Ur-Quan Masters netplay tutorial

This instruction was created by Gekko, one of our most active NetMelee players.
Start your Ur-Quan Masters and go to your Super Melee! menu.

Make sure that both players are selected as "HUMAN CONTROL"

Go to "Net..." menu in TOP player's side.

A window opens. If you want to wait for someone to connect you, select "wait for incoming connection".

If you are hosting the game, you need to give your opponent your IP address. You can find it with service at www.myip.nl

If you want to connect to someone, go to "host" and backspace the "localhost" away.

Enter your opponent's IP address here.

Press "Connect to remote host".

You are now connecting to your opponent.

The "net delay" can be used if you are suffering lag issues. Setting it to higher value increases the time it takes for the game to react to your commands. Net delay of 3 is pretty much the max value you can enter without damaging the gameplay too much.

In case you can't connect, you might have your firewall blocking the connection or router having NAT enabled. Usually when you are connecting to someone, you only need to configure your firewall. If you want to host a game, you need to make sure that you have the necessary ports open in your router settings.

Download an IRC client. In Windows you can use mIRC.

Install the program and in options set your nicknames and email.

The Ur-Quan Masters netplay arena is on Freenode network and the channel is called "#uqm-arena".

Go to options -> servers and double click on "freenode". Then press connect.

Lots of text might appear. Read the rules from that text and then type "/j #uqm-arena".

You should now be on the channel.

Also, don't expect your answer immediately. Some of us keep our computers connected to IRC around the clock (even when we are sleeping) and therefore aren't really there to answer you. You can just ask for a game and wait for 10 minutes...

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