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Started by Lukipela, February 07, 2010, 11:36:54 AM

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Hello folks,

Once again, it's time to add to our skeleton site. This time we have a slightly different set of pages for you. There's been some discussion in the community about the scarcity of art resources. I mean, there are a lot of clever programmers out there trying to do their own fan games and mods. But one of the largest challenges is to find some art, be it sprites or models to use in your game. So what we're making here is a set of resources for wannabe modders and cloners. We've swept the far reaches of the internet to come up with interesting stuff that might be of use to you.

The Resource page consists of 2D and 3D resources. We've got sprites for those of you working to recreate a top-down melee. But we've also got 3D models of varying complexity for those of you who want that. The page itself is alive as well. Among others, the erstwhile Tsing has agreed to go through his archives and update/recreate a lot of the great stuff he currently displays on sa-matra.net. He's given us a Scout so far, but more is rolling of the production line as we speak. there are also a few modellers out there who have been interested, but much too busy to participate in this. When they find some time, we'll hopefully be able to include their stuff as well.

But for now, enjoy the page!. As always, feedback, improvement suggestions and the likes are very welcome

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Whoohoo!  I'm famous  ;D

Just a few small changes to the legal bit.  I've added an 's' to 'works', a space somewhere and a newline before contact info

QuoteLegal bit: These works were created by Dragon.  These works are in the Public Domain.  To view a copy of the public domain certification, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/publicdomain/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

Author contact info: Dragon is active on our forums

And the Arilou Skiff needs to reference the Reflection texture.  I probably should have named it meaningfully although it'll look fine without it, just not shiny.  Still Arilou related: I'm not sure why the Skiff's file is so big - I'll have to check it when I get home but it doesn't look right.

[EDIT] Punctuation.  It happens to other people.


All right, everything updated and fixed :)
Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows


I added my low poly Druuge Mauler to the page.