The Grand Council IV - IC

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Re: The Grand Council IV - IC

Post by krulle »

The Druuge ships in space break orbit while a new fleet of Marauders arrive.
Two of the arrivals seem to be modified Maulers. They appear a tad smaller, and radar seems to reflect less well off their surface.
And there are protrusions and opening where a normal Mauler has a smooth surface.

A few hours later, Maalin enters the conference zone.
He is accompanied by a much larger entourage than before.
Maalin also seems to be standing more straight. Less hunched than before.
While Luumin frees the centre spot of the delegation, one of the new aides hurriedly takes down the old swing chain and hangs up a new swing chain. This chain seems to be made of a different material. More.... shiny....
The old chain is presented to Luumin, who stares at it disbelievingly, then greedily grabs the chain while slightly straightening his back a bit too.

Dear members of the Council,
I am back, and I thank you for your co-operation with my aide during my time in our home systems.

As may have leaked, we have provided the Ilwrath with help in a mutually beneficial trade arragement.

I have attended some urgent matter at home, and I can tell You, that I have received even wider permission to engage in trade and speak for the Crimson Corporation than before.
So far, the activities of this council have proven beneficial to the Crimson Corporation, and in extension to me.
Less beneficial in terms of actual agreements than hoped for, but we cannot complain so far.

Also, our mining operations are set up, and except for the Pyxidis systems we can declare the travels to our new Economic Zone of Interest safe again.
We wish to issue a warning, in the space between the Pyxidis star system, we have lost a few of our ships which were investigating signs of astonishingly large measurements of mass in the interstallar space.
We are currently investigating the matter with a new-formed special observation research unit, which has received ships we specifically designed for research matters.
Luumin informed me, that the Utwig representative may know more about the dangers of the Pyxidis star systems.

Maalin stares directly at the Utwig representative, and nods his head slightly.
Luumin presses a small button of a device hidden in his hand, and a recording plays. The council listens to the Utwig representative saying: wrote:"There are, however, some facts that I can repeat. A boon... and a warning. For an answer to your legacy, seek an unseen star in the depths of Pyxidis. When the darkness grows bright, you will understand. Quite frankly, I do not really know what the Ultimate meant with those words, but I am sure the explanation will be unveiled in time."
We are happy to hear, that the Ultimate works well for you. We always had issues understanding its... cryptic informations.

But we need to ask whether You could elaborate on your cryptic warning you gave this council, please?
We would like to know if our mine workers are endangered if they stay mining in the Pyxidis star systems.
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Re: The Grand Council IV - IC

Post by Quasispatial »

For a moment, the Utwig representative is completely, utterly, totally still. Then, slowly, their mask is exchanged for an imposing, onyx-black creation. The polished surface gleams faintly with reflected light, seeming almost to sparkle like a starlit sky deep in the darkness of the night. They speak quietly, voice heavy with the burden of foresight, addressing the assembled diplomats of the Grand Council.
"...and with knowledge borne from silence, so shall silence be their demise", they begin, voice growing louder. Soon, it is tinted by a hint of sorrow. "An old prophecy, from our first days with the Ultimate. We did not understand then. We do now."

They turn, now addressing the newly-returned Druuge diplomat exclusively. "I would warn you, but already, I fear it is too late. What your explorations will unleash is beyond your capability to manage. The Ur-Quan are yet noble, twisted as though their nobility may be. For them, there is light within the darkness. Your light is buried; yet to truly emerge. Already, your science team has gone silent; many of your miners will soon follow. Pull back, before it is too late. The treasure of Pyxidis is not yours to take."

Settling back down with an unspoken, weary sigh, the Utwig once again turns to address the assembly in full.

"We will prepare our fleets. With the Ur-Quan, what cannot be seen would have been contained. With the Druuge, we urge greater caution. The paths of the future have darkened, but we must not despair. The Ultron will deliver in our time of need. Our losses will be great, but not all paths lead to destruction. Not if we stand united."

A momentary pause occurs as the Utwig performs a change of masks to a black-and-yellow-striped shape, before finishing with a few, final words.
"We would seek alliances for the coming darkness. Will you stand with us?"
"Sentient life. We are the Ur-Quan. Independence is intolerable. Blah, blah, blah." - the Spathi High Council, Star Control II.
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Re: The Grand Council IV - IC

Post by palmpet »

Grahl clacks his mandibles in intrigue.
Please Go Into More Detail Utiwg Representative. Your Words Intrigue Me As I Too Have Belief In Various Ancient Prophecies. But You Cannot Expect Us To Start Preparing Some Sort Of Army If You Cannot Tell Us What We Are Preparing For.
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Re: The Grand Council IV - IC

Post by krulle »

Our research mission is equipped with a newly created ship for these specific observation, and with strict orders to observe only.
So far, the research fleet still reports back as planned. Next report should reach me in a few hours.

Furthermore, as we have fleets nearby already, and we consider these star systems currently our sphere of influence, we will, exceptionally free of material costs, in exchange for any sensor data you collect in the same time, accompany any friendly fleets in those systems with support troops of our Marauders.
We can mobilize many troops more, if you can explain more of the perceived dangers, and when your explanations convince us of a real danger.

So far, the "predictions" we have observed you Utwig to receive from the Ultron have proven to be closer to the final outcome than we would have thought possible. We will therefore not take such a warning lightly, but at the current state we must decline your request to pull out the miners. We will not expand the mines currently, but the current teams will continue for the time being.

In orbit, a few abnormalities are reported by some systems observing the fleets of the delegations. Especially near the new model Druuge ships, the stars seem to sparkle.
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