UQM-HD Beta 1 Coming soon!

An HD remake of Star Control 2. It's the full Ur-Quan Masters game but also featuring a high resolution mode, new features, & new artwork.

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Re: UQM-HD Beta 1 Coming soon!

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Oh well I happen to be huge orbiter fan myself, a little more to do, though you basically have to learn rocket science. I've heard of teachers using that in classrooms as well. All I know I sure wish I had that when I was in grade school. :lol:
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Re: UQM-HD Beta 1 Coming soon!

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Angelfish wrote:
dczanik wrote:
Angelfish wrote:Listen to the communitay ;(
I do. Don't worry. Alvarin is great, but he doesn't know the full story. :) Frankly, you should be more worried more about having a good story.

Did you know there's already a port of Ur-Quan Masters for XNA? Did you know we have the full source code too? It has features that UQM never could do without major re-programming like 4 player 2D melee fun.
No I didn't know that ;). I tried installing UQM on my Galaxy S3 but the controls are horrible. The flagship is nearly uncontrollable. So I'm not playing UQM on other platforms right now.
Try using an external Bluetooth controller, makes all the difference. I used a WiiMote, but Android 4.2+ broke Wiimote connectivity. If you have something older, here's the wiimote app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... UseAndroid

Other controllers should work with any version though.
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Re: UQM-HD Beta 1 Coming soon!

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Great job with the Beta release candidate, dczanik!

It installed flawlessly and I have not encountered a single problem so far... ;)
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