*Heavy Space* rules. Read before posting!

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*Heavy Space* rules. Read before posting!

Post by Lukipela »

Welcome to the *Heavy Space* board, a place for role-playing of all sorts.

This board is created so you'll have somewhere to be really creative within the Star Control world. Want to role play aliens with your friends? This is where you go. Want to post a Choose Your Own Adventure and let the community explore? This is where you go. Want to create something new, maybe a conversion of a board game or anything else? Well, you're in the right place. Any sort of community role-playing, or even just fan fiction is welcome here.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind though. Lets begin with what you need to know if you want to participate in a thread.

Participating in a thread

This board has active moderation. If you want to participate in a thread, make sure your reply is on topic. If you're unsure of this, check in the threads Out Of Character (or OOC) thread before heading in. *Heavy Space* also demands more of you when it comes to writing than you might expect. Spelling, proper capitalisation and punctuation. Make sure you're legible and that we don't have to guess what you're trying to convey.

When you want to join a thread here, make sure you understand what it's about. Many thread starters have some sort of overarching plan that they'd like to see happen during their game. While it's polite to listen to their ideas, as long as you stay in character you do not have to follow their orders. In regular role-playing threads you will only control a race or character, depending on what's been agreed on. You can't control another players character or ace, by for instance wiping them out, without that players express permission.

When it comes to other types of games, such as CYOA's and the likes, you are more strictly bound by whatever rules the creator has come up with. You are free to argue about rules in OOC threads, but any contribution in an actual thread should follow these rules. Often thread creators will be quite accommodating, without your participation their thread won't go far. As always, politeness and reasonable behaviour will get you far.

These general guidelines posted by Sedodes are things that you should keep in mind:

* The two keys to good RP are solid, believable characters/races and a good story. In other words, don't make up an invincible god-like race. Give them some personality, character flaws, etc. Infallible heroes are lame. If you're up against 30 Avatars either run away or let your character die. After all, it's free to make another one.
* Regarding the story, if you can't think of a post that advances the overall story or is interesting in some way then think to yourself, "Should I post this?" Don't just post something like this: "Captain Patooi flies to the Procyon system to chill for a bit." It's fine to write that as a basis, but flesh it out a bit. What happened on his way there to make it interesting? What happened when he got there? Stuff like that.

Got all that? But maybe you don't want to just post in other peoples threads. Maybe you have a great idea for an RP, or have come up with a new and exciting type of game for us to play. In that case you need to know what is required to start a thread here.

Creating a thread

Here in *Heavy Space* you never just make one thread. You always make two. One will be your actual game thread, where all the role-playing and exciting stuff happens. The other will be the Out of Character (OOC) thread, where participants can discuss their next moves, ask for clarifications and discuss rules. The OOC is really critical, because this is where players find out what kind of adventure this is, and what is expected of them. It's where you agree on characters and plots.

If you are creating something other than a regular role-playing thread, be sure to explain the rules in detail. This will save a lot of misunderstandings. Be sure to listen to your participants. While you set the rules, you need players to have a game. Be ready to compromise if someone wants to do things slightly differently.

Before making a thread, think long and hard. Is your idea interesting? Do you think it will be fun to play? Can you express yourself well enough? If a thread is deemed substandard, it will be removed. Quality is of the essence here in *Heavy Space*. We'd prefer to not have to delete your thread, but there's not thought or work behind it, it will be removed.

General rules

* If your thread is inactive for more than a few weeks, it will get locked. It can always be opened later if someone wants to pick up where others left off.
* Overly aggressive behaviour will get you thrown out.
* Use of internet slang in game threads is not acceptable.

Moderation in *Heavy Space* can be done by any mod who happens to pass by, but for the moment I'm the most active here. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas for *Heavy Space* I'd love to hear them. Contact me by PM