Google Code Archived UQM-HD

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Google Code Archived UQM-HD

Post by darklord42 »

It looks like google code has gone and archived Ur Quan Masters HD and made it read only.

Is there any effort to move it to git hub?

Is there anything that isn't public that might get lost?
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Re: Google Code Archived UQM-HD

Post by Angelfish »

could you please restate the disadvantages of the current situation?
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Re: Google Code Archived UQM-HD

Post by oldlaptop »

There is (and has been for some months) a git repository on sourceforge which is in sync with the last commit to the old svn repository, but it's never been used for actual development. Perhaps this is finally a reason to change that. (As those who are really familiar with git will know, it would be trivial to move that repository to some more trendy place like github, if needed.)
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