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General Discussion / Re: Star Control 4???
« on: March 18, 2003, 04:51:57 am »
I don't know if I'm off subject, since I didn't have the time to read ALL the posts. So here we go.

Star control 4... I see it now, the dreams are hereby put to (digital) paper and shall dissolve.

I see a small planet, Earth. We zoom in closer to find a glorius civilization. The Syreen and the Earthlings have reproduced into 1 'super-species' other species have returned from other galaxy's and are also here, together with newly explored 'sister' species (remember the sofixty and the yehat? that's a sister species)

Then a dark shadow is cast over the galaxy, 3 tremendous ships hover over the largest civilezations sending an unknown message to all the species.

Knowing the threat of galaxy-wide extermination, the species join up to form a strong alliance. 1 of the 3 ships breaks up into a million smaller ships. The ships strike the Alliance hard, but knowing what COULD happen if they don't cooperate all the species of the Alliance join together in a giant battle against the unknown intruder.

Here's your story, now make it a game. I've been thinking of melee without that pesky planet in the middle of each arena, Melee over the surface of a planet, and maybe a separate mode wich allows you to repeat battles from the 1st person perspective... and ofcourse all the ships from the SC1 and SC2 games in 1 game, and a giant evil armada added.

Now there's a cocktail I'd like to taste

Update - boy was I off topic.

General Discussion / Captain Rider's thoughts
« on: March 18, 2003, 04:39:50 am »
Captain Rider shows the community a small part of his concious (not that they want to know) to let them in on the way he handles situations.

This sounds complicated, it's not... just read on

Greetings creature/lifeform/entity

This is a recorder message by Captain Rider, from the starship Hope. If you find this probe, I am probably not alive anymore. I have spreaded probes like this across the universe to let everyone in on the puzzeling mind of the only one who kicked Kohr-Ahss longer then 2 years without getting fruesomly killed (can't be sure about the time after this)

When you meet someone they usually look at you first. Try to get a first impression. The first thing you say, and HOW you say it can be deciding for the relationship you have with that person.

When interacting with aliens, always let them know that you meen them no harm (even if you do) and are willing to negotiate anything before switching to matters as 'complete destruction' or 'utter annihilation'. Every alien you meet is a possible ally. And you can't win any war by yourself.

Even the Ur-Quan used 'alliances'  to do parts of their dirtywork. Although they where more in the form of 'battle thralls' the concept is the same.

I speak from years of experience when I say that some species just won't ally. They'd rather destroy everything. The Ilwrath never meant to ally. They wanted to kill, destroy, make suffer etc. Then there's only 1 way to resolve the matter.  Rock hard battle.

next probe at coords: 614:873
Probe subject: battle hints

--end of message--

I don't have that much items. I have 3 shields for my landers (alien, shock and weather) I have Ion and Fusion weapons, ATS system High EFS system. The Orz fighter, Fwiffo, the earth cruiser (duh) and unfortunatly not alot of other stuff. I got about 26000 RU, and I'm still kicking their Kohr-Ahss if they like it or not :)

Isn't there the possibility to destroy their entire Armada manually (bit-by-bit)?

if I need some parts that I should have gotten in the meen time but can't get now, can anyone get me a save game from a few years be4? Cuz I really don't feel like starting ALL OVER again.


General Discussion / HELP!! Rider's Log (probably contains spoilers)
« on: March 17, 2003, 09:02:53 pm »
the year is 2360
(if you haven't passed this year yet, don't read on!!!)

The Ur-Quan Kohr-ah have annihilated almost every species in the galaxy. The only species left (as far as we know) are the Kohr-ah and the Ur-quan. We fight still as the  Kohr-ah have positioned their armada right above our planet. Attempts to reach the  Ur-Quan Kzer-za  have failed and we cannot leave our home because it will be destroyed.

We hope that there is a way to stop them.

As described above... this is the situation i'm in. Can I finish the game? or should I start all over again?  I met with the following  species be4 they became exctinct:

Arouileelay, Umgah, Spathi, Yehat, Sofixty (only 1), Thraddash, the traider guys, Ur-Quan, SoqFot, Syreen.

please let me  know if I should stop kicking  Kohr-ahss and restart the  game, or that there is a possibility to win it anyway.

Captain  Rider
the flagship Hope
February  2360

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