A different approach to playing NetMelee

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A different approach to playing NetMelee

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I can't help but repost this as news, because I'll be damned if it isn't the most curious thing I've seen in a while. Youtube wont work in the feed, so for those who don't come to the forum, just click here.
Gekko wrote:What began as a quest for finding new ways to add handicaps for the Net Melee on #uqm-arena turned into this. It was one damn mess to set this up, but man, it was worth it. It took me around 8 hours to code the software for this, and then a day to set up the recording in Linux (damn that is difficult). In the end I had to use my digicamera for video and audio as I couldn't get my screen recording, digicamera filming and quality microphone audio synchronized with each other. The screen recorder kept skipping frames, my digicamera kept going ahead the microphone recording and I had issues with sound quality. So here's a filmed match of a MANLY way for playing Star Control - using a musical keyboard. Congratulations to Ziper for defeating me! I would have used more volume if it wasn't 04:00 in the morning. I doubt my neighbours would appreciate a sonata before sunrise.

Originally when this idea came to my mind I was mostly wondering what the sound of Net Melee would be like. Then I further began wondering if one could present a Star Control battle with music, and then figured out that all you have to do is wire up a MIDI keyboard and do some coding. For many weeks I was considering if I should go through the trouble of creating this, and finally on Sunday evening I began hacking.

If someone is interested, HERE (the zip) is the program I made. It works only in Linux as I have no idea how to do the process handling in Windows. If someone wants to port it, go ahead. It's simply the pygame midi library reading the input, then sending them to the actual application running in a second thread. I call it Instrument Controller.

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Re: A different approach to playing NetMelee

Post by BaVB »

That is the greatest controller I have ever seen. If only there was an 11 on the rating scale from 1 to 10...
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