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General Discussion / Star Control Movie (Non-commercial, short one!)
« on: September 09, 2003, 02:37:55 pm »
Hi there,

I'm currently writing a Star Control movie script. I don't expect it to be anything really long, maybe 15-30 minutes. It's going to follow up with after the war events, including:

-Encounters with Yehat who are still loyalists
-The Chmmr's wish to be bifurcated
-Rogue groups of Ur-Quan
-The Orz

And more. The basic plot follows a member of the Star Control Archaeological Division who, acting on information from the Melnorme, uncovers some kind of Precursor artifact that may in fact be linked to the Ultron, which the Utwig report as malfunctioning.

The basic film will be live action (following the humans here on Earth and other planets and their Cruiser) and animation, in the form of the race animations from SCII.

Now, here's where I need help:

Voices for the aliens. The following alien races appear in the movie:
Meaning I need voice acting for all of them. I'll send you some tryout parts of the script if you're interested; just email me at

Also, if you're interested in this area: I could use some 3-d animations, like of a Cruiser entering a Hyper Space portal and etc...but it's not a major part of the movie.

I hope to have this project done by Christmas. Email me at the above address if you have anything to offer...

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