Sequels strife

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Re: Sequels strife

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Borgie wrote: Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:28 pm I have to say, I must give credit to all parties for finding a resolution. I myself am still sour towards Stardock. Paul is clearly a better person than I am, especially given the tone of their announcement. It will be some time before I can decide if I will buy any Stardock products. This resolution does make it easier to consider.
I'm still sour towards Stardock too, and am unlikely to buy any of their products any time soon - not least because Brad Wardell rather childishly blocked me on Twitter (he could have engaged, or simply ignored me, when I said I was unlikely to buy Origins because of the bullying of P&F by Stardock). That said, I sort of get the point (though I'm not sure Wardell ever explicity made it) that P&F have made practically zero progress on a sequel over 25 years, but wouldn't let anyone else use any of their IP to make anything else in the SC universe either.

Still, I'm glad it's resolved, and looking forward to GotP if P&F ever get around to making it. Meanwhile I'm rediscovering the Megamod version of SC2/UQM.
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