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Re: Fanmade Races

Post by Nuclear » Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:36 pm ... 9741#p9741

Here's a thread of one of my races. If I'm feeling up to it, I would gladly write a biography on another race idea that has been swirly around in my head since early childhood.
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Re: Fanmade Races

Post by spathilowcouncil » Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:20 pm

The Purilik: a race with no eyes (with an artificial plasma eye and mechanically connected mouth and helmet and blah blah blah green three arms on arms)- MOVEMENTS: Short bursts of rockets SHIP: Kalla PRIMARY: Plasma burst (cost 30 batt) SECONDARY: Long Tongue Attack (cost 40 batt) CREW:25 BATTERY: 80 Regenaration of Batt per sec: 5. Price: 6400 RU's
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Re: Fanmade Races

Post by The Troglodyte » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:20 pm

When I was younger, I tried inventing a bunch of races that were going to be in a computer game that I would somehow eventually program single-handedly. Life doesn't turn out the way we expect sometimes and I've never been able to pursue that childhood dream, but I can still recollect some of those alien races and fit them into this thread's format. Here's one of them:

DESCRIPTION: Tyzerions: A race of red cobras with two arms (I was in junior high folks!). They were extremely hostile and would attack anybody who didn't pay their outrageous tribute demands for trespassing in their space. In my game, I was going to make their only weakness was although their ship was very powerful, it was slow and could be easily boarded. The Tyzerions, being snakes, were ill-equipped to handle any type of hand-to-hand combat, another feature in my game.

SHIP: Destroyer - Simple name but well-represented. Large, massive crew, mostly oval-shaped with a few nacelles protruding from the sides and rear. Large vent in front for plasma shower deployment.

MOVEMENT: A Tyzerion captain making instructional motions while hissing (their language of course) as 2 subordinate Tyzerions frantically pull levers and press buttons.

PRIMARY: Plasma Shower - Supposed to have similarities to that of the spitting cobra, just more widespread and difficult to avoid while in close proximity. Uses 1/3 of the battery. The more the coverage the more damage is inflicted. DAMAGE: 1-10.

SECONDARY: Mines - Can lay up 5 of these. Usually placed in a circular motion to provide a wall of protection from smaller ships. 6th mine laid causes 1st to detonate. Consumes 1/8 of the battery. DAMAGE - 5.

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