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These are the conversation files, extracted from SC2 by Tsing (IIRC), whose web site can be found here.   I've added the files here because I consider them invaluable to all SC writers!

Arilou | Chmmr | Starbase Commander | Dnyarri | Druuge | Ilwrath | Kohr-Ah | Planet Lander | Melnorme | Mycon | Orz | Pkunk | Spathi Safe Ones | Shofixti | Slylandro | Slylandro Probes | Spathi Captains | Supox | Syreen | Thraddash | Umgah | Ur-Quan | Utwig | Vux | Yehat | Zoq-Fot-Pik

As a special bonus, here are the questions that Professor Zorg poses in the SC1 copy-protection!  I'm afraid I don't have the answers, but perhaps Aaron Carpenter ("Thorn") who kindly provided me with the questions could help... ;D

Professor Zorg's Alien Etiquette