Card-Control: The Ur-Quan Masters

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Re: Card-Control: The Ur-Quan Masters

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Still on development hiatus. May be able to re-commence development 'round christmas, if I manage to find someone to work together with. Still haven't heard anything from glory_device on this matter (although admittedly I haven't attempted active contact for a while), so I'm mostly led to assume that they'll stay busy for the foreseeable future. As much progress as I made on my own, however (Trog already knows about the fact that there'll be proper ship-markers come next update), I can't make this thing entirely on my lonesome. Honestly it's starting to get to the point where I feel like redoing the cards because my standards have improved, but to do so would very much tempt the infinite loops of development, so in all actuality it will probably stay the same until rules changes necessitate a re-design.

What with life in the state that it is, I can't promise I'll have a great deal of time to dedicate to it, either, but I'll leave a standing invitation for anyone looking to join the dev team. Testers would be welcome too - part of the stagnation was in the fact that there wasn't really much feedback to act upon.
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