Art/Lighting Experiments

An HD remake of Star Control 2. It's the full Ur-Quan Masters game but also featuring a high resolution mode, new features, & new artwork.

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Re: Art/Lighting Experiments

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darklord42 wrote:were you ever successful in finding a coder, cause I will gladly turn the internet upside-down to find you one. :)
No. If you know any coders that could implement this...let me know.

And yes... lighting from a red star would give it a red hue. I just used white because it keeps the colors true to the original sprite.
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Re: Art/Lighting Experiments

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Well I started a thread on the hard-light forums for Freespace Open Projects. If anyone knows how to put normal mapping into an engine that previously did not have it, it's these guys. Probably will be ignored, but oh well worth a shot. ... ic=87058.0

Your should ask on Reddit
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Re: Art/Lighting Experiments

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I commend your effort, darklord42.

I sincerely hope your post won't be ignored.
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