[WIP] Star Control 1 remake

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Re: [WIP] Star Control 1 remake

Post by oldlaptop »

UQM (and thus the original SC2 for 3DO, we don't have source to the PC version) is written in C; originally an evil mixture of K&R C and ANSI C, it's since been cleaned up. There are remnants of SC1 in UQM code even now (I'm thinking in particular of RACES_PER_PLAYER in races.h, there may be others), so I'd strongly suspect SC1 was also written in C, or at least large parts of it were. (I also suspect much of the melee and ship code in UQM dates back to SC1, but I don't have any real evidence of that, just a vague feeling after messing with it for entirely too long.)
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Re: [WIP] Star Control 1 remake

Post by Dragon »

oldlaptop wrote:I'm thinking in particular of RACES_PER_PLAYER in races.h
Heh, nice :geek: I love the way code bases become positively archaeological when they've been around for a while.

I dunno if you remember but guesst (now Cymon) prodded TfB a bit to try and get the original source for SC1 but it still couldn't be found. :cry:
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Re: [WIP] Star Control 1 remake

Post by sakalava47 »

Thanks Dragon,

I am trying to learn programming. But even with an "easy" language (Ruby) I'm finding it quite a challenge to wrap my head around. I'm starting with Pong following a tutorial. If you were to switch this project over to Ruby, by the time you were done, I might be skilled enough to help you with the rest of it.

Anyway, I encourage you to continue, because a Star Control 1 remake is an awesome idea. Thanks for your contribution to the community.
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