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The Star Control Writers' Collective was founded (probably) in late 1998 by Shaun Green, as an attempt to encourage and to an extent help co-ordinate the efforts of fan fiction writers.  It proved a spectacular success, and over the following year and a half the amount of Star Control fan fiction increased to ten times the original quantity - and some of the quality was similarly astounding!

However, as the SCWC began to slow down as the "fanfic craze" died down, Shaun Green found himself unable to offer the SCWC the attention it deserved.   As a result, Alex Schwendner took over the day-to-day running of the site, maintaining it for some time as a subsidiary of his own site.  However, in the Autumn of 2000 Shaun Green decided to retake the helm of the SCWC and return it to its previous, glorious existence.

Shaun has once again decided he no long has the time to devote to the site that it deserves. He has passed it back to The Pages of Now & Forever as its host. And so, here it is today...



Thanks to Fred Ford and Paul Reiche for creating the wondrous games that are Star Control 1 and Star Control 2, as well as putting up with my constant e-mails.   Thanks to Accolade for publishing the games.   And thanks to Legend for making a good effort with SC3, even if it didn't live up to it's predecessor.

Thanks to Guillaime LaFranc, Chad D. and Stilgar for offering tips way back when the Home of the Mael-Num (the past incarnation of this site) was just beginning.

Thanks to Mike Chapman, who as well as offering constant advice on the site, assisted greatly with the original Star Control : New Frontiers game and the 'You Know You've Been Playing Too Much Star Control When...' humour sections.  We've drifted apart since those past years, but cheers for all your help back then Mike.

Thanks to all those people who have put aside time to write short stories (especially these guys, as fan fiction is what this site is about) or create SC artwork, or even just to e-mail me!

And finally: thanks to you for visiting the site!



The fiction is copyright of the respective authors.
Material may not be reproduced without permission, but I'm a generous type so ask rather than stealing.  Thanks for reading!