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Commercial break
« on: August 02, 2009, 11:16:45 pm »
Letís go to commercial break.

Weíve got some cool stuff  coming up here at PNF soon, but for now Iím going to blow my own trumpet for a while. Donít blame me, Eth inspired me.

The tricky things with these news posts are that I donít know how many people they reach. I mean, if the people reading this are mostly the same as those browsing the forums (with a few exceptions such as Niffiwan), then making posts about anything on the forum is pointless. But if there is a large amount of people out there who just read this to find out if anything is new in the SC world, but canít be bothered with all this forum stuff then making this post makes sense.

That was a convoluted sentence, but in short Iím making this post to make sure those of you who donít frequent the forums are aware of these things.

So, back to blowing my own trumpet. If any of our less active readers are interested in Choose Your Own Adventure games, Iím running one right now on our Heavy Space role-playing board. The game in question is called Adventures Beyond Known Space (ABKS) and has been running for about 4 months. Itís a minimum effort game, players are only required to give their opinion on what to do next. If youíre interested in seeing what other parts of the SC universe might look like, this might well be something you find interesting.

Secondly, there is a forum game over on UQMF called Star Control: Behind Enemy Lines (SC:BEL). Itís basically a tactical turn based game, involving four Alliance soldiers infiltrating enemy installations. The first mission ran for around 5 months, and mission two will start up later this autumn. This demands a bit more from the player, but if it is your cup of tea then go read through the rules and the first mission while you wait for casting calls for the second.
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