elcome!  This site is dedicated to Star Control in as much entirety as I can muster.  I hope you enjoy your stay!  For new visitors, I suggest you follow this link for the site map:

For the rest of you, some news!


4/30/01: It's a manual update, but hey, it's back!  Many thanks to the ever-patient Atarex (Chad) for holding the door open so I could lug this site over to Classic Gaming (and thanks to them for hosting).  I'm still hammering out a few bugs and adding to the site, but I figured, "Hey, it's 11/12ths complete, and I might as well have an active site to update as opposed to an inactive site to occasionally tinker with, hence the return of the Star Control Saga.

<insert drum roll>

What should you expect in the coming updates?

   * Newspro (it's slick, I like it, and I want it)

   * A recap of recent events in my Star Control Role Playing Game (that's right, folks, active Star Control playing is going on around here!  And I need your help to stay one creative step ahead).

    * Something to go into that Syreen spot, so far there's nada.

    * And heaps of revisions to the Star Control RPG manual. 

In the mean time, I welcome your comments -- there's a CoolBoard for discussing the RPG, for all other comments and praises and "why isn't this link working?" type questions, you can always e-mail me.  :)