GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

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GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

Post by orz_tw »

The latest version of Gob is available from sourceforge:

The latest versions of GOB are available from my ftp server atm: (full version) (replace an old versions executable to upgrade)

If you can't reach my ftp server, you can grab a slightly older version from:
edit: or a pretty recent version: http://gekko.frud.biz/uqmtutorial/gob_25_12_2010.zip
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Re: GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

Post by Nuclear »


I've been waiting so long for the newest GOB update {Which never happend}, but it's finnaly here! Early Christmas :D-smf

So, what are the updates in this version? {And thank you for turning your server back on, I was restricted to an old version of GOB for the longest time..}
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Re: GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

Post by orz_tw »

Fixed a bug with Chenjesu DOGIs... I think that had been fixed before but accidentally lost the code for that fix.
Fixed a bug with not getting credit for killing Alary Battlecruisers... that might be been fixed before also, not sure.
Adjusted behavior of Arilou laser wattage upgrades.
It's now possible to reach the TW main menu if desired - if any command line options are used it no longer defaults to skipping the menu.
And I think I might have fixed some issues with buying dynamos when your battery regen rate was negative (androsynth comets) and maybe a few other things.

Um... depending upon how old the version you were using was, I think updates in the last few versions included:
Changes to rainbow rift behavior - it now has a delay before (re)spawning, starts at about 30 seconds, increases a few seconds each time you get the rainbow rift. Actual delays vary randomly. This makes exploring for the rainbow rift in the first minute of the game much less rewarding.
Some enemies are uber variants. They are rare in early but become common eventually.
Many shofixtis are unable to self-destruct. This was intended to always be the case but a bug prevented that in old versions.
Many SC1 ships now have ship-specific upgrades available, not just the 4 purchasable ships.
Crashes when an NPC ship passed through the rainbow rift sometimes were fixed.
Maximum zoomout allowable to prevent easily finding the rainbow rift
new upgrades: sensor systems (increase maximum zoomout), repair droids (regen health under some circumstances, but you still need to repair your ship from time to time), advanced external defense systems (will fire at ships not just shots, will fire at invisible things, faster rate of fire, more damage, longer range)

I should stick a bunch of details about the game in to this thread somewhere, so here goes:


Keys to know: (default configuration)
Thrust: keypad 8
Turn Left: keypad 4
Turn Right: keypad 6
Fire: Enter
Special Weapon: right-shift
Zoom In: the equals/plus key near backspace
Zoom Out: the minus key near backspace
Zoom Forward: the zero key near backspace
Target Closest: (only needed if your ship has homing projectiles) the "P" key
Target Previous: (only needed if your ship has homing projectiles) the "[" key
Target Next: (only needed if your ship has homing projectiles) the "]" key


Enemies include, in order of appearance, prefixed by starbucks/buckazoids you get for killing them:
0/1 Asteroids
1/0 Thraddash Torch
1/0 Zoq-Fot-Pik Stinger
1/0 Shofixti Scout
1/0 Ilwrath Spider (very short range rapid fire in front, farts out slowing mines in back)
1/1 Drax Gryphon (yehat-like cannons in front, projectile blocking specials in back)
2/0 Kahr Boomerang (fairly fast, variety of boomerangs as weapons - large boomerangs have infinite range)
2/0 Kterbi Saber (yehat-like cannons in front, can go very fast at a battery cost, battery <-> health)
2/0 Syreen Penetrator
2/1 Kzer-Za Dreadnought aka Green Urquan
2/0 Mmrnmhrm X-Form
2/0 Lk Sanctorum (short range rapid fire in front, shields that make it pass through things)
2/1 Druuge Mauler
3/1 Earthling Cruiser
3/1 Virtau Limb (somewhat like an earthling)
3/2 Yehat Terminator
3/2 Herald Exterminator (long range cannon, cloaking)
4/2 Narool Lurker (short range auto-aiming gun can partially penetrate shields, cloaking)
3/1 Vux Intruder - YOU CANNOT HEAL THE LIMPETS EFFECTS (except by buying a new ship)
3/2 Arilouileelay Skiff aka Arilou
4/2 Chmmr Avatar
4/2 Ploxis Plunderer (long range homing missiles, shield that reflects shots back on the attacker)
4/2 Alary Battlecruiser (large slow ship with autoaiming turrets and homing missiles)

Some ships come in multiple versions besides just the uber / non-uber versions:
Shofixti - some cannot self-destruct
Zoq-Fot-Pik - some cannot use the tongue attack
Kzer-Za Dreadnought - some of the uber versions emphasize fighters

Many ships get minor tweaks applied:
Shofixti, ZFP, Syreen - special weapon damage reduced for non-uber versions
Drax - special weapon rate of fire reduced
Druuge - battery regen rate reduced for non-uber versions
Kzer-Za - fighter launching rate reduced
Chmmr - tractor beam pulls harder and has longer range

Uber ships get the following bonuses:
2x+6 crew & max crew
1.5x max speed
1.35x acceleration
1.35x turning
limited health regeneration
...plus many specific ships get upgrades to weapon damage, weapon shot durability, weapon range, and other effects


Purchasable ships include:
Supox Blade (you start with this)
Kohr-Ah Marauder
Orz Nemesis
Utwig Jugger

General upgrades include:
Add Crewpod
Add Battery
Upgrade Thrusters
Upgrade Control Jets
Upgrade Dynamo
Upgrade Sensor Systems
Field Repair System / Upgrade Field Repair System

Ship-specific upgrades for purchasable ships include:
Upgrade Glob Hurler (Supox)
Upgrade Glob Former (Supox)
Add B.L.A.D.E. (Supox)
Upgrade Missiles (ORZ)
Upgrade Marine Suits (ORZ)
Absorbtion (ORZ)
Increase Shuriken Sharpness (Kohr-Ah)
Increase Shuriken Velocity (Kohr-Ah)
increase F.R.I.E.D. range (Kohr-Ah)
increase F.R.I.E.D. damage (Kohr-Ah)
Upgrade Bolt Regulator (Utwig)
Upgrade Bolt Charger (Utwig)
Upgrade Bolt Generator (Utwig)
Mask of Honest Demeanor (Utwig)
Mask of Elephantine Fortitude (Utwig)

Ship-specific upgrades for non-purchasable ships include:
Upgrade Comet Form (Androsynth)
Upgrade Laser Wattage (Arilou)
Upgrade Laser Range (Arilou)
Upgrade Photon Shards (Chenjesu)
Upgrade DOGI Systems (Chenjesu)
Upgrade Warheads (Earthling)
Upgrade Missiles (Earthling)
Upgrade Missile Homing (Earthling)
Upgrade Point Defense System Range (Earthling)
Upgrade Fusion Blaster (Green Urquan)
Upgrade Spathi Gun (Spathi)
Upgrade Stileto (Syreen)

Starbase-specific upgrades include:
Divine Favor
External Defense System & Advanced External Defense System
Roswell Device

Special upgrades include:
the Devil protects his own...
Chronotronic Dynamo (ancient artifact)


It's intended to be at least marginally winnable (well, there's no actual victory condition, but surviving for about 3 hours and buying the hyperdynamo I generally consider myself to have won) with any ship that has ship-specific upgrades available, and possibly any ship that can use battery vastly faster than it normally regenerates battery.

Ships I've won with include:
Orz (old versions only, but I think it's still practical)
Mycon (old versions only, it may no longer be feasible)

Ships I think I could win with but haven't:

Ships other people have reported winning with:


An attempt at a strategy guide:

Early game:

The starting starbase is always at the same coordinates. Remember them so you can find it later if you get lost. It's 12000 x 12000 in the current version.

Try to get lots of asteroids so that you can afford the external defense system you'll be buying in early-mid-game. Don't be afraid to leave the planet behind to go hunting asteroids in deep space, but make sure you get back the planet with 2 or 3 minutes for repairs and upgrades. Grav-whipping can get you a better velocity to make finding asteroids quicker, but if you have to maneuver to reach the asteroid that will burn off some of your extra velocity that you can't get back without finding another planet.

Strafe a lot. Try not to let Shofixti self-destruct on you - not only does it damage you, but you also don't get the starbuck that killing the Shofixti would give you. Try not to let too many Thraddashes gang up on you. They outrange you and can take you out without too much trouble if there are several of them. Don't focus on weapons upgrades much yet, you can take out anything that spawns early by strafing enough, and there aren't enough enemies yet anyway to justify the cost of serious weapons upgrades.

Buy crewpods when low on health instead of repairing, to save on credits. Buy sensor systems so that you'll have an easier time finding asteroids, planets, rainbow rifts, etc. It will also let you see enemies coming earlier. Buy a thrusters upgrade too, so you can get around more, and escape most enemies more easily.

Suggested Upgrade Order: (assuming you're a supox)
sensor system
sensor system
field repair system
planet locator
external defense system (only available at (cyan indicator) Kohr-Ah starbase)

Middle Game:

Once you have the planet locator, find the Kohr-Ah starbase. Buy an external defense system there. It's not much use against enemies with high rates of fire, but against almost everything else this is useful, and against a few (earthling cruisers) this is critically important. Also, this is important as it is one of the very few upgrades that you keep when you switch ships.

Consider an exploration strategy: with lots of thrusters and lots of sensor systems, you can see a large area of the map quickly while evading most enemies. This is good for finding the Rainbow Rift, or just hunting down asteroids. Beware however that high end sensor systems can get very expensive, and work better on non-supox ships.

If you prefer to get your wealth by killing enemies, it's time to either start buying the big offensive and defensive upgrades, or to begin planning how you're going to finance switching ship types (when you switch ships, you keep a few upgrades, but most get sold off for like half or 3/4ths of what you paid for them, which makes it very important to get speed, maneuverability, and max crew upgrades right away... and if you used a rainbow rift, that can be rather difficult since you can't buy upgrades until you make it back to a starbase that is no longer the case). For offenive upgrades, start with dynamos then add (if supox) a battery, a glob former, and a glob hurler. Do NOT get a second glob former, or at least not until you have at least 5 dynamos.

The 3rd possible way to make money is practical for the mid-game only: consider buying an Utwig plus a Mask Of Honest Demeanor and some thruster upgrades. If you can make it to a non-Utwig starbase, you can sell an Utwig Ship with that mask for more than it cost to buy. This is a dangerous route, but if you can do it once or twice early on it can produce a lot of money. Do not try to do this more than a few times, as enemies will get tougher, the loss from selling the other upgrades you need will increase, and eventually the whole scheme will either become too dangerous or unprofitable.

Try to get a 2nd external defense system when you can, though the cost for them ramps up rapidly. Consider a 3rd as well, but do NOT buy a 4th yet.

Late Game:

Once you have 2 or 3 external defense systems, focus on getting an advanced external defense systems... they are ridiculously expensive, but critical for fighting Arilou Skiffs, Narool Lurkers, and Herald Exterminators, and useful against most other ships as well.

The Chronotronic Dynamo should show up soon, but is likely to be a bit expensive at first. The price will drop over time. If you are limited by battery regen rate then buy this as soon as you can afford it, otherwise wait for the price to go down. Once you have this plus a few dynamos, you'll have nearly infinite battery regeneration.

If you end up with far more starbucks than buckazoids, unload some starbucks on Divine Favor at the Orz starbase. Don't buy it unless you have no better use for your starbucks though.

For late-game, ships I have had success with include: Supox Blade, Kohr-Ah Marauder, Orz Nemesis, Mycon Podship (from the Rainbow Rift), and the Androsynth Guardian (from the Rainbow Rift). I have little success with the Utwig, as it seems to take too many thruster and control jet upgrades to get a reasonable speed out of, and too many rate of fire upgrades to compensate for the big damage upgrades. For the Kohr-Ah, make sure to get lots of dynamos and FRIED upgrades. For the Nemesis, get Absorption and a few marine upgrades. For anything from the Rainbow Rift, focus on dynamos. For anything at all, also get a bunch of repair systems. Get enough thrusters to make sure your max velocity is always well above your enemies max velocity.
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Re: GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

Post by oldlaptop »

How would one compile this from scratch?
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Re: GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

Post by Shiver »

I remember this. PoNaF should host GOB's files if that's not too much trouble. It's definitely good enough to at least get a mention in the Mods section.
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Re: GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

Post by orz_tw »

It requires Allegro. I think it's using 4.1, but probably any 4.x version should work.
edit: Nope, it seems to be using 4.0.2. It should work without changes with any 4.0.x, or with only very minor changes for any 4.1.x or 4.2.x. Not sure about other Allegro version.

And it requires JGMOD though I think that requirement can be disabled by uncommenting NO_JGMOD at the top of util/sounds.cpp.

And it requires BSD sockets (wsock32.lib I think on windows) unless you go to top of util/net_tcp.cpp and uncomment NETWORK_NONE.

I think on windows it may also require winmm.lib for like timeGetTime() or something.

Beyond that, it should just need all the .cpp and .c files compiled and linked. Though often minor complications come up if your C++ compiler version is slightly different or your Allegro version is slightly different or your sockets version is slightly different.

I could put up MSVC project files if that would help.
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Re: GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

Post by Starcruiser »

How can I change the default keys? Quotes and semi colon are not working.
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Re: GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

Post by orz_tw »

Starcruiser wrote:How can I change the default keys? Quotes and semi colon are not working.
Erk. The help file is incorrect about what the keys are set as by default. Specifically, fire and special are enter and right-shift, NOT quote and semicolon. I've updated my long post above to include all the keys instead of just some, and moved the keys to a more prominent location. I'll update the docs to reflect that as well sometime soon.
If you still want to change your keys, they can be edited two ways.
1. They can be edited from in-game menus, but only if you start up the executable with a command line option (any will do, even made up meaningless command line options). From the main menu click on "Edit Teams", then click on "Edit Config" (while player 1 is selected, but player 1 is selected by default). Ignore the "backwards" and "alt fire" keys, set the others up however you want.
2. The alternative method of editing the keys is to open up scp.ini and go to the section labeled "Config0", and change the keys under that - however, those keys are stored by allegro scan code number, not name, and I can't find a list of them on google atm, so here's a list cut & pasted from an allegro header file:

Code: Select all

#define KEY_A                 1
#define KEY_B                 2
#define KEY_C                 3
#define KEY_D                 4
#define KEY_E                 5
#define KEY_F                 6
#define KEY_G                 7
#define KEY_H                 8
#define KEY_I                 9
#define KEY_J                 10
#define KEY_K                 11
#define KEY_L                 12
#define KEY_M                 13
#define KEY_N                 14
#define KEY_O                 15
#define KEY_P                 16
#define KEY_Q                 17
#define KEY_R                 18
#define KEY_S                 19
#define KEY_T                 20
#define KEY_U                 21
#define KEY_V                 22
#define KEY_W                 23
#define KEY_X                 24
#define KEY_Y                 25
#define KEY_Z                 26
#define KEY_0                 27
#define KEY_1                 28
#define KEY_2                 29
#define KEY_3                 30
#define KEY_4                 31
#define KEY_5                 32
#define KEY_6                 33
#define KEY_7                 34
#define KEY_8                 35
#define KEY_9                 36
#define KEY_0_PAD             37
#define KEY_1_PAD             38
#define KEY_2_PAD             39
#define KEY_3_PAD             40
#define KEY_4_PAD             41
#define KEY_5_PAD             42
#define KEY_6_PAD             43
#define KEY_7_PAD             44
#define KEY_8_PAD             45
#define KEY_9_PAD             46
#define KEY_F1                47
#define KEY_F2                48
#define KEY_F3                49
#define KEY_F4                50
#define KEY_F5                51
#define KEY_F6                52
#define KEY_F7                53
#define KEY_F8                54
#define KEY_F9                55
#define KEY_F10               56
#define KEY_F11               57
#define KEY_F12               58
#define KEY_ESC               59
#define KEY_TILDE             60
#define KEY_MINUS             61
#define KEY_EQUALS            62
#define KEY_BACKSPACE         63
#define KEY_TAB               64
#define KEY_OPENBRACE         65
#define KEY_CLOSEBRACE        66
#define KEY_ENTER             67
#define KEY_COLON             68
#define KEY_QUOTE             69
#define KEY_BACKSLASH         70
#define KEY_BACKSLASH2        71
#define KEY_COMMA             72
#define KEY_STOP              73
#define KEY_SLASH             74
#define KEY_SPACE             75
#define KEY_INSERT            76
#define KEY_DEL               77
#define KEY_HOME              78
#define KEY_END               79
#define KEY_PGUP              80
#define KEY_PGDN              81
#define KEY_LEFT              82
#define KEY_RIGHT             83
#define KEY_UP                84
#define KEY_DOWN              85
#define KEY_SLASH_PAD         86
#define KEY_ASTERISK          87
#define KEY_MINUS_PAD         88
#define KEY_PLUS_PAD          89
#define KEY_DEL_PAD           90
#define KEY_ENTER_PAD         91
#define KEY_PRTSCR            92
#define KEY_PAUSE             93
#define KEY_ABNT_C1           94
#define KEY_YEN               95
#define KEY_KANA              96
#define KEY_CONVERT           97
#define KEY_NOCONVERT         98
#define KEY_AT                99
#define KEY_CIRCUMFLEX        100
#define KEY_COLON2            101
#define KEY_KANJI             102
#define KEY_LSHIFT            103
#define KEY_RSHIFT            104
#define KEY_LCONTROL          105
#define KEY_RCONTROL          106
#define KEY_ALT               107
#define KEY_ALTGR             108
#define KEY_LWIN              109
#define KEY_RWIN              110
#define KEY_MENU              111
#define KEY_SCRLOCK           112
#define KEY_NUMLOCK           113
#define KEY_CAPSLOCK          114
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Re: GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

Post by Gekko »

http://gekko.frud.biz/uqmtutorial/gob_25_12_2010.zip Here's the latest version mirrored
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Re: GOB is still being updated (sorta starcon meets nethack)

Post by Nuclear »

After 2 Comit Form Upgrade's, the Androsynth is able to 1 hit most 20 hp ships. It's awesome but is that intentional? {seems a bit overpowered :P-smf}

I'm a big fan of the bubbles, so I think adding some sort of upgrade to them would be just dandy. How often do you plan on updating GOB?
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