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News and Updates / Melee Meet-Up [March 2010]
« on: March 05, 2010, 08:03:40 am »
For those of you who haven't tried your hand at melee, there's a chance coming up! Saturday 13th is match day, so make sure to show off your awesome pilot skills. But be careful. Space is a tough place where wimps eat plasma. Or so I hear.

Check out this UQMF thread for more details, such as who will be present, how to get things working and other important tidbits.


Off Topic / Things your country doesn't "get"
« on: March 02, 2010, 12:54:14 pm »
Inspired by Americans and cheese over in the reading thread. Tell us what your country (or another country you've spent more than a few days in) doesn't get from your perspective. Since the good Stephen Fry has made an excellent case for American cultural diversity, you can also compare different states provided that they do not border each other, or something.

I'll go first.

Sweden doesn't get bills. Seriously. Where I come from, there's a standardised form for bills. Be it a utility bill, broadband bill or any other form of bill it follows the same standard. The sum is always in the same place, as is the due date, the reference number, the account number and so forth. Any bill I open, I can immediately see how much it is for, when it's due and where to pay it to. As an added bonus, they all have the Single European Payment Area codes on them, so if I want to pay a Finnish bill from a Irish account, it's a piece of cake.

Not so in Sweden. Every single bill I've found here looks different. They don't even have account numbers, there's some company that apparently handles every transfer. Well two companies, but their codes are extremely similar so you need to know which one you're dealing with. Information can be virtually anywhere on a bill. I spent 15 minutes with a bill yesterday before I found the coded account number, printed in light grey under the company address in the left bottom corner. Seriously. I don't want to be spending my time hunting for the information necessary to write my bills.

Finland on the other hand doesn't get grocery store competition. We've got two major chains that only compete in name only. Not until I moved to Sweden did I realize how bad that makes not only our prizes, but the products on offer. Seriously, I live in a small podunk town and the produce section is much better than in any store in the rather large (by Finnish standards) city I live in back home. It's hard to vote with your feet when there are no alternatives.

Off Topic / Starflight: The lost Colonies
« on: March 02, 2010, 09:13:38 am »
This came up over on UQMF. Figure it might be of interest to some here as well.

Mods, Clones and other Fan Content / Happy Umgah
« on: February 27, 2010, 08:10:25 am »
I've been playing around quite a bit with the Vector capabilities of Inkscape lately. The result is a somewhat deranged umgah.

I'm not particularly happy with the tentacles, and I have a hard time filling up the blank space on the body to make it seem more three dimensional. But I think the face works well at least.

News and Updates / The Life and Death of a Pkunk
« on: February 10, 2010, 10:11:46 am »
Howdy folks,

So today we have something pretty fun for you. A while back, we played a little game. Pretty simple thing, choose what to do and see what happens. There were a lot of alternative endings in it, so playing through them all on the forum seemed a bit pointless. Instead, I teamed up with RTyp06 to make a fun little game of it that you can download and play through on your own. Unfortunately, the game is windows only. So to compensate for that, there's also a HTML version that you can play right here on the PNF.

Hopefully you'll have a grand time! And if not, better luck in your next life!


News and Updates / Resources pages.
« on: February 07, 2010, 03:36:54 am »
Hello folks,

Once again, it's time to add to our skeleton site. This time we have a slightly different set of pages for you. There's been some discussion in the community about the scarcity of art resources. I mean, there are a lot of clever programmers out there trying to do their own fan games and mods. But one of the largest challenges is to find some art, be it sprites or models to use in your game. So what we're making here is a set of resources for wannabe modders and cloners. We've swept the far reaches of the internet to come up with interesting stuff that might be of use to you.

The Resource page consists of 2D and 3D resources. We've got sprites for those of you working to recreate a top-down melee. But we've also got 3D models of varying complexity for those of you who want that. The page itself is alive as well. Among others, the erstwhile Tsing has agreed to go through his archives and update/recreate a lot of the great stuff he currently displays on He's given us a Scout so far, but more is rolling of the production line as we speak. there are also a few modellers out there who have been interested, but much too busy to participate in this. When they find some time, we'll hopefully be able to include their stuff as well.

But for now, enjoy the page!. As always, feedback, improvement suggestions and the likes are very welcome


*Heavy* Space / The Yehat Story commentary
« on: January 17, 2010, 12:47:57 pm »
Yeah, this is just a crappy fanfic, don't get your hopes up. I wrote it a while back, but I'm not very happy with it. I find that writing in English makes me sound much choppier and all around sucky. Any suggestions on how to improve this would be improved.

*Heavy* Space / The Yehat Story (fanfic) Revision 1
« on: January 17, 2010, 12:47:50 pm »
Revision 1

The large hall was packed, crowded beyond belief. Despite the large number of Yehat perched in the hall, it was eerily silent. From behind the podium, Veep-Neep looked out at the assembled Yehat. There were so many there, young and old from all walks of life. Nobles and artisans sat side by side, farmers and merchants perched together. They were here to listen to her. They had come to hear of the future. Of their future.

Veep-Neep could feel grief build up within her. She had worked so long for this, and yet it was not what she wanted. All her life she had known this day would come. It was inevitable. She had foreseen it. Tomorrow would see the greatest day in Yehat history, yet she felt no joy. It would be great, but oh so very terrible. She knew what had to be done, but it was a terrible thing to do. Her followers would be risking everything, giving up everything because she asked them to. They would die for a false dream, because they would not believe the truth.

She could feel Zeep-Eep shift uncomfortably behind her. He was one of the few that knew the truth of what was about to happen. One of the few to know that the morning would not bring glory, but blood and shame.

“Poor Zeep-Eep”, she thought, “he will carry the heaviest burden. When all this is over, it will be on his head. I am merely the catalyst, bringing us towards the greatest disaster in Yehat history. But he will bring it to fruition. Without him and his Warriors, the gravest of atrocities cannot take place.”

Sighing gently, she began to speak. There was no trace of doubt in her strong voice, which amplified by the loudspeaker system and sent out to all Yehat worlds. No one doubted the sincerity of her words.

“My loyal followers! Tonight is the night we have waited on for so long! No longer will the Clans stand divided! No longer will Yehat kill Yehat at the whim of a corrupt Clan Lord! The time for peace and unity is here! The time to stand together for a peaceful future!”

A roar filled the room as her followers hooted and clacked in joy. On countless planets, in countless rooms such as this, the followers of Veep-Neep were ready to die for her.


As night fell on Homeworld, Veep-Neep declared herself Queen of the Yehat. All over the Yehat worlds, her followers rose and revealed themselves. They demanded peace and justice, and declared the time of Lords to be over. The Yehat Clans would be united and no longer battle among themselves. Peace would reign.

The response was swift and merciless. The peace and unity movement had always been seen as a joke. But an uprising of such scale could not be permitted. Before night was over, countless protesters had been executed and the rest subdued and imprisoned. Families were torn apart in shame, as previously loyal Clan members were branded traitors and cast out. Veep-Neep herself was imprisoned and brought before the Assembly of Lords. There she was summarily judged to be executed in the harshest possible way, by “frozen egg”. A metal ovoid, cooled to absolute zero, would be applied to her nether regions. The shock and excruciating pain would stop her heart and send a message to her followers. The execution would be beamed out on all spectrum bands. Everyone would know that opposition meant death. The peace movement would be no more.


On the command bridge of his ship Zeep-Eep sighed as he watched the screen in front of him. Veep Neep was led to the cooling nest, where she would be executed. Soon, things would change forever. The dream of peace and unity would fracture into a future of discord and exile. And in the end, it would be his doing.

On the screen, Veep-Neep was strapped to the nest. With a faint hiss, the metal egg was brought towards her by a mechanical device. As it touched her body, she brawked in pain. All over Yehat space, her followers heard her


And then… She did not die. She looked at the vidsender and spoke, and her voice was that of an angel.

“You must leave my children. You must leave this place and create a new home. One where we do not slay our own. One where we look beyond the veil. Zeep-Eep knows the way, though that is no longer his name. He is Rumdumdaddy, and I am Weeny Wikki Beeki Birdi.”

Then her body shuddered, as her heart finally gave out. As she collapsed on screen, the future of the Yehat species was changed forever. Zeep-Eep wept as he gave the signal.


All over Yehat space, warriors now joined the uprising. No longer peaceful, they were egged on by the unjust execution of their beloved mentor. Prisoners were freed, and blood flowed. Close to half of the Yehat fleet had rebelled, joining with the peace movement. Faced with such a large scale rebellion, the Lords had no choice. All members of the Peace and Union organization were freed, and allowed to board the ships that awaited them. None stayed behind, as the Yehat race was broken in half. The ships set out towards unknown stars, and were never seen in Yehat space again.

The years passed and Rumdumdaddy grew old. He had brought his people to their new home, as Weeny Wikki Beeki Birdi had instructed him to. He taught them her truths, of peace and love. He made sure that they held no resentment towards their brethren, that they felt only love. When the stars were right, they would return. It would not do to return with hatred in their hearts. But he often wondered where Weeny Wikki Beeki Birdi’s visions had come from. He remembered their arguments. She had told him that this was the only way to save their race from extinction. That in the future, a terrible scourge would wipe them from the stars. Without them and the trophy she had found, the universe would be lost.

He often looked at the trophy. Just a piece of glass, something found long ago. A Clear Spindle she had called it. How could it save them? How could it release them from death? He had pleaded with her, asked her if the clans could not be united against the threat. If his warriors could not join the rebellion earlier on, while she still lived. If she could not lead them. She had told him that the clans would be united. Much blood would be shed, but by the time of darkness they would stand as one. Another Veep-Neep would be sent to ensure this. But it would not be enough. The darkness was unstoppable without them. And even her followers would not leave home if they had a choice. The exodus must happen, no matter the cost in Yehat life.

Still, there was much doubt in his heart. They had left everything behind. And the children. They were different somehow. More like Weeny Wikki Beeki Birdi, with that strange certainty she displayed. But there was joy in them as well. He could not understand how joy could blossom here, far away from home. But he was thankful that it did. In time, perhaps the Giclas constellation would be filled with merriment.

The future, he suspected, would change them even more. By the time of the darkness, they would no longer be Yehat. They would be Pkunk. As had been foreseen.

News and Updates / 2010 on the Pages of Now and Forever
« on: January 02, 2010, 09:29:55 am »
Hey folks,

So it's 2010. 2009 is old news and we're standing here awaiting the brave new future. I'm sure you're all dying to know, what will the future bring for the Pages of Now and Forever? Or better yet, what will the future bring for Star Control? Let's have a look shall we?

First off, PNF will continue on the new course. We've relaunched a skeleton site, and we're working hard on putting in content, both new and old. Last year saw the Music pages, the mods pages and many other interesting things here. This year, we will hopefully be able to bring back even more old content and intersperse it with new and exciting stuff. For instance, this year we hope to get both a page of simple resources for potential game-makers and the art pages up. The SCDB will feel the wind of change as well, as no place can hide from the ravages of time. Above everything, we will continue on the course we've set. 2009 saw more news posts, more content, definitely more comics and more active users than the SCDB and PNF has seen in a long time. We're still rolling and hope that the changes we are bringing will do even more to make the SC community flourish.

But enough about us What about Star Control in general? One of the big things going on right now is the Campaign for a new Star Control. This initiative was launched by meep-eep over at UQM.  To shamelessly steal his words:

"It's been about a year now since Toys For Bob started working on their current game. As I understand it, this project is to be finished in the summer of 2010. This means that we should be starting to think about what we can do to convince Activision to let TFB create a new Star Control as their next project."

In addition to the thread over at UQM, a page has been opened over at the Ultronomicon as well. If you think you can help here, then you should. This may well be our last, best chnce for a sequel by TFB. Sound the trumpets and ready yourselves, it's time to give it your best.

But there's other Star Control stuff going on as well. The mod 7 deadly sins for  the game Sins of a Solar empire will doubtless continue to add SC races to it's already impressive roster. Cedric6014 will continue working on his grand mod for UQM, which seems to be going well. He is still looking for artists though, so if you can help out he'll be glad to have you. That Ur-Quan Master will hopefully return from hiatus in just a little while. And of course, Groombridge Log is still on track and will hopefully grace us with a second issue during the first or second quarter of this year.

And there's more. I keep my ear to the ground, and I hear that there are at least a couple of other interesting projects out there that hope to release some material this year. Until there's something to show these folks have opted to stay quiet, but it seems this year might be the year they show us some neat stuff.

So 2010 does look set to be a really good year. Let's all keep our thumbs crossed and hope for the best. In the meantime, let's keep our communities active. the more people talking about SC there is, the better our chances of getting something done.


EDIT: Fixed a failed link, thanks to Zeracles for pointing it out!

Off Topic / Happy New Year
« on: December 31, 2009, 07:51:16 am »
May the next one be better than the previous one.

News and Updates / We wish you a very merry Christmas
« on: December 23, 2009, 11:55:13 pm »
So here we are at Christmas Eve. I bet you’ve been wondering all year what Santa is going to bring you. Well, in the SC world that isn’t a problem. Everyone knows that good little Battle Thralls and Fallow Slaves get peace, joy and merriment built upon a proper social framework imposed upon them. And isn’t that the best of presents?

And that’s it for our little parade of Christmas cards. Be sure to check them out in our temporary Christmas gallery. If you really like them, print them out and send them next year! A merry Christmas from the PNF team, and may your holidays be joyous.

A final Christmas command human, but it is more of a plea. Let Zarla from frungylovers know if you’ve appreciated her cards. She’s toiled hard for us, with no other reward than the fleeting glory of being news page material.

News and Updates / Allow me to ELEVENate your Christmas spirit!
« on: December 23, 2009, 04:29:55 am »
Man, Christmas Eve sure is close now, isn't it? The gifts have been wrapped, treats have been made and all sort of festive merriment has commenced. Tomorrow is the day but what of today? Today you should start slowing down. Odds are a lot of you have been running for weeks now, trying to get everything done. But if it isn't done by now, it won't make Christmas Eve. So sit back and relax. Accept that not everything can be perfect and that the important thing is to enjoy the holidays. Have a cup of hot cocoa in front of the fireplace and let all that stress wash out of you, so that you'll be ready for a magic and merry Christmas tomorrow. And be thankful that your fireplace only contains a regular yulelog.

Huge Christmas cheers for Zarla from frungylovers for creating these adorable pieces of art.


News and Updates / TENtative Christmas card continuation
« on: December 22, 2009, 01:15:05 am »
So we're getting pretty close to Christmas Eve. By now you're probably working in the kitchen, whipping up all those special Christmas treats. Sometimes it may feel stressful. There's a lot to do, and not everything is easy to do But no matter what kind of Christmas Chaos you have, feel thankful that you don't have an interested but strange guest looking over your shoulder at all times.

A shout out for the amazing Zarla from frungylovers for making us all smile once more!


News and Updates / AtTENtion: Christmas Error!
« on: December 21, 2009, 01:46:13 am »
Hey guys,

Guess what I realised today? That I'm a dolt. How much of a dolt? Enough that despite working with numbers, I apparently can't count at all. Here's a helpful tip that I wish someone had mentioned to me. If you want to post one Christmas Card per day up until Christmas Eve and have 12 cards, you should start on the thirteenth instead of the twelfth. In short, we're one picture short. So today we're taking a break from the cards, so that we don't run out before the big day. Instead, take my offering of a sketch Zarla sent me way back when we we're just chatting about this. It's Christmassy, so I hope it'll tide you through until tomorrow, when we'll resume our normal program.


News and Updates / A Christmas card in time saves nine!
« on: December 19, 2009, 11:15:21 pm »
And we continue on our theme of gift-giving. So far we've discussed that pets aren't for life and that gag gifts need a little thought. Today we're looking at something different. Don't be selfish when you buy gifts. Don't buy stuff that you'd want for others. We all know the stereotypes of husbands buying bowling balls or golf clubs for their wives. But it can be much simpler, like buying a book or DVD you ant for a friend, only to try and borrow them as soon as possible. Or in the SC universe, buying some delicious BBQ sauce.


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