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Third Era
Post-Liberation War/Pre-Star Control 3
The period between the end of The Ur-Quan Masters and the beginning of Star Control 3 (the collapse of hyperspace; 'The Long Night').  This category also includes those fanfics which do not follow the SC3 timeline but are set in this time period.
(approx. 2159 - 2178)

Title: Author: More:
The Terran Contingency Andrew Misiek Reviews
Too Close to Home Andrew Smith Reviews
Discovery Andrew Smith Reviews
Heir to the Hierarchy "AngryShrew" Reviews
The Big Heist "AngryShrew" Reviews
The Purple Dot Ben Voynick Reviews
ZEX's Revenge "Stilgar" Reviews
New Enemies Guy Miller Reviews
Orihalcon Night "ImpInc." Reviews
I Won't Forget "ImpInc." Reviews
Phlendo's Tale: Tomorrow would be better Eddie Moonchild Reviews
Starbased Eddie Moonchild Reviews
Behind the Scenes
New Frontiers Shaun Green
Michael Chapman
Moxx Michael Chapman Reviews
Sombre Omen Michael Chapman Reviews
Return to the Gryphon Peter Phillips Reviews
The Round Up Peter Phillips Reviews
Second Chances Peter Phillips Reviews
Seeds of Mistrust Shaun Green Reviews
Sanctuary Shaun Green Reviews
Sword of the Alliance Gerald Pfeffer Reviews
Plibnik, Wanderer of many Spaces Casey Grimm Reviews
War of the Spaces Jeremy Phillips Reviews
New Friends, New Enemies Dan Mulkerin Reviews
Battle Beyond the Known Stars José Rodríguez Reviews
A Time For Heroes Peter Phillips Reviews
The Wreck Toni Ylisirniö Reviews
A Message Sent to Earth Ryan McAndrews Reviews
Another Message to Earth Ryan McAndrews Reviews
3rd Message to Earth Ryan McAndrews Reviews

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