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General Discussion / My suggestion, well, kind of.
« on: May 06, 2003, 12:25:33 am »
 I picked up Master of Orion 3 when it came out, not because I have played any of the previous games, but because I am a fan of star control.

I realize that star control isn't really a 4x strategy game, but in a way it is. Playing MOO3, I found myself wishing for star control superimposed over the boring game I was playing with very little storyline, and no elements of discovery besides the tech tree, and a few leaders which you stumble over from time to time, which help tell the story a bit better, but not much.

If the game had been set in the S.C. universe, and had melee battles instead of the boring point and click a.i. controlled ones, and had more things to discover on unknown worlds, it would have been perfect. Not to mention it has online MP capability, which as it is now, is broken, but playable to a point.

I know MOO3 isn't a bad game, but with star control and melee battles it would have been so much better, not to mention adding precursor weapons into the mix.

So to recap, I think star control 4 should be a 4x strategy game, with melee battles, and of course the thrill of discovering more parts of the story, and the history of the alien races. Oh and the ability to play online or on a lan.

The idea is already there as far back as star control 1, so don't tell me they will make the game another shooter, like those bums did to poor X-com.

I expect to get flamed for this but can you blame me for buying a crappy game because I wanted to play an overdue updated version of star control?

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