The Thraddash Torch

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Re: The Thraddash Torch

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Death 999 wrote: Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:26 pm Where does one get that, again?

The Troglodyte wrote: I’ve heard of several of the modification innovations you’ve performed. Very cool. Weren’t you also the one that modified the Avenger for the user, making it so you could still see it while cloaked?
That was me, yes.

The Troglodyte wrote:Did you do anything to the performance of the Torch itself, like adjust its speed or afterburner fuel consumption? ... dash_Torch

The key changes that make the ship fair are with the main gun. It has much lower range, more firepower, and serious energy constraints to keep the ship's performance down to its assigned point value.
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Re: The Thraddash Torch

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Shiver wrote:That was me, yes.

I used to avoid using the Ilwrath in Star Control 1 because I always had trouble using the cloak (vs. Cruiser really drove me crazy) and I always wanted to know where my ship was. I could’ve avoided many a planetary collision if I would’ve had that ability to see my ship when cloaked!

I read through all of the other mods too, and many of those were very cool too, and I could see through your explanations why many of those changes were made, especially for the purpose of PvP, since many vanilla features were obviously being exploited.

That Orz marine recall feature was a nice touch!
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