Star Control - 3D Models by Korky


There are a lot of starmaps floating around. We've compiled a few of them into this neat little list. You can also have a look at them in a smaller format in our handy little browser. They are in the same order as in the list below. The ones marked "pre" are pre-SC2 and contain no spoilers. The ones marked "post"... well, you'll figure it out. The first one is the old official map and the only one that can be considered truly spolier free. Navigate safely Captain!

Name Pre/Post Format Size
01 Pre JPG 2281*2710
02 Pre GIF 1920*2080
03 Pre PNG 3280*3500
04 Pre JPG 3280*3500
05 Post-ish GIF 1920*2080
06 Post JPG 1695*1093
07 Post PNG 3200*4258
08 Post GIF 1920*2080
09 Dunno PDF 8 pages or so
10 Pre SVG

The second to last map is in PDF and is a bit tricky.

The last map is in SVG format. It should open fine in your browser, and you can edit it with something like Inkscape. Big thanks to DEFIANT for compiling the maps way back when, and to Novus for the SVG map.

Star Control I

Star Control II

Star Control 3

StarCon (SC 4)

Next Star Control (SC5?)