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General Discussion / Imagine a remake like this...
« on: January 13, 2007, 05:59:10 am »
I really love old games and most star control... but there's a problem i see in remakes today, and it is that game "remakers" think that adding 3d graphics and a high number of new features will add something more at something that is already awesome, when this high number of features or things that wasn't there in the original add only more fellings to the old one, LIKE KILLING THE ORIGINAL FUN... (im from argentina, sorry my english, lol)...

So tired of see games I love going remake with only "similar" 3d graphics and none or almost none of the original plot, i imagine this...

STAR CONTROL 1, 2 and 3 ARE ALREADY AMAZING games... so, i only add it the folowing:
-Haegemonia like graphics and explotions ( BUT MAINTAINING THE 2D BATTLEFIELD AND GAMEPLAY.
-2 VIEWS: the original, snap to the ships on screen, And other LIKE THE ONE IN STAR CONTROL 3.
-The battlefield may have things HUGE stars Planets, things that hurts you (imagine in a middle of a fight use them for adavantage :P) and may be a lot bigger than in previous games.
-ALL of the ORIGINAL SHIPS, none bizarre design ships like the ones on Timewarp.
-In the adventure game the view camera of the exploration is like hegemonia and homeworld too, so you can rotate your ship and planet landings like Hegemonia (it's stunning :P), but in battle is like the original, snap to the ships on screen, And other LIKE THE ONE IN STAR CONTROL 3.

only imagine thousand of worlds hegemonia like, travelling at space in systems like that and travelling at "warp"? speed rtating your ships and seeing things far away with that 3d graphics... if you play hegemonia and are a TO THE DEATH fan of ORIGINAL STORY AND GAMEPLAY that these game bring us... its imposible that you dont feel like i did...

So... Use advantage of new technology to Bring Back To Life Something Spectacular as Star Control... Not to change or add things that change gameplay to it... make a new similar game either, cause some people want things did like they are, not changed, is like a good movie, you like THAT story so, why i have to play a DIFFERENT story only to TASTE the good graphics... i WANT STAR CONTROL 1-2-3 with graphics HEGEMONIA LIKE, its a dream, cause it only be achieved with an enterprise 1701D holodeck :P

Be in peace...

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