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Re: Peeru Fanfic Comments

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I had this thread marked, but apparently never fully read through it.
Busy doing that. Thanks!

Comments on the go, and as I note them:
Death 999 wrote: Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:11 pm Chapter 32: failures



Five days, an outrun probe, a few trivially evaded Ilwrath patrols, and, concurrently, three more hours of fruitless and not particularly applied labor on the Ultron later, they arrived at the Chenjesu homeworld in high hopes.
Death 999 wrote: Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:30 am Chapter 47 - Arrivals


Zelnick nodded and she disconnected. Muugko was scrambling to set himself up for top command instead of assistant. We'll need to work on that - if I'm knocked out, he has to be ready to step up quicker than this.
Only spelling typos so far. Man, why did I didn't get around to completely reading it back when?

Finally got to last chapter.

That was a very enjoyable read.
Thank You very much!

Now I want to know what took the Thraddash down? Temperature, like suggested, or the Oxygen content in the air?
And apparently both Thraddash were expecting the upcoming downfall. So they knew they would never be able to become permanent crewmembers...

Looking forward... :)
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