Groombridge Log + Eternal Doctrine duology Complete

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Groombridge Log + Eternal Doctrine duology Complete

Post by Death 999 » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:36 pm

Whoopde-dee and trolly bazoo, we are having a busy month here in Star Control land!

Tiberian / Tommi Salminen has finished The Eternal Doctrine, the second half of his novelization of Star Control 2.

His blog post announcing this is here.


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Re: Groombridge Log + Eternal Doctrine duology Complete

Post by glory_device » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:39 pm

Incredible work! As a contributor to the eaaaarly stages and in a limited fashion, I can vouch that Tiberian perseverance and commitment inspired me a lot from that point on. Also, I enjoyed buying and reading both books quite a lot!

Amazing job!
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Re: Groombridge Log + Eternal Doctrine duology Complete

Post by Chapel » Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:46 pm

Ok, so here's a legitimate question:
how does copyright/trademark apply to this document and could it be blocked?

*edit - has it been? Kindle and paperback are no longer available :(
It seems like it was done with permission from both F&P and Stardock?

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Re: Groombridge Log + Eternal Doctrine duology Complete

Post by Tiberian » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:09 pm

Copyright/trademark applies such that a major part of the content has been created by Fred Ford and Paul Reiche and thus the books exist thanks to their approval. I have indeed made a deal with them.

I don't have a deal with Stardock for several reasons, one being that the project was well under way when I learned they had bought the rights to Star Control trademark. When I did learn that, I included a note that Star Control is a registered trademark of Stardock. If the title of the books would include "Star Control", then I think I would need to get their approval as well. If it becomes a problem that the cover says "based on the universe of Star Control" then I could simply erase that part or replace it with something like "based on the universe of The Ur-Quan Masters".

That being said, Stardock is aware of these books as I have contacted them some time ago. My latest word from them is that there is no problem. Of course with the big legal issues at hand that might change some day, but hopefully not.

Then, regarding your worries about availability...
Both books Groombridge Log and Eternal Doctrine are still available everywhere. If they appear as no longer available to you, it might be a regional issue.

Here are some links:

Groombridge Log (Kindle) on Amazon (There's a link to the paperback as well.)

Eternal Doctrine (Kindle) on Amazon (There's a link to the paperback as well.)

Eternal Doctrine (ebook) on Kobo

For Finnish readers the most convenient place to buy them has proven to be Suomalainen kirjakauppa (Groombridge Log , Eternal Doctrine)

In addition, according to Google search both books are available in a number of online book stores all around the world. If you still can't find them anywhere, let me know where you're from and I'll look into it. You can also check my webpage in case there are updates to the availability of the books.
Author of Star Control novelizations Groombridge Log and Eternal Doctrine.

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