Starflight is making a come-back

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Starflight is making a come-back

Post by Alvarin »

Hello everyone,

Today we’d like to announce a fun collaboration between Steve (creator &
owner of the largest and possibly last remaining
Starflight resource website) and Blake (creator & owner of Blake’s Sanctum: - the largest Starflight fan
game tribute website) to create a new oldschool home for SF fans while also
keeping them up to date with the latest news and developments in the
Starflight universe.

Until recently Starflight was considered another dead franchise due to no
official announcements, no new fan games, and many of the old websites &
forums being long gone or inactive. However that all changed in 2018 and
2019 when Marvin went public with his amazing 3D Unity Opensource
Starflight 1 Remake:
Gregg B released his Starflight VR fan game called Exoplanet: on steam, and Sebastian
continued work on his awesome Starflight 1&2 Reverse Engineering: from Forth to C project
(including extracting the coveted elusive forth planet generator code &

Jon H & Steve continued their work on Starflight – The Lost Colony: and have released a new enhanced
version and are seeking alpha testers. John W announced his Starflight
SEGA Genesis Total Conversion Mod for SF-TLC: and none other than Greg
Johnson himself (lead dev on SF 1 & 2) announced a new NEW OFFICIAL
STARFLIGHT 3 SEQUEL in the making!

However due to a complete lack of mainstream media attention and the death
of all the old Starflight communities the crowdfund for the official
Starflight 3 failed. Greg declared that they would try again in the future
with a better strategy & a more complete and ‘retro’ demo, so it’s
important that the SF community is ready for when that day comes again.
Thankfully all is well with Marvin’s awesome SF1 remake and the other fan
projects though with new playable builds are still being released all the

Sadly the old Interstel forums have been inactive for
over 10yrs and the Starflight 3 forums has been taken offline likely for
good. Because of this Steve’s good old The Lost Colony forum has now been
expanded to a new large general ALL purpose Starflight forum that covers
all official games and many of the fan games in the hopes of creating a new
forum home for SF fans. This is the last of the
Babylon stations and our best hope for peace… oh wait… wrong franchise! :P

Steve has updated his forum to the latest phpBB software version and added
more anti-spam security, new colour themes and posting features. Blake has
populated the new forums with lots of multimedia, important information and
links to help old SF fans get up to speed. Blake recently started a video
series: ... iY2BD_zoic
documenting and touring all the big Starflight fan projects after
successfully recovering multiple long lost demos & private builds of the
SF3 (fan project) and other rarely seen SF fan games. Blake hopes to
continue the video series and document new SF fan projects & more long lost
demos in the future with help from the SF community.

If you feel you’re a bit passed the good old days of chatting in forums
Blake also runs a Starflight 3 Fan community facebook group: where many fans from the old
forums now reside. Greg Johnson has also created an official Starflight
Discord channel for SF fans too: Any new
developments related to Starflight will be posted in the forums and in
these social media groups so we hope you can drop by and say hi!

Hopefully this will ensure that when the next official Starflight 3
crowdfund happens we can alert as many fans as possible and truly bring
this great franchise and its community back to life again!


Steve & Blake
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Re: Starflight is making a come-back

Post by Quasispatial »

Actually never played Starflight.

Can anyone fill me in on roughly what it is and why you personally (didn't) like it?
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Re: Starflight is making a come-back

Post by Alvarin »

Quasispatial wrote: Sun May 26, 2019 6:55 pm Actually never played Starflight.

Can anyone fill me in on roughly what it is and why you personally (didn't) like it?
That is a game SC was heavily influenced by. Didn't play the originals, but did several hours of the "Lost Colony" remake several years back. In my view it was less of space adventure than SC2. Kind of if SC2 had 90% of the game focused on minerals gathering. The lander sequence was different also in that it also had no scan, but the quests gave you rough coordinates to try and find. Also has many aliens in their spheres of influence on starmap.
Sorry it's rambly, played it quite a while ago...
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Re: Starflight is making a come-back

Post by Borgie »

Cool! I'll have to keep an eye on this.
I never played it myself either, but I found out about in the last year or so. Watched some game play, and I like the concept. I think I would have a hard time actually playing the game now, given the age of it. Pretty sure you can get it on GOG. I might give it a try anyway if they're doing a comeback.
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Re: Starflight is making a come-back

Post by Shiver »

All of a sudden feeling very grateful that Alvarin has (some) admin rights on this site.
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