Which SC3 species do you consider Canon?

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Which SC3 species do you consider Canon?

Post by HunamBeing »

Title says it all.


I personally consider the Daktaklakpak, K'tang, Xchagger, Doog, and Vyro-Ingo races canon, due to how nicely they were executed.
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Re: Which SC3 species do you consider Canon?

Post by Quasispatial »

This doesn't belong in *heavy space*. I do believe General Discussion would be a more appropriate *time*.

On another note, I would have to limit myself to the Daktaklakpak there - pretty much the only one that turned out reasonably interesting.
Edit: well, then again, they can't be considered canon since, in order to do so, one would have to bring in a whole shipload of other content (the kind of shipload which wouldn't fit into anything short of the Sa-Matra) into the same status of 'canon', which is not acceptable in my opinion - the majority simply didn't make sense, and bringing them in simply for the sake of making a reason for the Daks' appearance is simply not a worthwhile trade. The Melnorme would scoof at such an unfair rate, surely.
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Re: Which SC3 species do you consider Canon?

Post by Draxas »

SC3 has no friends here, generally speaking. I personally consider none of the races in SC3 canon, even though a few of them had potential to be interesting.
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Re: Which SC3 species do you consider Canon?

Post by Alvarin »

I was sad Harika and Yorn were... dumped... the way they were. I think this symbiosis of sorts could be extremely interestingly executed in competent hands, but it wasn't. Clairconctlar, Xchaggers and the Ploxis had some interesting points, but meh. Rest of them were just bad. Especially those brought from SC2. Man, those Syreen...
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Re: Which SC3 species do you consider Canon?

Post by Angelfish »

SC3 is a dead end so it's not really worth it considering any of the races or stories in it canon.
I really liked the storyline of the game though. The other gameplay not so much. But then again the mineral gathering in SC2 was also utterly boring.
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Re: Which SC3 species do you consider Canon?

Post by Death 999 »

Ship-wise, Clairconctlar were clever. Harika felt reasonably unique, while the Owa were an interesting alternate to the Cruiser. The Doog were utterly imba, but did raise a bunch of questions about how one could rebalance them.

Talking-wise, Exquivans, Daks, K'Tang, and Owa stood out to me.

But canon? CANON? Heh. No.
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Re: Which SC3 species do you consider Canon?

Post by Dyandod »

I liked the Harika/Yorn a lot, and a few other races were decent.

I tend to think of the SC3 races being canon somewhere in the Star Control universe, but the Captain never actually met them and the events of SC3 never went down. But a lot of the races had potential so I just pretend they're living in some distant, unexplored part of the galaxy.
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Re: Which SC3 species do you consider Canon?

Post by Ultron »

I stopped playing SC3 just in the middle of the game ....
Too annoying travel, got always stuck in this semi-3D starcloud because I thought that this other star is just a little distance away - set course - found out that the viewing angle was sort of distracting - ended up with no fuel....
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Re: Which SC3 species do you consider Canon?

Post by TSC »

None of them are canon. Unless it's created by Ford and Reiche themselves it can never be canon.

But some SC3 races where funny.

The K'tang where pretty damn hilarious, the bipolar Vyro-Ingo where good for a laugh. The Dak's quasi computer-like way of talking was memorable. The Doogs Forrest Gump/Dumb Dog-esque personality was kind of loveable.

SC3 was not very well designed and was nowhere even near the brilliantly designed masterpiece that SC2 was, and is rightfully non-canonical, but it wasn't the WORST.

It just wasn't very GOOD either.

Many of the other races where forgetable (I don't think the Owa or Exquivan pulled off the knightly and mystic roles of particularly memorable, and the Clairconctlar where certainly pretty boring as well. I also think the Harika's attempt to be scary thuggish brutes just didn't really gel that well. (Though the Yorn thing was somewhat interesting.)

The Ploxis whilst they would have made funny MINOR villains with their goofy quasi-European accented cartoon villainy and telling you all their evil plans, wheren't that great as the bigger villains they where meant to be.

But well... I still love the K'Tang threathening that you will be SMOOSHED forever!
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