Groombridge Log available in stores!

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Groombridge Log available in stores!

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Greetings Hunams!

Exciting news for Tiberian our resident published author, his book Groombridge Log is now available from a variety of sources!, both as a Printed book (like the one were giving away for our contest) and as an eBook. I think it is a big achievement for him or any of us Star Control fans here.
I invite you to go take a look and purchase a copy to support one of our own! and at the very least I suggest dropping him a friendly congrats for his hard work. - From Amazon - For us canucks - Chapters/Indigo
It's also available through Google Books and the Apple iBook's, (and likely several others stores too)

As a personal note to Tiberian I'd like to say -
"Congrats! on getting your booked finished (not a small feat around here) , produced, and now distributed & sold throughout the world, well done!. Also my public apologies for missing your PM on this, sorry you had to chase me!"

Cheers fellow *Happy Campers* and remember feel free to share any news you might have.
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Re: Groombridge Log available in stores!

Post by Schaeen »

April 2016 - The ebook is not available on Amazon. :(-smf

I found a free copy in PDF form on-line but I would rather purchase an ebook because the formatting is better in my e-reader and because I would like to monetarily support the author.
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Re: Groombridge Log available in stores!

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It looks available to me:

I'm under the impression that Kindle books can be bought only from the US Amazon.
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