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Off Topic / Games of comparable quality to SC2??
« on: June 18, 2009, 02:10:14 pm »
Does anyone know of any?

I try to play through SC2 each year, dedicated as ever to every bit of dialogue that the aliens have to say. I find myself inspired in new ways every time I play it. I'm not attracted to playing it out of nostalgia, there's just something smart about how the game was orchestrated. I find myself moved to tears in more than three areas of the game and when the yehat special theme plays at the end of the game I still get goosebumps. The game itself isn't particularly replayable, except perhaps to see the subtle differences in dialog prompted by playing an 'evil' emperor captain. The plot is also pretty linear in many ways, with a very small number of optional quests/alliances and a mostly linear list of objectives (you can choose the order, but you're still pretty limited into what solution you can find to completing the game)- even if you antagonize the Supox, they still give you the ultron. And yet, the story, the history, the literary quality is just fantastic, both in the sattire and drama. Oh, not only that, but intelligence- I attribute the entire development of my vocabulary and knowledge of philosophy to this game... well, when I was young at least.

So what other games out there are of comparable quality?? I think I'm mostly interested in literary quality, something so immersive that you don't even notice that the plot is simple or that the gameplay is monotonous.

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