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I hope this Christmas card isn't posted too leight!

Started by Lukipela, December 19, 2009, 12:27:08 PM

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So we're still on the subjects of gifts. This late in the game, some of you may be considering getting gag gifts for your friends. These are usually easier to find and don't require as much looking around. This is fine, as long as you remember that not everyone appreciates a gag gift. And ideally the gift should be funny, not destructive.

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n1 as always :) Slylandro and Supox are still my favorites though.


And that's all I got to say about that.


I'm not gonna lie to ya, that is one huge umgah! It's like a gelatinous (EBS) blob of 4 umgahs which meens 4 times the fun but 4 times the risk of opening that present!
Lever1: Hey, I want too push the button
Lever2: No! I want too!
Lever3: Stop whining you two!
Button: Hey Lever 3, can we switch jobs? I'm getting bored of pushing the button....
Lever3: Sweet!
Lever1/2: awww no fair!


What is that, Cheese? Oh well, let's just wait for rider to make a perverted joke about this.  ::)
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Because, naturally, I'm the only one with my mind in the gutter here on the SCDB...

I like how the Utwig actually look like a race in this one, I always felt they where a little too 'simple' in the game, but this rendition does their status as full fledged race justice!
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