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Simply fan ideas

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 8:59 pm
by Stickman_king_28
This is going to have everyone or nobody. Anyways, What fan races are you coming up with? Custom ship parts? p6014 ideas? suggestions i should stop hating myself? Everything's welcome!

Re: Simply fan ideas

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:35 am
by Quasispatial
Fan races isn't really something I consider an apt approach. Often, it can end badly, and the Kohr-Ah tend to exterminate those ones very rapidly at any rate. Quite frankly, I don't blame them.

What I will gladly discuss is ship design, however. There are countless ways to make a ship, and whilst many may be terrible, many more are intriguing designs well worth discussing. For instance, there was talk of a fast ship with a snare ability in the Lurg thread a short while ago, and I'm sure there are many other designs that one can discuss.

Maybe I should make a separate thread for that, but I think this one will suffice.

As an example, I'm going to bring in an idea which may be somewhat hard to handle, but which could be very interesting. The splitter. It has fair speed, high health and pretty poor firepower. Its primary weapon is a simple projectile gun, nothing fancy. Its secondary, however, is to split itself into two, each copy with half of the original's health. Ship control would at that point control both ships, with the caveat that the secondary weapon would instead make it so that you only controlled one of the ships whilst held down. If one ship is destroyed, the other can then split again with the secondary key, so on and so forth. This forces its foes to fight on two fronts, with the difficulty lying in trying to control both instances of your ship simultaneously. It definitely wouldn't be a ship for new players, but in the right hands, it could be quite powerful.

A variant of the idea could be making a ship which does something similar, but instead of creating two full-fledged ships, creates an "illusion" which look like the real deal but which pops into nothing if something tries to go through it. Smoke and mirrors, you know.

Re: Simply fan ideas

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:12 pm
by Death 999
See also

And please, your account is fine, stop asking if you should delete it.

Fangame plot?

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:42 pm
by Stickman_king_28
Kind of a story... thing. Several elements stolen from p6014 (sorry)
Part 1
1: Player flies around in new starship, idk what it is, speaks with hayes and chmmr(did i spell it right?) commanders.
Part 2
2: Player investigates strange new race, seems to be NEW-GENERATION UR-QUAN. Most of the race is now the Kzer-ex, in 3 factions. Greenish blue (mostly green though) ur-quan, which take on names such as: Squire # (if faction 1), Renegade # (faction 2), and guardian # (faction 3). Cut scene upon entering the system, shows "Familiar" ships in a 3 way firefight against orz and New ur quan. Player ship fricks up and is shot down onto nearby planet. Oh golly gee, what do we do!?
Part 3
3: Lander drives out of ship. This lander is a bit slow and clumsy. Hmm...Player finds Vindicator-like precursor battleship. I know what you're thinking: If the precursors went to war, they'd DESTROY EVERYTHING!! This one's batteries are faulty I guess because game balance. Anyways player returns to base scares the hecc out of hayes etc.

Part 4
4: establish relations with new ur quan. Hayes mentions that they just de-crypted something from the vindicator's OLD databanks, and it fits in with something from the vindicator 2 (battleship)'s databanks. They call it the precursor cypher.
Part 5
5: player eventually finds this starbase with an odd ship orbiting. That ship is a precursor corvette, with the third part of the cypher. The ship has this time distortion thingy. Ship stats: 35 crew (upgradeable via modules if allied?), Unknown yet battery, primary fire is slightly tracking gatling gun. high rate of fire, weak but large shots. Secondary when pushed is a barrage of weak earthling missiles with huge knockback and cheap battery usage, and when held it slows down time for the enemy, and lets the user move normally with a blue afterimage but keeps them from firing. uses lots of battery. Anyways during dialogue the ship states that they are a small mercenary group of ur-quan, shofixti, humans, and MAYYYYBE chimmr? (idk) and they mention the black spathi squads in passing as well. after doing a fetch quest or something they decide to ally. I guess theyre another choice for battles, and can be modified in starbases. as well, the starbase they hail from is another sort of waypoint if far from sol, along with an information mine.
Part 6:
6: Meet hayes and inform him of the mercenaries etc. He now has a chmmr who stands/sits/what do they do next to him and gives analysis of items and new races. Player decides(?) to ask Kzer-Ex about that battle. They're like "well, we tried to hail them but then some other ships appeared and launched exo suits who drilled into their and our ships and fired large howitzers." Yep, orz alright. Next time player visits starbase: PLOT! TWIST! That chmmr next to hayes is chipped, sparking, and flickering, hayes has a few scrapes and bruises. Starbase is damaged? Hayes: CAPTAIN! You'll never guess who paid us a visit? ANDROSYNTH!! Something odd though: their ships were phasing and flickering like a glitched computer screen. And the androsynth weren't just androsynth... They were strangely contorted, twisted, driven mad... It looks like (now deceased because time) science officer Bukowski was right. Did *THEY* do it!? Find out next time in... That forum post that Stickman_king_28 edits randomly!

Re: Simply fan ideas

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 7:44 pm
by Stickman_king_28
Plot updated. You'll probably not like it cuz i probably had continuity errors or something with androsynth involvement