Hey here's a zip of sc1 and its emulator

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Hey here's a zip of sc1 and its emulator

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Hey all, here http://www.mediafire.com/file/51jqzd8d4 ... a.zip/file is a .zip file of star control 1 and a good emulator for it, which also supports 1 vs 1 multiplayer games. I wish there was a better program to host multiple multiplayer sc1 games, and tournaments, but there isn't at the moment. However, you can feel free to post your ip addresses in here, to advertise host games, and maybe, just maybe, some 1 vs 1 sc1 games could get going.
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Re: Hey here's a zip of sc1 and it's emulator

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Can confirm the link works as advertised.
Can also confirm that Star Control's strategy mode is dangerously addictive. Just burned my entire afternoon on it.

I am pretty sure it'd be smoother to find multiplayer games based upon agreed-upon times than simply posting IP addresses, however. Works much better that way.
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