SC Melee in Scratch! Insight into continuous rotations...

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SC Melee in Scratch! Insight into continuous rotations...

Post by TLJGames »

Hey there!

I worked on some Scratch games for a small school project a couple of years or so ago, and recently came back to them to polish them off - for those who don't know, Scratch is basically a really simple visual programming language which is built for making small games, by people who are new to programming or simply don't want to get their hands too dirty.

I decided to try to recreate the super melee from Star Control - I thought it would be particularly interesting to see what effect continuous rotation would have on the gameplay. I used assets from the game for the ships and weapons, and used a couple of the Precursor remixes for the battle music. Of course, overall, it is not as impressive as the original, but it's certainly playable :)

There are eight games available - two 3-player games, and then six lots of 2-player games. There are two separate 'tiers' of ships - the first group is the Dreadnought, Marauder and Avatar, and the second is the Cruiser, Torch and Drone. I have tried to balance the fights, but it's possible that some ships are better or worse against others.

The games can be found here:

The controls are pretty simple, although it may take some time to get used to some of them - just arrow keys and WASD for the two-player games, and arrow keys, WASD and IJKL for the three-player games. In most cases, the controls are 'left' and 'right' to turn, 'up' to accelerate and 'down' to fire. The Cruiser and Drone have some small extras: the path of the nuke is not automatic and is instead controlled by turning, and the Drone fires while accelerating and 'down' instead activates the retro-propulsion system.

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Re: SC Melee in Scratch! Insight into continuous rotations..

Post by Angelfish »

Nice to see such a thing being done in scratch. Tvp to check it out when I'm home.
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Re: SC Melee in Scratch! Insight into continuous rotations..

Post by krulle »

Question: Is it intentional that the Drone can be killed by the Cruiser by shooting into the cone?

The missile exploded when it hit the cone, but the Drone also lost some life, as if the cone is part of the ship.
When the cone is inactive,t he missile has to travel that much further.
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Re: SC Melee in Scratch! Insight into continuous rotations..

Post by gtb2002 »

Interesting I've actually been working in snap (Berkley's take on scratch.) so this is cool to see.
FYI: I've explored almost all the dialogue trees in Sc2.
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