----THE GATE----

by Super Hunam

"Sir, we've found some voice recording logs... attempt to decode?"

"Proceed; present your findings ASAP."

MOF-7914 ---Data Log Entry 99-174 A---

We've made a major breakthrough. The DF probe worked better than was expected, and we we're able to get readings from an overlapping dimension. So far, only discreet energy waves of unknown nature have been detected, but I'm certain that we can make use of this new form energy somehow. --END--

MOF-7914 ---Data Log Entry 99-176 A---

For the past 2 days, we have sustained the DF portal, but the energy readings have not kept to any range of frequency... there is a very abstract pattern to the readings, but otherwise, it is completely random. All of our attempts so far to discover the nature of this energy have been futile. High Command is considering closing up shop... I must work diligently to find out what these obscure readings mean... --END--

MOF-7914 ---Data Log Entry 99-176 B---

A breakthrough, but at a cost? Maybe even one we can't afford... High Command will not be pleased. DEN-1124 has died... this is a major setback. He was one of the program's experts... The circumstances of his death are as yet unknown. It just happened in a flash. He began talking, then all of the sudden he just died. At that point, the energy readings spiked. It could be some form of 'inert radiation'... that concept is questionable; why is this energy never constant? It reacted to DEN, and DEN alone. We still can't identify what this energy is... so far, the death of DEN-1124 has been the only sign of major reaction in the portal. --END--

MOF-7914 ---Data Log Entry 99-178 A---

DEN-1124's body, along with several others who have died since, was shipped to the MortFac for examination; a report will be given to High Command, as well as myself and a select group as soon as possible. I fear the program is coming to an end... perhaps it is for the best. --END--

MOF-7914 ---Data Log Entry 99-178 B---

They've disappeared! The bodies have DISAPPEARED!! The MortFac has since been showing signs of the energy, which has been dubbed "essence"; readings of essence have been rising with the reportings of more and more phenomena... some of the scientists are being removed from the facility due to the appearance of maniacal behavior in the form of schizophrenia... I've pulled the files of at least ten of them to see if they had any connection... they all possess a latent tele-psych percentiles of .50 or more. Could the energy from the portal be causing their lapses into insanity? --END--

MOF-7914 ---Data Log Entry 99-178 C---

More people are disappearing, and High Command has ordered the abortion of the project. Some things are best left untampered with; but still, I must research the link between the tele-psych and essence... --END--

MOF-7914 ---Data Log Entry 99-178 D---

The portal has been closed, yet the essence signatures are still present, and growing. All of the research team but NEB-5764, HOO-1287, and myself have gone insane. Under observation, all of them began speaking to unseen transgressors, and then just go blank, and die... NEB, HOO, and me have tele-psych percentiles of .1 and less... we are not dead. I am beginning to understand the nature of this energy, this essence... --END--

"Sir, the next and final recording is extremely long, with many blank pauses; we've edited them so that only speech, significant sounds, etc. are included... pauses have been denoted with STOP"

MOF-7914 ---Data Log Entry 99-179 A---

I am leaving this recorder on... my end may be near. This essence is alive... it... 'devours' the... the... the 'essences' of other beings. It's unlike anything we've ever seen before... not silicon, nor carbon based... energy based? The disappearances of corpses are due to a change in the physical nature of the bodies... the matter that makes them up can no longer exist in this plane... why is that possible?

The previous phenomena involving the differing t-psych abilities of individual Androsynth is now explainable. We are all based upon the same master sample of DNA, but tele-psych is an ability that has nothing to do with anything exists in this dimension... the reason we could not identify this energy as energy is because it is a life form. It is omnipresent, ethereal... always moving, always adapting... maybe many life forms? I can't be certain. Apparently it... they can project their "essence" into other dimensions. Once we tapped the power of this essence and opened the portal, latent t-psych abilities strengthened, and they could see whatever was eminating from the portal, and as the essence strengthened, more of us could see it... I have yet to experience any paranormal activity, but HOO has finally perished... only NEB and I, along with a handful of 20 or so citizens of this research colony are still alive... I am going to send a distress code to High Command now.

STOP - 4 hours

These "infeasible" energy signatures are due to the nature of the dimension we opened... parallel dimensions were of no interest, as we could not find a source of energy in any of them that we cannot find in this one... to sidestep this, we sought to open one of the dimensions that crosses ours, one that doesn't share this dimensions properties, but rather properties that we might have found advantageous... due to the the overlapping of the dimensions, ours has been influenced... now that we have opened the gate, the influence in the surrounding areas has been exponentially increased... t-psych has expanded to a point where all people who are showing signs of insanity are shot on sight because they are becoming a threat... their latent powers are being awakened, but their minds are being assaulted... they are now able to move things, not just see, or... sense; but what if this ethereal being is now able to exert force in the form of kinetic energy, and the maddened have nothing to do with it? No... that can't be... so far all paranormal activity has been a result of t-psych reading spikes that are only strengthened by the eminations... not controlled. The very concept of being able to... to... "create" energy and utilize it in the form of kinematic motion is equally infeasible, impossible, undoable... or at least was impossible; i mean, it is happening everywhere. How do I explain all these things that are happening? It can't happen in our dimension... physically impossible... the portal has changed that? Is this tear causing the laws of physics to change?

STOP - 10 hours

I'm the only one left, but I've deduced that t-psych is a form of "passive energy" that draws from pan-dimensional sources... now that the gate has opened, we have been granted a new sense powered by this essence... this essence that is "angered"... the essence must be targeting the psionics... I suppose they don't appreciate their "life" being poured into sealed jars... I am starting to feel the effects of this... this essence... they must... sen... see... "smell" me. High Command has not responded to my distress signals. The essence must have "expanded" that far... there is far too much to risk... the dangers are far too complex for me to comprehend...

STOP - 2 hours

The door is open. It's not an automated door. No one has walked through. It is closed. My pen is writing on its own... random patterns, silent noise, motion at rest, energy appearing from void without any form of fuel... whatever was on the other side... made these things possible... I understand...

STOP - 5 hours

no, i don't have any "sauce". well what the hell do you want from me? leave me alone. i said shut up. SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!! (discharge of small arms)

STOP - 3 hours

these stupid "views" keep walking around. what the hell. WHY WON'T ANYONE TALK TO ME?! DEN?! NEB?!! GODDAMMIT!!!! TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! (sounds of desks being toppled)

STOP - 1 hour

the damn "shadows" <static?> moving and don't <static?> the hell if the "light" keeps talking i'm gonna EAT IT these <static?> "dancing" everywhere stop it stop it stop it <static?> no shut up dammit go to earth if you keep talking, they'll find us if they find me they're gonna eat me <static?> have to think think think no <static?> no no don't think then they can't "smell" me the things keep moving <static?> i'm just moving gotta getaway from here i can smell them <static?> they can smell me i can see them they've pushed through THEY'RE HERE AND THEY CAN SEE ME (unknown noises) <static?>


---Field report---

Well sir, we've divined that the Androsynth we're experimenting in a phenomenon called DF... Dimensional Fatigue. This overlapping of dimensions causes mutual influence on the levels of physical nature, and this influence apparently explains all apparitions, 'poltergeist activity', telekinesis and telepathy (both referred to as tele-psych), and other such paranormal activity. All of them involve spontaneous "generation" of energy on this dimension's level, which causes a decrease in another dimensions 'essence'; the origin of the energy is apparently the dimension the Androsynth tapped, and/or an infinite amount of other dimensions that overlap ours. The energy essence seems confined to the Vulpeculae constellation for unknown reasons, maybe due to the fact that the Taalo once lived in that area before the Androsynth; it has been theorized that the Taalo were "multi-dimensional" (they were unaffected by the Dnyarri's psionic powers because they could draw from power sources directly... they lived in more than one dimension all at once), perhaps like the beings that 'destroyed' the Androsynth. This multidimensional aspect of the Taalo (their abilities may have projected them in the same manner as was heard in the recordings) may still eminate energy that the essences can feed on. The Orz are still confining themselves in that area of space, but it is unknown what connection they have to the essence. Perhaps that essence was the initial projection of the Orz... they HAVE suggested (aiding the confusion of many) that they keep in contact with the Taalo (everything they say is extremely open to interpretation), and perhaps this connection is satisfying their "feeding" in our universe. Until the exact nature of the Orz is determined, the Taalo device should be considered our only protection... the proverbial "ace up the sleeve".

All of these conclusions are extremely unorthodox due to the fact that this other dimension doesn't share the same set of physical laws our dimension has.

NOTE: One of our xenotechs, Bukowski, sent to investigate the abandoned research colonies has gone mad, and has not exhibited any rise in telekinetic ability... we are keeping him under close observation. Fellow crew report that he read something in a facility computer, went crazy, and when they finally got hold of him, he was being attacked by... well, the i suppose the best choice of words is "ghosts"... are you familiar with any 20th century films, sir...? The Exorcist...?

Exposure to areas that were (or still are?) effected by essence should be prohibited.


"Well, that's it, sir."

"Destroy it."


"You heard me. No one has to know about this. Quite frankly, I'm happy with how this universe works. Also, the Orz are not a threat... yet. We'll decide what to do with them when we make progress in translating their language better. Make sure future research on DF doesn't happen. This recording and any knowledge of this can't leave this room. Make sure to have all of the research colonies bombarded. Completely level them. Make sure nothing remains."

"Yes sir..."