything that requires even a faint inkling of courage.

2.853 - Supox - The only intelligent species known to have evolved from plant life.  Earth's greatest minds believed this to be impossible.  So, in fact, do the Supox, as proven by their own experiments.  They see their own impossibility as proof of their greater status with higher powers.

2.854 - The Syreen.  Here's an extract from a post of mine in reply to one where someone mentioned too many Syreen being around in fan fictions: "I can't think of many which actually HAVE Syreen in them... and there are far more Syreen on the big slow Habitats than on the penetrators. They are a dying species, but I still believe them to number at least a hundred million. Oh, and not ALL the male Syreen were killed, IIRC. There were a few survivors from the surface of Syrea... and there would have been other male Syreen in space.  So, perhaps the hundred odd surviving males do give the Syreen some opportunity of survival. If not, crossbreeding with other species seems to be the only chance for their survival..."

2.855 - Taalo - See section 2.73.

2.856 - Thraddash - Think of the Shofixti, but add blustering and arrogant to the description.  The Thraddash, for all their posturing, are no great warriors - merely brutal, cruel and stupid.

2.857 - Umgah - The Umgah are widely perceived as untrustworthy, and quite rightly too.  They have caused severe hurt to sapient and sentient species in numerous instances, all in the name of good humour.  Additionally, the Umgah were responsible for the Ilwrath almost exterminating the Pkunk.

2.8571 - Umgah genetic modifications - The Umgah have almost certainly influenced their own evolution and physical appearance over time with genetic tinkering.  The question is, what did they look like beforehand?  It was suggested that they were more humanoid, possessing the usual quartet of limbs.   Personally I didn't believe the Umgah had ever possessed legs; as I said on the e-group:Why remove legs? The Umgah are at a disadvantage now, without legs.  They're hardly mobile. In fact, it is this and their innate agoraphobia that leads me to believe that the Umgah arose from the humble origins of some simple organism; multicelled, but more of a, well, to be blunt about it, big pile of goo. Perhaps a scavenger that lurked in the lairs of larger beasts, or even a parasite that dwelt INSIDE a creature. That would explain the agoraphobia and their odd interior decorating habits...

2.858 - Ur-Quan Kzer-Za - Amongst the oldest species in the galaxy, the Kzer-Za are the 'green' offshoot of the original Ur-Quan breed.  They are the planners and the thinkers, the administrators and the scientists, and thus perfectly suited to their status as galactic slavers.

2.8581 - Religion - It is widely believed that the Kzer-Za - and perhaps their cousins too - support some form of religion.  This is mostly based upon the reincarnation statement heard in SC2, although how reliable that statement was remains to be seen.  In my personal opinion, I'd say that yes, sometime in their distant past the Ur-Quan had a typical religious group.  However, in their later starfaring days, this was forgotten by most, remaining only in legend and in passing comments.

2.859 - Utwig - The Utwig are a mystic species, joyous when their greatest relic, the Ultron, is intact, and horrendously despondent when it is not (which unfortunately is quite often).  It has been postulated the the Utwig are in fact the descendants of the Faz,  Whilst this is based on little more than the name of the Utwig homeworld (Fahz) it is entirely possible.

2.86 - The species of Star Control: group 6.  In this group we deal with the following races: Vux, Vyro-Ingo, Xchagger, Yehat, Yuli, Yuptar, Zebranky, Zoq-Fot-Pik.

2.861 - Vux - The name is not in fact an acronym, as theorised by captain Jeffrey Rand.  The Vux are repulsed by the sight of most other species, being radically different to most themselves, particularly despising humanity (and, probably, the Syreen too).

2.862 - Vyro-Ingo - The genetic other half of the Vux species, and it shows.  Serious personality defects, horrendously ugly physically, and possessed of a deep abiding hatred for most other sapients.

2.863 - XChagger - The smallest known Sapients, with a tremendous birth and death rate.

2.864 - Yehat - The Yehat are another honourable warrior-species and are responsible for the uplift of the Shofixti, as well as the imprint of their own culture onto the warrior-marsupials.

2.865 - Yuli - See section 2.75.

2.866 - Yuptar - See section 2.76.

2.867 - Zebranky - A long-dead species known only for it's preying on the Zoq, the Fot and the Pik.

2.868 - Zoq-Fot-Pik - A trio of symbiotic races that dwell together for mutual benefit.  They are weak militarily, and have no great science, but are ideal scouts and spies.