30 year anniversary - let's not miss this one!

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Re: 30 year anniversary - let's not miss this one!

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30 years? WOW!!! It IS time to celebrate!! Stay hard Star Control II! You will always be the best! :D
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Re: 30 year anniversary - let's not miss this one!

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Lukipela wrote: Mon Nov 07, 2022 5:32 pm Then get to coding, slacker!

But seriously it's good to see yourself and so many others still around. So many good memories from this forum!

I've vaguely thought of writing up a postmortem of what went wrong (and right) with SC:Redux but from a non-technical point it was quite simple.

One of the bosses hired in a friend of his as developer. That hire turned out to be an incredibly toxic person whilst also being completely incompetent. The years in which he "worked" with us were honestly pretty fucking awful and sucked the enthusiasm and health out of the rest of the team.

With hindsight I've realised it took me a couple of years after he left to really get back into hobbies and such again. I did eventually finish that database I was building SC:Redux on but by that time I hadn't posted here in ages and the actual game code had rotted beyond the point of recovery.
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Re: 30 year anniversary - let's not miss this one!

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Quite a bit of things over at https://pistolshrimpgames.com/blog/
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