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General Discussion / Alignment/tone of non-SC2 races
« on: December 13, 2009, 01:42:45 pm »
Well, I posted this over at UQM forum but didn’t get a satisfactory response. So I’l try here

Survey question

Here’s a bit of a matrix which shows where alien races from Star Control II fit in terms of alignment and how funny/serious they are.

                       Funny             Neutral              Serious
Good             Supox              Arilou            Utwig
                    Pkunk             Shofixti          Chmmr
                    Zoq-Fot-Pik                          Syreen
                    Slylandro                             Yehat

Neutral          Thraddash       

Evil                Ilwrath            Druuge          Ur-Quan
                    Umgah            VUX              Mycon

Where do you think the following SC1 raceswould slide into this matrix, and why?


Off Topic / Cricket
« on: March 01, 2009, 11:13:21 am »

I was about to further derail this thread with a comment, but then I thought “surely cricket is worthy of a whole thread unto itself”.

So here it is:  What I presume to be the inaugural thread on cricket in the SCDB.

Time for revenge!
I've had friends try and explain to me why Test series are so much more strategic than 1 days and how one doesn't really see true skill from short matches but I just can't seem to get excited by them.  Nevertheless I still went and had a small sulk when I saw you were 300-and-something for 7 ;)

50 over games can be just as strategic as tests in my opinion, in fact even more so perhaps. In 50 over games (ODIs) you constantly have to juggle two factors – maintaining wickets, and scoring runs at the right rate. In tests 90% of the time all a batting side is doing is trying not to get out – the rate of scoring is almost immaterial.

20/20 cricket is the worst, there’s little value in a wicket and most of the shots played aren’t real cricket shots.

ODIs are the best form of the game. It’s a shame they’re being overwhelmed by their bastard cousin.

Hi folks

I'm coordinating a mod of UQM (yes, yes I know you've heard it all before). I'd love to say "well dammit this time it's going to happen!" but I really can't. All I can do is plod along until it gets finished.

If I do it myself it will take 12,000 years to complete. But if I can get help from others, it's a different story.

This mod will take place after the conclusion of Star Control II. I have no illusions of this being the true sequel, but it can be played as one.

In short, here's the setting so far. I've moved the bottom left part of the old StarMap to the top right, and added new stars and constellations. So this means we retain these old races: Spathi, VUX, Earthling, Syreen, Ilwrath, Chmmr, Yehat, Orz, Shofixti. Also, we'll see appearances from Arilou, Melnorme and Slylanrdo. Sadly no Zoq-Fot-Pik, Druuge, Utwig, Mycon or Supox :(

The year is 2061, two years after the Sa-Matra is destroyed. Zelnick has settled on Unzervalt with Talana and has turned his energies to the study of Precursor technology. The Chmmr are busy eliminating the Kohr-Ah from this part of the galaxy. The Ur-Quan left of their own accord. Zelnick gets the call from the Chmmr to investigate a distress signal from a Shofixti scout referring to a precursor artefact at a distant star far south-west of Sol. The game begins with Zelnick in a flash new Chmmr Explorer vessel in an unknown star system ready to explore. I have a few clever plot ideas. I'd like to see the return of the Androsynth, the relationship with Orz take a nasty turn, and little surprises with the Kohr-Ah, Melnorme and Slylandro. Plus other stuff....

What we've achieved so far:
1)   A working remade StarMap with new constellations, planets, everything
2)   A new Chmmr Explorer flagship design
3)   Introductory dialogue for Chmmr, Melnorme, Yehat, Spathi, Shofixti

To achieve a playable introductory demo we require:
1)   Comm screens for: new Syreen Penetrator captains, Syreen Starbase Commander, Earthling cruiser captain
2)   New Chmmr flagship graphics to be implemented into code (under way)
3)   Introductory dialogue for Earthling Cruiser and Commander Hayes, Orz, Syreen, VUX

To finish the whole thing we need:
1)   Plot development
2)   Complete dialogue for all races, including 6-8 brand new races
3)   Comm screens for 6-8 brand new races plus new for Syreen and Earthling
4)   Ship designs for 4-6 brand new alien ships,
5)   Design for new modable precursor flagship

I'd love to hear from anyone interested in helping out. We especially need graphic artists and dialogue writers. Priority will be to complete the stuff required for the demo, but I'll be equally delighted to get people putting their hands up to design and write for new alien races, and how they might fit into a larger plot. At this time the coding side is all under control, however no doubt we’ll have some trickier stuff to implement later on, especially when I get carried away with all kinds of new features.

There are threads over at UQM discussing this if you want some more info. Otherwise I'm happy to answer any questions.

So if you are interested in helping out, post or send me a PM!

Happy times  :)

General Discussion / PRECURSOR PRIZE - Summer SuperMelee League
« on: June 13, 2008, 08:48:15 pm »
Join us for this online Star Control Super-melee league! Of course you will need the latest version of UQM - 0.6.2.

Hello SCDB, here's your change to show your worth at Net-Melee. I've deicded that the time is right to run another league (not so much the promise of more players, but the fact that I have more time on my hands).

This is the Precursor Prize. Leagues happen over a period of several weeks so a fair degree of commitment is required in order to avoid defaulting melees. So I suggest booking out whatever part of Saturday you need on the below dates so you can enter this. The super-funness with make it worth while. There will be 3 melees per session – so that means about two hours of your Saturday.

It will be a "round-robin" regular season where you play everyone once. It will take place over 3 to  6 consecutive weekends. If on the off chance there are more than 16 participants, the league will be split into two divisions.

This league is totally to open to everyone – old and new. If we get enough participants the league will be split off into two sections: Superheroes and the unproven. So rookies will be well catered for.

Date: Commences 21 June 2008
Time: Saturday 4pm New York time
Place: #uqm-arena at irc://

Time where you live
Sun 6 am Sydney
Sun 8 am Wellington
Sat 1 pm Los Angeles
Sat 4 pm New York
Sat 9 pm London
Sat 10 pm Paris
Sat 11 pm Helsinki

League structure/rules
1) 'Round Robin' regular season  (everyone plays everyone else once)
2) Semi finals and final
3) 2 points win, 1 point tie, 0 points loss
4) Scores recorded - (points left after melee) e.g. 30-0 if you're left with a Kohr-Ah
5) Not showing up for game = default loss by 150-0
6) Standings and results will be updated after each round and posted on this thread and UQM-arena
7) If at the end of regular season players are tied on competition points, play-off placings will be decided by points For and Against.
8 ) The league will run for no more than 6 weeks, not necessarily consecutive. More likely to be about 3 weeks

Schedule (all EST) (details added once entries are in).
21 June 16.00
28 June 16.00
2 July 16.00
9 July 16.00 (if required)
16 July 16.00 (if required)

Remember, to enter, you need only to show up at #uqm-arena 4.00pm NY time on 21 June.

Game rules
1) Maximum 200 pts per fleet
2) Maximum one of each ship type per fleet (no duplicates)
3) Maximum 40 minutes per melee - Timed out games result in both players receiving a loss (a lame effort to nullify boring stalemates)
4) You must have your team set up before melee - this prevents you adjusting your line-up to counter your opponent's team!
5) No Thraddash permitted
6) Organiser’s decision final on all matters and can override rules 1 to 5   Smiley

It is not a rule, but you are highly encouraged to capture your melees with VidShot or similar application if you are able. This may help you in case of dispute. Otherwise you risk the tournament administrator making an arbitrary decision with the sole purpose of getting on with it.

Everyone and anyone is welcome! I hope to see people of all levels. The more newbies the better.

You can post expressions of your orgasmic excitement and drooling anticipation here. Let's crank up the hype!

Off Topic / SCDB 2,500 - UQM forum 1,600
« on: May 12, 2008, 02:08:23 pm »
Hey do you know that so far this year SCDB has had almost 2,500 posts, where as UQM forum has had only around 1,600? A remarkable turnaround from 2007. You can blame the crazy newbies.

Off Topic / males and females
« on: June 20, 2007, 11:29:51 pm »
I noticed that the male to female ratio of members in the UQM forum is about 30 to 1, whereas the ratio here is a remarkably egalitarian 20 to 1. Why the difference do you think?

General Discussion / Online Melee tournaments
« on: May 22, 2007, 03:14:29 pm »
Hey there SCDB folks.

For your information I’m running a NetPlay SuperMelee tournament this coming Saturday. It's a kncokout tournament called the Arilou Artifact! You should all enter and partake in the festivity. Go here to see the details:

Feel free to post any questions you may have.

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