Old promotion video, anyone?

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Old promotion video, anyone?

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To preserve the post, in case UQM forums go down again, I'm gonna shamelessly copy-paste a post:

Enjoy this rare find of old promotional material!
Radd, over at UQM-Forum wrote:Hey gang, I don't know if anyone had seen this before, so I thought I'd post. Figured if anyone would appreciate this, it would be this community. So I'm a former editor for Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine. Back in 1993, we received this videotape from Crystal Dynamics, showing footage of the "upcoming" 3DO version of the game. At the time, it was the first we'd heard it was being ported to 3DO and we were pretty stoked as huge fans of the game. We'd get stuff like this all the time. The idea being we could get screenshots from it to publish in the magazine. So it's been sitting on a shelf for nearly 30 years and we've always talked abut digitizing it, but never made it a priority. Well, we finally did it. I'm amazed it still played, and pretty well! The neat thing about the tape is it's raw footage of nearly the entire 3DO intro and a few starship renders before they got "duk'd" to 120p or whatever on the 3DO. Don't get too excited, it's still VHS footage, so it's not that great, but my capture card did at the very least deinterlace and upscale the output to 1080p. It's also shows what appears to be footage and music from the PC version of the game, so it was probably still early in development. The intro has some placeholder music, and the only thing that seems to be present from the final 3DO version is battle music and alien voices. Anyway, just a neat piece of history I wanted to share. Enjoy!

The footage:
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Yggbd6lahEM
Raw MKV: https://arcade816.com/star_control_2_3do_1080p.mkv

The tape:

Thank you, Radd, for sharing with us!
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Re: Old promotion video, anyone?

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Very interesting video and I enjoyed watching it! Kind of a precursor to the game...
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