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by Aymi Andrews

The Format

Because this language is a result of mis-communication, all Orz words should be encased in "*"s. Yes, my *SPIFFY* has those around it. Although I haven't come across *spiffy* in any Orz conversations, it very well could be Orzish in origin, meaning unknown...


The Fundamentals Of Orzese

Most of the time, you have to guess what the words mean. They aren't literal translations into English, but they are close, although some big discrepancies exist.


Some Words to Memorise

When conversing with an Orz companion, here are some words and their meanings that are often heard:

*happy camper* or just *camper*
People who don't get in the way of their mysterious plans, and who are generally good-natured and enjoy the Orz's sense of humour.

*party* or *parties*
I'm not quite certain, but I think they mean a Space Fleet of some kind, a war alliance.

I'm quite sure they mean ship-to-ship combat.

*sad animals*
People who do get in the way of their mysterious plans, or who don't appreciate their jokes...

This is a very, very important word. It means "to get mad", as in "those *sad animals* make us *frumple*."


Tips for Conversations

Always be polite, do not make them *frumple*.
Do not insult them.
Do not ask too many questions about certain *sad animals*, especially the Androsynth. This makes them *frumple* and you'll end up *dancing*.

Thanks to Aymi Andrews for writing this and letting me reproduce it here!