The Grand Council - Iteration 3

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Re: The Grand Council - Iteration 3

Post by glory_device »

We contacted both the Utwig and the Melnorme in search of information regarding the current situation in the Vux space.

According the the Melnorme (with the limited amount of credits that we had), what we are currently observing at the fringe of Vux space could be defined as a wormhole of unprecedented dimension that is creating a large scale artificial IDF access point. The Melnorme speculate that a massive displacement is currently occurring in that region and that it will permanently alter the landscape of this area once completed.

The Utwig were even more cryptic when we contacted them. They stated that this phenomena is an omen of war and that we should be prepared for a direct confrontation against the void of the unknown. Apparently, the current situation is also interfering with their predictive capabilities for which they began rambling about being totally blind about what is going on.

No information could be gathered about the compulsive/psychic capabilities of those who are responsible.
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Re: The Grand Council - Iteration 3

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Lord 111 began to think about how he could obtain more knowledge on what was happening. Something about the situation was familiar. He grabbed one of his devices and began perusing it. He knows the Ur-Quan have encountered something like this before. He just had to find out when, where, and how they dealt with it.

"Are any of us sure that this entity is a threat?"
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Re: The Grand Council - Iteration 3

Post by Draxas »

"I would expect so," responded Shera, without even looking up from her console this time, "It is no mean feat to wield psionics as a weapon over such a tremendous range, and the repeated attacks are all the evidence we need that there is hostile intent here. Do not expect whatever this is to be friendly when we finally make contact."
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Re: The Grand Council - Iteration 3

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For a long time, silence reigns supreme. Nobody moves. Nobody speaks.

Then, without warning, Kzzrn suddenly bolts into frantic activity. Crystals flashing, moveable parts picking up an alarming speed, even a solitary bolt of electricty that almost burns out the Chmmr ambassador's console. All of it posing as a mighty contrast towards the earlier stillness.

Then, with a flash of light, it all stops, and the being's crystals fade in colour, growing visibly darker. However, this only lasts for a few tense moments, before the darkness begins to drain away from the mechanical/crystalline hybrid being's interior, and before long it looks almost as if nothing had ever happened, save for a small scratch on the main crystal-piece's side.

When Kzzrn speaks a moment later, it is painfully obvious that there appears to be some sort of short-circuit present, as its voice keeps bursting into static at seemingly random times. Most likely a wire loose in the mechanical components. It does not seem to be aware of this fact, nor does it seem to notice the disruption in its speech.
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