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Welcome to the Resurrected Unofficial Star Control II Page


See Commander Hayes for game information, walkthroughs, writeups, and site information.

Probe the mind of Awky Birdie for insights into the future, rumors, and secrets!

The Pik(?)... er... Fot?... Whoever it is....  He definitely knows how to waste time!  Stop by and take some lessons on general silliness.

Commander Bluish is set up for trading various programs, patches, and the like that are related to SC2.  Don't worry about credits, just put it on my tab.

Scouring the galaxy for jokes?  The Umgah have found some incredible lines from SC2!  Pop inside for a while to hear some.  They might even make you their honorary king!

Captain Fwiffo would like to take a moment to thank some people for their thoughts and contributions to this page...
As soon as I can find the coward...

Comments are greatly appreciated. 

Page last updated 05/10/99.

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