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General Discussion / All the problems of SC space combat, solved!
« on: November 14, 2005, 04:49:06 pm »

It's called Stellar Fronteir, and I just played SuperMelee after spending the weekend playing it, and it puts SuperMelee to shame. Remember how I've always said that the crewmember=hitpoints idea is stupid and crew should have more bearing on speed of repairs? It's all there. Ships have crews, sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands, and as you get hit some of them die. Crew has bearing on who wins the ship interior battle when two ships dock, and the speed of repairs. And remember how we were saying that nukes wouldn't be as useful in space? There's a myriad of weapons, but two common weapons are the Bomb and Grenade. Every ship starts off with four grenades. When launched, they continue to fly for a while until either hit by a ship, detonated via the delete button, or hit a planet. It's most likely an anti-matter bomb, and it sends out a shockwave that destroys all fired weapons in its path and damages ships relative to their distance from it. The other weapon, the Bomb, is a gravity-opporated weapon, most likely a hydrogen bomb. A ship can have them installed, can drop them near a planet, and they slowly float faster and faster towards an enemy planet until they hit, killing millions. But, like nuclear weapons, they are only really damaging to a ship if they're very close to it. Both of these weapons are too dangerous for the player to use too often, as they are sometimes more dangerous to the one who fired it than the enemy. The Terrans have 3 main weapons, the MassDiver, the Rapid, and the PlasmaTorp. Basically, the MassDriver shoots large projectile slugs from the ship, the Rapid doing the same but at a much faster rate and less energy cost. They're probably magnetically propelled by a railgun. The PlasmaTorps are slower than the railgun, but do more damage. The ship explodes not when all the crew dies, but when the power system is destroyed after the shields go down and the armor is shot off. Also, in something that would satisfy my physic teacher when he said "In space combat, with faster than light drives, an enemy could just fly away from a missle fired", you can use your Quantum Drive whenever it suits your fancy. The only things that stop everyone from always flying away before they're destroyed are combat honor, the few seconds needed to select a target and activate the drive, and that the Q-drive or engines could be damaged in the fight, preventing the ship from even entering the safety of Q-space, or being able to turn quick enough to face its target.

It does have a few problems, though. First is storyline. Stellar Fronteir is mainly a multiplayer game, and only has a very loose storyline. It has a single player option, with just a few missions. Basically, two alien races are fighting, and the Terrans are caught in between. Second is time. For the sake of speed, millions of people are born and raised on planets every few minutes. Also, time dialation is mercifullly ignored. Ship speeds are measured in Percent Light Speed, and a ship can usually get .5 going, with a MassDriver going .6 and a PlasmaTorp going about .3. The Quantum Drive goes up to 3 times the speed of light, tops. Maybe time dialation is the reason time goes so much faster in space, I don't know, but it seems to be ignored. Anyway, I don't believe in Einstein theory of relativity that says time slows down as you approach the speed of light, and probably never will until it's proven in practice and becomes a law, even if Einstein was supposidly so intelligent and wise. Third is space. And I can't see how any MP game would ever get around this one. You've got a ship, that looks about the size of the moon, which is about 1/4th the size of earth, which is about 1/20th the size of the sun. That means firing a grenade too close to an enemy planet usually means sudden death for you, even though grenades are less effective on planets and you only get four of them as opposed to 12.

Anyway, I think Stellar Frontier solves pretty much every trouble with SuperMelee I can think of. Only thing better about supermelee is that the ship designs are more creative, and create a simpler, if inaccurate, little game-within-a-game.

General Discussion / What now? "The Dig"
« on: October 26, 2005, 02:20:55 pm »
alright, so I troubleshot SC3 a while ago, played it and had fun. Recently I downloaded The Dig ( off of eMule, and had somewhat similar problems, though The Dig was made in 1995 and SC3 was made in 1996. Alright, so I got my autoex files, so that problem's out, and my OS is Windows XP professional, version 2002, service pack 2. This doesn't seem to have an index file like SC3 had which needs to specify which drives files come from. First, I made a CD copy, and a computer copy. Second, when I just click on the dig.exe file, a window pops up then closes without a trace in the blink of an eye. I screenshot the window, and it says as follows:

I don't have any working disks, but I'll get some as soon as possible. Actually, I had one disk, but I think I tried to make it a boot disk for Solar Winds, and now the computer won't read it, and just says "please insert disk" after I put it in drive A and click on it. Anyway, If I load it using Dosbox, I get the title screen "Play The Dig", "Configure Sound Card", "View Latest Updates" (It's version 1.00), "Troubleshooting Guide", "Make Boot Disk", and "Exit". If I try the sound test with the CD game, it fails, but if I let it detect sound on the hard drive version, it detects "Gravis Ultrasound", and clearly plays a sound clip. However, sound detected or not, when I click on Play The Dig, I go back to the dos prompt it says "unable to load 'muscript.scr'".

General Discussion / The Umgah Drone
« on: October 22, 2005, 01:22:24 pm »
Everyone has their own idea of what the "weakest ship" is, be it Thraddash, Pkunk, Cruser, or Spathi. But a Pkunk can destroy an Androsynth, and a (modern, after-burn using)Thradash can destroy an Ur-Quan, not to mention EXCELL at destroying Chmmr ships. But even though I've practiced and practiced, and can use just about every ship effectively against SOME ship, there's just one ship that I can't seem to destroy any other ship with: The Umgah Drone. (

Granted, somehow the computer's good at destorying other ships with a Drone. And why not? The computer has the ability to do tenious tasks and make split-second calculations whereas people benifit more from creativity. But I just can't seem to destroy ANYTHING with a drone. Not even a dozen drones, usually. So, is there anyone out there who's actually found a useful way to use the darned thing? Because for me, though the Umgah are known as jokesters, their biggest joke is their ships.

General Discussion / Star Control lifeless galaxy?
« on: October 16, 2005, 06:00:12 pm »

Ok, so here I have a picture, courtesy of "Celestia", of our Milky Way Galaxy, screenshotted, resized, and colors inverted to see it better. So, in Star Control 2, they said that after the Ur-Quan split into the Kohr-Ah and Kzer-Za, they both went directions opposite the spin of the galaxy, and when they met they'd engage in ritual combat to the death to see who's doctorine was superior. So, that in mind, their course would look something like this, the Kohr-Ah and Kzer-Za going around the galaxy, conquering, inprisoning, or killing thousands of races among billions of stars, with the area around where we live their meeting place.

So, does that mean that to our right, so to speak, in star control, there would be no sentient races left, and to our left ,so to speak, there would be only races destroyed, slave sheilded, or whatever the Kohr-Ah when they move on from an enthralled species? And shouldn't the Kohr-Ah have ships filled with hundreds of different species from half the galaxy, since they only have one Ur-Quan per ship?

Off Topic / Orz is a sexual position
« on: September 15, 2005, 05:21:27 pm »
Just for the fun of it, I did a Yahoo image search for the Orz. I've done it with other SC races, like the Pkunk, and it's kind of cool. You get to see different pictures of them, and SSD ships inspired by them. But instead of getting about 50 for Pkunk, when I tried Orz I got nearly 9,000. Most appear to be Japanese. Take a search for yourself:

I think this is the clearest explaination:

Off Topic / Slapping
« on: August 14, 2005, 07:57:00 pm » - Japanese girls slapping each other. Not for the faint or young.

I was just thinking about humans, cats, slapping, and Master of Disguise, which all fit together, actually. What's the point of slapping people? Is there really any point besides to humilate them? Cats slap other cats, but that's different because they have claws. Humans don't have claws. Our nails grow in a rather flat direction. But the Shofixti have claws, evident by their fingernails that are much more curved than ours and come to a point. Is slapping just an instinctual fighting style reminent of the days long ago when humans had claws? And what about the fighting styly in Master of Disguise, slapping people while demoralizing them by saying "Who's your Daddy?" Is it possible to kill someone with slaps? What about punches? I mean, I've seen things like Bonanza and Saving Private Ryan. Hand to hand combat goes on forever in these! It's like, they keep punching each other, blood starts to flow some places, and they get tired. In all the movies and TV shows I've seen, they never die of punching. It's always either strangling or using a weapon like a gun, knife, or fire poker. Even Harry Houdini didn't actually die of being punched.]

So, the question is, why do we still slap people, and can anyone actually die by slapping, minus the claws, or even punching for that matter?

P.S. I havn't been slapped in years.

General Discussion / Reisburg Helices
« on: August 14, 2005, 04:08:47 pm » - article by your's truely

Are Reisburg Helices always found on the fifth planet of the Alpha Columbae? I'm aware that the kind of resources found on a planet doesn't change, but the position of them does. So, Alpha Columbae V would always have exotic matter on it, right? What I'm wondering is, is the spacific TYPE of exotic matter always the same? Depending on the game, would there always be Reisburg Helices on Alpha Columbae V, or would there sometimes be something like Tzo crystals or degenerate matter?

General Discussion / Crew=Hit Points?
« on: July 25, 2005, 06:02:10 pm »
I've always found that a little weird. I mean, crew really are NOT like hitpoints in ships. Some old games incorperate crew and other things like shields, damaged systems, and subsystems. How it should be is pretty well illustrated in Bridge Commander or something like that. The first few shots don't kill many people, just start softening up the shields and armor. After that, shots damage systems. This is when crew starts dying. The whole thing in TV shows with exploding corridors and people flying away from blasts. Then they either take hits to some vital system like life support, energy generators, and the like or take hits to defensive and offensive systems or get otherwise crippled, forcing them to surrender of self-distruct. Otherwise there's either a hit to some explosive energy source, like on Star Trek when the anti-matter core is hit, or the powerful weapons can completely destroy the ship, though not necessarily by causing a huge explosion inside the ship, like in Star Wars. In combat, the number of losses is pretty much exponential. First one or two crew die, then a large percent, then all when the ship is destroyed.
Alright, granted that Star Control isn't that advanced, but I still think it's a dumb way to count the strength of the ship. The first shot should do no where near as much damage as the last shot. Though that's not saying much, since in Star Control, like in Star Trek but not Star Wars, they seem to be firing energies at ships bearly bigger than an appartment which would otherwise level a city, or even continent. Also, it always made me guilty in SC2 to go into battle, since it was assured that crew would die, and lots of them. Because of that, throught all of SC2 except for the Yehat battles where I'd use Orz or Utwig ships, I relied on the flagship. It killed more people from hitting planets because it was so big, but there was a real possibility of killing the oponents within the first 5 seconds of battle with 3 helbore cannons, tracking systems, shiva furnaces and dynamos (oddly enough, a combination of SFs and dynamos created more power than SFs alone).
Alright, this is getting long, but I just have one more thing to mention. The crew=hit points system works perfectly for Orz jetpackers. They go into the ship, kill the crew, set bombs or self destruct the ship, and leave. The number of crew in that case means how far their mission is complete.

General Discussion / Star Control 3 problems
« on: July 05, 2005, 12:38:17 pm »
Alright, I just got Star Control 3, and have ran into some problems. I installed it from a CD into "C:\STARCON3" using Dosbox, then ran it using Dosbox (maximum install, about 50 mb). Now here's where I had some trouble. I'll list my problems first, then maybe take them one at a time. First, I set music and audio, but when I ran it it said "Error: Unable to open the voice file on the CD-ROM. Verify that the CD-Rom is in the drive (shiny side down). You might also check the vocdat path in the Legend.ini file." I checked the Legend.ini file, and it says:
Makes sense, since the CD is in my D drive, so it seems it should work.
Next if I set it to no audio, the program will run (music works). I'm not sure if this is an error or just part of the game, but the mouse will only move as the map rotates, so it's slow and jerky to move the mouse. Lastly for now, when the automated drone comes and attacks, the flagship flashes, and I press enter, but nothing seems to happen. It's like the program crashed. But the music keeps playing, and task manager doesn't say the program is not responding.

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