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Title: Now presenting... NetMelee Forum!
Post by: Lukipela on May 13, 2008, 10:55:04 pm
It’s a good thing I only promised to deliver semi timely news, because I always seem to be a few days behind on any events. Nevertheless, here’s some interesting news for you.

The SCDB ( now contains a NetMelee section ( Loyal fans (all 2 of you) may recall that I’ve written about NetMelee before ( For those of you just tuning in suffice to say that it gives you the ability to play HyperMelee against real people over the internet.

The NetMelee community currently resides on both IRC and the UQM forum ( This means that tactics discussions and the likes can sometimes be challenging to find. This isn’t really ideal, but then again, what is? As an experiment, we’ve opened a section on the forum that is dedicated to NetMelee. 

To begin with, it can be used for mostly archiving and handy tips. There are a lot of threads on UQM Forum about melee tactics and the likes which tend to slowly sink into the froth. This would offer a place where they are much more easily available. It’d also be a fairly good place to stick whatever rules and instructions the NetMelee community adheres to. This way whenever a new tournament thread is opened, relevant material can be linked and found more easily.

We don’t really expect Tournament threads and the likes to shift over to SCDB. UQM forum has a lot more visibility, and the hassle of reregistering will likely deter a lot of people. Perhaps in time the NetMelee section will draw more and more people and this will become a valid idea. Or perhaps no one will post a thing (Except for Shiver (;u=1042)) and the whole thing will turn out to be a failed experiment? No one really knows. I guess that’s what makes it exciting.