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The fan fiction in the site is now organised by era.  Each era has a seperate page, on which the various pieces of fan fiction are found.  Hopefully this layout will work well and prove to be easier to use than the previous schemes!  Alternatively, check out Ben Voynick's brilliant navigation system at the bottom!

New Fan Fiction


First Era
Pre-Star Control Saga/Star Control: Great battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict
This era ranges approximately from the beginning of the Terran 21st century, up to the defeat of Earth at the hand-equivalents of the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za.
(Up to and including 2135)

Second Era
Second Doctrinal Conflict/Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters
This era covers the times between the Alliance's defeat and the opening of the Kzer-Za/Kohr-Ah wars, up until The Captain's defeat of the Ur-Quan armadas when the Sa-Matra was annihilated.
(approx. 2136 - 2158)

Third Era
Post-Liberation War/Pre-Star Control 3
The period between the end of The Ur-Quan Masters and the beginning of Star Control 3 (the collapse of hyperspace; 'The Long Night').  This category also includes those fanfics which do not follow the SC3 timeline but are set in this time period.
(approx. 2159 - 2178)

Fourth Era
Star Control 3/Post-Star Control 3
This era includes all fan fictions based around Star Control 3's time period, and also those set after it.  It also includes fan fictions that do not follow SC3's timeline but are set in this period.
(approx. 2178 onwards)

This category includes all fan fictions which do not fall into other categories.    This may be because they are set long after or long before the Star Control saga, or because they are set in alternate timelines altogether, or a myriad other reasons.
(all time periods, or even none)