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Re: Games other than Star Control

Post by Alvarin »

Overhype Studio's Battle Brothers just got Blazing Deserts DLC out; Rogue Legacy 2 from Cellar Doors Games is nearing release; Amanita released Creaks last month... This quarantine period was busy for game developers, it seems.
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Re: Games other than Star Control

Post by Draxas »

I had no idea a Rogue Legacy sequel was even in development, I loved the original and will definitely be checking this one out.
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Re: Games other than Star Control

Post by Bleeding Star »

I found Battle Brothers a little to grindy, though that was a pretty early version. I'm currently switching between Crusader Kings 3, which is extremely confusing, and Angband, which is extremely frustrating. Everyone seems to be banging on about Hades, is it worth a shot?
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