Kickstarter DEADLINE is Friday, May 17 2024 11:59 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight).
Free Stars is continuing the universally acclaimed game, 1992's Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters!
We need your support to hit 670,000 for Voice Overs!

What's news?

Ahh, vague omens and mysterious portents. Tangled webs of fate intertwined with the branches of destiny, blown by the capricious winds of happenstance. News, news....uh, actually there is some news!

  FREE STARS: Children of Infinity crowdfunding on Kickstarter NOW (until May 17th 2024)

Whoopdy Dee and Trolly Bazoo! FREE STARS: Children of Infinity has launched their crowdfunding on Kickstarter! ... f-infinity

I think I was in first 5 or so backers, I think I remember seeing "4 backers" when I completed my initial pledge.

I went back and added more to my pledge, like extra copies of all the physical items as "Add-Ons"!

There is plenty of time to think about adding more funding and add-ons as there are 31 days total!

The crowdfunding campaign fully funded in the first 4 hours or so ($100,000). Stretch goals have already started...

I don't count my chickens before they hatch but, I'd be shocked if all of the initial? goals ($670,000) aren't met before this is all over.

This Kicktraq website will help you keep track of how things are going and try to guess trends... ... -infinity/

Despite what Kicktraq says on day one, I will be utterly shocked if FREE STARS: Children of Infinity hits 4.4 milllion for the highest? stretch goal before this is dust.

*REMEMBER* you aren't charged for what you pledge until the *end* of the campaign. So you don't pay until 31 days from now. That means pledge now, pledge early!!!

It's all about stretch goals now!! Waiting or delaying only causes *frumple* too much.


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  Free Stars Children of Infinity Official Announcement Trailer and comes to Kickstarter on April 16th! ... 40745?s=20

Free Stars: Children of Infinity comes to Kickstarter on April 16th.

Click here to watch: Free Stars: Children of Infinity Official Announcement Trailer on GameSpot Trailers Youtube

Some choice comments I saw on Twitter/X... ... 21477?s=20
Star Control 3 is finally happening! Accept no substitutes, especially any pretenders already using the name. ... 63851?s=20
Well, the *real* Star Control 3 looks a bit more on the budget side than I expected, but hey, if it worked for a game like Star Control 2, why not just stick to what works, right?
... ... ... ...

Posted by Frumple — Thu Apr 04, 2024 3:33 pm — Replies 14 — Views 3583

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  Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters on Steam February 19th

Pistol Shrimp Games will release Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters on Steam February 19th!

They said,

Share the Steam page anywhere and everywhere you can. Social media, antisocial media, awkward family dinners, your local newspaper, a propeller plane towing a banner, or one of those Super Bowl blimp things with an advertisement on it. We’re not picky!
Antisocial media. I like that. That's what I'm going to call these Pages/reason for continuing to do this. A form of Antisocial media presents the page...

I'm sure you all know this but if you are not a *Happy Camper* then Free Stars: UQM, is based on The Ur-Quan Masters, which is based on the 3DO version of Star Control 2 which is based on the PC version of Star Control 2.

Sigh, has it really come to all this? I guess it has. Should I update the tagline of the Pages to be All About Free Stars? Nah, I'm most likely not to change anything but, I think All about Star Control and Free Stars sounds fine too. Was Star Control the original multiversal digital media? Some one should make a chart of the family tree, timelines, multiverses, etc. I personally hate mutli-verse stories and timelines. At this point, all I see are lots of What If? stories.

Anyways, Free Stars: UQM will be FREE! I personally donate to Pistol Shrimp's Patreon which I just wanted to point you to if you didn't know about it. I recommend it if you want to contribute extra to Free Stars 2. Or is it Free Stars 3? As someone that started with the original Alliance of Free Stars before they were the New Alliance of Free Stars, I wish there was a way to re-release Free Stars: Famous Battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict Volume IV. That subtle Star Wars reference is great. And it goes without saying, thank goodness the sub-title wasn't self referential and had the words Star Control in it. Oooo, how about the subtitle of these Antisocial media Pages being "The Unoffical home of Star Control". ???-smf ::)-smf

edit: 2/19/24... Free Stars: UQM is FREE on Steam!


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  Free Stars... Children of Infinity?

The sequel to Famous Battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict Volume IV and The Ur-Quan Masters has an official name...

:!: Free Stars: Children of Infinity :!:

First, it seems like an amazing way to reference the first two games as the protagonists in those games were the Alliance of Free Stars and the New Alliance of Free Stars. Suffice to say, I'm glad it's not The Ur-Quan Masters 2 or something to that effect.

Second, who or what is Infinity? A place to go or visit? Powerful precursory beings that call themselves that? Related to time and stories? Dan G. referred to all 3 of these games as containing a multiverse in the Free Stars name announcement blog post!




Please, read further about more recent happenings...

Your insight into the ineffable Juffo-Wup is encouraging.

Perhaps, if we were to plant spore sacs in your brain organ

and let its tendrils spread through your flesh

then you would truly understand Juffo-Wup... become part of Juffo-Wup.

You WOULD be happier and more fulfilled. Consider our offer.

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  From: Trade Master Burnt Umber

:arrow: View Incoming Hyperwave Intercept :idea:

Posted by Atarex — Thu Mar 09, 2023 5:14 pm — Replies 1 — Views 26937

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  The MetaChron Briefly Brightens: 30 Years of The Ur-Quan Masters

As a master trader in the Melnorme merchant fleet, I greet you, Captain. You are our favorite customer.

Pistol Shrimp Games is working on the sequel to Star Control 2. They aren't allowed to say "Star Control", I am sorry to say, very much. This game is presently workingly titled, the The Ur-Quan Masters 2, which is the sequel to The Ur-Quan Masters of Star Control 2.

Because of Pistol Shrimpers, the the MetaChron is one brighter shade of gray.

Actually, it has improved two brighter shades of gray due to the month of November in your year 12022. Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters is 30 years old!

Now that that is out of the way, we DO have many thousands of useless facts that we will gladly sell you at a substantial discount. Are you interested?

As you know, in our many centuries of star-trading we Melnorme have come to learn much about what happens in our galaxy both now and in the ancient past.

We will share this crucial knowledge with you for a fee of 75 Credits.

No refunds.

In any event, it is our pleasure to meet you once again.

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  Facebook - SCII:UQM Fan Group

Greetings Hunams!,
micro update here out of the blue, as was suggested on the Facebook group it's self, I've added the "Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters" fan group to our links page. If your not a part of it there's almost 800 members at current. :idea: If you know of any other fan pages or groups out there feel free to let us know.

Posted by Scott Irving — Thu May 13, 2021 6:49 pm — Replies 2 — Views 15801

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  The official annoucement of the lawsuit settlement was made...

Official: ... -to-win-is

and ... beekeeping

and a great pic! ... 96/photo/1

There is tons of news coverage about this...

This article actually has an extra bit of information as he says he did a phone interview with the 3 of them on the line... ... and-honey/

and ... ure-games/

etc ... d-by-bees/

Posted by Frumple — Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:19 pm — Replies 11 — Views 66926

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  Official teaser announcement of lawsuit settlement. ... from-space

Posted by Alvarin — Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:37 am — Replies 4 — Views 34429

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  Starflight is making a come-back

Hello everyone,

Today we’d like to announce a fun collaboration between Steve (creator &
owner of the largest and possibly last remaining
Starflight resource website) and Blake (creator & owner of Blake’s Sanctum: - the largest Starflight fan
game tribute website) to create a new oldschool home for SF fans while also
keeping them up to date with the latest news and developments in the
Starflight universe.

Until recently Starflight was considered another dead franchise due to no
official announcements, no new fan games, and many of the old websites &
forums being long gone or inactive. However that all changed in 2018 and
2019 when Marvin went public with his amazing 3D Unity Opensource
Starflight 1 Remake:
Gregg B released his Starflight VR fan game called Exoplanet: on steam, and Sebastian
continued work on his awesome Starflight 1&2 Reverse Engineering: from Forth to C project
(including extracting the coveted elusive forth planet generator code &

Jon H & Steve continued their work on Starflight – The Lost Colony: and have released a new enhanced
version and are seeking alpha testers. John W announced his Starflight
SEGA Genesis Total Conversion Mod for SF-TLC: and none other than Greg
Johnson himself (lead dev on SF 1 & 2) announced a new NEW OFFICIAL
STARFLIGHT 3 SEQUEL in the making!

However due to a complete lack of mainstream media attention and the death
of all the old Starflight communities the crowdfund for the official
Starflight 3 failed. Greg declared that they would try again in the future
with a better strategy & a more complete and ‘retro’ demo, so it’s
important that the SF community is ready for when that day comes again.
Thankfully all is well with Marvin’s awesome SF1 remake and the other fan
projects though with new playable builds are still being released all the

Sadly the old Interstel forums have been inactive for
over 10yrs and the Starflight 3 forums has been taken offline likely for
good. Because of this Steve’s good old The Lost Colony forum has now been
expanded to a new large general ALL purpose Starflight forum that covers
all official games and many of the fan games in the hopes of creating a new
forum home for SF fans. This is the last of the
Babylon stations and our best hope for peace… oh wait… wrong franchise! :P

Steve has updated his forum to the latest phpBB software version and added
more anti-spam security, new colour themes and posting features. Blake has
populated the new forums with lots of multimedia, important information and
links to help old SF fans get up to speed. Blake recently started a video
series: ... iY2BD_zoic
documenting and touring all the big Starflight fan projects after
successfully recovering multiple long lost demos & private builds of the
SF3 (fan project) and other rarely seen SF fan games. Blake hopes to
continue the video series and document new SF fan projects & more long lost
demos in the future with help from the SF community.

If you feel you’re a bit passed the good old days of chatting in forums
Blake also runs a Starflight 3 Fan community facebook group: where many fans from the old
forums now reside. Greg Johnson has also created an official Starflight
Discord channel for SF fans too: Any new
developments related to Starflight will be posted in the forums and in
these social media groups so we hope you can drop by and say hi!

Hopefully this will ensure that when the next official Starflight 3
crowdfund happens we can alert as many fans as possible and truly bring
this great franchise and its community back to life again!


Steve & Blake

Posted by Alvarin — Sun May 26, 2019 5:02 am — Replies 4 — Views 37031

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