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Star Control 3 Help!

Post by tux3domike »

I just started SC3 for the first time after beating SC2. I played UQM after being reminded of the 3do game on a kotaku article comment.

Anyway, I'm having a really hard time figuring out the controls and how to do basic things. I did in fact read the manual, but still need some help...

How do I initially acquire ships that are on a planet I visit. For example, I go see the spathi, if I go into orbit I see they have 3 ships there fully crewed. If I return to the System screen I can't see a way to add those ships to my fleet. I saw the part in the manual about combining two fleets, but they don't appear to actually be a fleet. In short, how do I get ships as they are built by my colonies?

Next, how do I tell the colonies what to do? Research on the human main colony has a slider but it's red. Is there any way to tell them to focus on gaining that ability? instead of say, building more ships?

How do I re-fuel? Is it automatically added when I go into orbit at a planet with fuel? How do I increase the total space for fuel on my ship so I can venture further out?

Basically, just some tips for how to control the game and get started would be very helpful.
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Re: Star Control 3 Help!

Post by Tiberian »

You get the ships when you click on them on the solar system screen. It's been many years since I played, but I think there is a + sign and a number indicating how many ships there are. Click on the + sign. Then you can select any number of ships in your fleet and while having them selected, send them to any planet you wish. I don't remember the controls for that.

The only way to control the colonies are the sliders. The numbers indicate how many colonists are working on a particular facility. Normally I'd say you should drop the shipyard to a minimum, since you shouldn't be needing that much new ships. Instead, you'll be needing lots of fuel.

Research slider is red if they don't have anything to research. You will find artifacts which you'll need to research before they are of any use to you. If you have such artifacts, you'll send them to research while in orbit of the colony planet (in the colony screen) and select 'research' from a pop-up menu when clicking on the artifact.

If I recall correctly, you automatically get all the fuel from the colony when you visit. I think the space in your fuel tanks is infinite or at least very large, such as 100 000 units. If you don't have enough fuel, it only means that your colonies aren't producing enough. Anyway, with full tanks, you should be able to fly around the quadrant several times.
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